Entrepreneurship and top online shopping websites in India


A large number of entrepreneurs are trying their lucks via online shopping portals and some of them have already got success in their business. Here is the question rises why the highly qualified people tried their luck in becoming e-entrepreneur in this days. The answer is very simple , such we know that maximum highly qualified people want to become own BOSS and this matrix influence them to enter e-entrepreneur market. E-commerce and online shopping are similar to head and tails of a coin.
Entrepreneurship and top online shopping websites in India

India is one of the most populated country in the world, so large number of multinational and transnational companies have targeted India as their future market.Here check out the Entrepreneurship and top online shopping websites in India .

Best Book shopping online store in India :-


1. Flipkart :- [ www.flipkart.com ]

Flipkart is one of the best online shopping destination in India. They sell almost everything from books to electronics, perfumes, stationery, toys, music, movies etc and they offers cash on delivery, free shipping EMI options for the customers.

2. IndiaPlaza :- [ www.indiaplaza.com ]

IndiaPlaza is the pioneer e-commerce sites in India. All in one online shopping portal .The site also has a gift plaza section which gifts should you give to your loved ones. The interesting facts is that the site offers gift delivery to your love ones or dear ones.

3. Myntra- [www.myntra.com ]

Myntra is an another popular and essentially an Indian online shopping portal has become very sought after among Indian audience of next generation.The portal is collaborated with well known lifestyle brands like Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Ed Hardy, Lee Cooper and many world class brands.
4.Tradus.in- [ www.tradus.in ]
Tradus is an online auction company that offers every thing of basic life to hi-tech luxury life.The site belongs to a subsidiary of a South African media group known as Naspers but their price change very short time duration.

5. Infibeam :- [www.infibeam.com ]

Infibeam is an another online retail store which offers all the products ranging from electronic, books, magazines, camera, home and lifestyle products, mobile phones, rakhi gifts and many more.

6. Futurebazaar :- [www.futurebazaar ]

FutureBazaar is an another integrated online shopping portal such as eZone, Pantaloons and Big Bazaar and many more. Free home delivery The products are delivered to more than fifteen hundred cities as well as towns across the country (India).

7. Buy The Price :- [www.buytheprice.com ]

BuyThePrice is an e-shopping portal offers the best quality products to their customers at competitive prices as it is a venture of IIT-IMM alumni.The portal also facilitates free and fast delivery of products to its customers across the country.

8. Yebhi :- [www.Yebhi.com ]

Yebhi.com is a venture of the Shoe Bazaar India Pvt Ltd. is country’s rapidly growing organization in lifestyle category which become anothe hot opic among the online shoping customers.This portal offers all every things those needed in our daily life.

9. Jabong :- [ www.Jabong.com ]

Jabong is one of the another popular online shopping portal presents to its clients a wide range of options of choices.There is no extra shipping cost put to the customers by this site or the dealing parties.

10. Snapdeal :- [www.Snapdeal.com ]

Snapdeal is one of the best online popular shopping portal from India.It deals on variety of products ranging from fitness centers to jewelry companies, hotels, salons, books, cloths and many more.Here is an interesting thing is that you have to pay a small sum to the site and the rest of the payment is made directly to the merchant vendor or on delivery demand.

Best online mobile shopping portals :-

Some of the best online mobile shopping sites in India to help you in your next purchase are:

1.Flipkart:- [ www.flipkart.com ]

Filpkart may be the best online shopping sites for mobile phones in India.Any one customer can cross-check the features of your desired handset like primary camera, music player, FM player, GSM, Bluetooth, dual Sim phones, 3G, Email, screen size, keypad style, etc for the total satisfaction any time and any where in India.They deliver products on doorsteps.

2. Zap Store:- [ www.zapstore.com ]

Zap store has a certain magic to make the buyer a frequent visitor by showing a clear comparison between the market price of the product and the Zap price that the website is offering.

3. Home Shop 18:- [ www.homeshop18.com ]

Home Shop 18 has every thing as customers desired brand name and get the entire detail in seconds. The portal offers product codes differentiate all the products with others.

4. eBay.in :- [ www.ebay.in ]

ebay.in is a venture of ebay.com which offers all time of of mobile phones .eBay.in also provides all the vital information related to its shipping, delivery procedure and payment details as well and the details about the return policy of every product all around the country.

Online Grocery Online Shopping :-

Food beverage or grocery shop are our daily life controller because food is one of the fundamental need of any living beings but only a few grocery portals have got success in online. Such as -
1. MyGrahak :- [ www.mygrahak.com ]

2. BigBasket :- [ www.bigbasket.com ]

3.AaramShop :- [www.aaramshop.com ]

Best online cloth shopping sites :-

Cloth is one of the fundamental needs of human race .So online entrepreneurs have invested large amount in making and controlling the online cloth shopping portals . Such as bellow-

1. Jabong : [www.jabong.com ]

2.Myntra :- [ www.myntra.com ]

3. zovi :- [www.zovi.com ]

4. Fashion and You :- [ www.fashionandyou.com ]

5. Fetise :- [www.fetise.com ]

6. Bestylish :- [www.bestylish.com ]

7. Shersingh :- [www.shersingh.com ]

8. FreeCultr :- [ www.freecultr.com ]

9. Yepme :- [ www.yepme.com ]

10. InkFruit :- [ www. inkfruit.com ]

11. Fashionara.com :- [ www.fashionara.com ]

Best Shopping Sites for women :-

Woman or girls are the controller of any society and online marketers and entrepreneurs have invested millions and millions of dollar in woman marketing shopping portals.

1. Femella :- [ www.femellafashions.com ]

2. DonebyNone :- [ www.donebynone.com ]

3. ShopNineteen :- [ www.shopnineteen.com ]

4. Lady Blush :- [ www.ladyblush.com ]

5. Madame Online :- [ www.madameonline.com ]

6. Her Style :- [ www.herstyle.in ]

7. Style Ever :- [ www.styleever.com ]

8. Lady Bug :- [ www.ladybug.in ]

9. Aaneri :- [ www.aaneri.com]

10. Oye Girl :- [ oyegirl.com ]

11. Zivame :- [ www.zivame.com ]

Baby and kids shopping Sites :-

Baby and kids are the future of any nation , so online marketers spread the wings via baby shopping portals .

1. BabyOye :- [www.babyoye.com ]

2. Firstcry :- [ www.firstcry.com ]

3. Hoopos :- [ www.Hoopos.com ]

4. Hushbabies :- [ www.hushbabies.com ]

5. Redlily :- [ www.redlily.com ]

Best Online jewelry shopping portal :-

Ornaments is one of the best valued beauty tools for Indian woman .Online portal has the large collections of fine and elegant Gemstone Jewellery , quality diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanites & bracelets, pendants, necklace, rings, earrings, anklets and brooches; you get every ornament in an exclusive range .

1.BlueStone :- [ www.bluestone.com ]

2. CaratLane :- [ www.caratlane.com ]

3. JewelsKart :- [ www.jewelskart.com ]

4. Surat Diamond:- [ www.suratdiamond.com ]

5. Johareez :- [ www.johareez.com ]


Final thoughts of the Author :-

Entrepreneurship is not a very simple task , it needs patience and long time strategies .Specially our Indian people are not familiar with online shopping till date except a few techno related geeks and their relatives. However a large numbers of online shopping portals have got success or partial success in their aims .In future times online shopping will become highest profitable business in India.So large number of bloggers have migrated their business to e-entrepreneurship.

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