How To Make Money Online Without Advertisement And Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Online Without Advertisement And Affiliate Marketing is a million dollar question for online money hunters.My this article tries to solve this question. Looking for the simplest and most efficient ways to earn money online? Fed up with affiliate marketing and advertising techniques and wish to earn money from other sources? You have come to the perfect place where you can get all the information. How To Make Money Online Without Advertisement And Affiliate Marketing

Professional Blogging :
If you are creative and have zeal towards writing, put down your experiences and expressions in the form of words and sentences to make perfect articles. Start your own blog and engross your readers in its activities by enabling them to spend more time on it. Allow your readers to post comments, feedback and compliments about your blogs. The more engaging your blog, the more are the viewers and more is the profit from it.
Your blog should have:
  • Useful, updated and correct information

  • Images and videos to give a better idea about the concept

  • Statistics and figures to provide a realistic view

  • Author bio to help your readers know about the writer.
Earn and educate through E-booksWrite e-books related to various topics such as health, science, technology, beauty, politics and education and upload them online. Many people might be searching for  books on particular topics and would be ready to buy them. Fix the books’ price based on market demand, customer requirements and quality of content. Allow people to download it by paying certain amount. In this way, you can share your knowledge to educate the people across the world and also fill your pockets.
Sell your Hobby projects
There is no restriction to earn money online; you can trade many things in and around you to boost your returns.
  • Arts and Crafts
Everyone wishes to decorate their homes or offices using different arts and crafts. Present your paintings, crafts, toys, paper works etc. online and raise your income.
  • Photos
You need not be a professional photographer to sell your photos online, own a website and post the images you have captured, such as baby pictures, wildlife, nature and gadget photos and so on and trade them online. Several sites such as shutterstock, Istockphoto and shutterpoint  earn money in this way.
  • Designs
Are you getting lots of appraisals from your friends and neighbours for your creative designs? Why don’t you tap this exciting opportunity to generate money online? There might be several people waiting for your designs related to accessories, clothing, wall hangings and other decorative items. Exhibit your designs on your webpage and sell them online.
  • Apps
If you are searching for the lucrative ways to earn cash, ‘application selling’ is a good choice. At present times, almost 60% of the mass own smartphones. Start submitting apps generated by you on various app stores and get paid according to the sales.
  • Themes
Everyone desires to enrich their website, mobile, laptop or PC’s appearance by displaying colourful and attractive themes on the screen. If you are good at creating themes and designs, you can get paid very quickly, as there are numerous people across the world eagerly waiting for your help.
  • Social media promotion
Are you paying lots of money to an SEO professional to promote your products or increase their online exposure? Have you got good grasping skills to learn new business tactics? Are you good at attracting people by words? If you possess the second and third mentioned skills, you need not strive behind SEOs to perform your task. Various search engine optimization tutorials are available on the internet, have a glance at them and learn them to work on your own. Sign-up on various social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube ,  Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Foursquare and connect with people all over the world. Promote your business by providing your industry information and product details. Get maximum number of likes, shares, tweets and retweets which in turn familiarises the audience with your trade.
  • Freelancing
Being a freelancer can help you to get paid massively. Some of the freelancing jobs which allow you to earn money online are:
  • E-tutor

  • Online consultant

  • Content writer

  • 3D Artist

  • Business Analyst

  • C Programmer

  • CAD Designer

  • Media Buyer

  • Travel Writer

  • Video editor

  • Photo editor

  • Logo designer

  • Web designer.
Hope it will help you to earn as your desire.
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Unauthorized compromising a site or blog and WP security plugin

Perfect BloggersTech was started in late 2004 as a non profit web diary and it was continue till 2006 as non profit .But When had resigned from my official job then restart it as profitable venture and trying to invest full time on it .It was gaining a lots of traffic on those days due there were only a few professional bloggers on those and half year it was fine and giving gold eggs for me but mid July-2008 it had come under attack of a few bad peoples those are claims website researchers (?) and whole database and contents were deleted from the server .That was the first time Perfect BloggersTech was the victim of jealousy and the bad people had transfared the domain Hosmoster to other register because hosting and domain as in same provider.Almost five years has gone and there is no other attack on Perfect BloggersTech till yesterday [5th February 2013 ] but Today it is again become victim of jealousy and deleted all the database from server along with other 2 websites from the server.But this time they have not taken more advantages because maximum files and folders are taken backup in local HDD.Here is the query comes that why my site9s0 come under their attack and when they attack ?

The reply is very simple as popularity of blog(s) is the main reason behind it and another most effective factor is careless ness of the blogger or owner.WordPress security expert Robert Abela has said in a interview " If you have a website than it is very important to keep it secure from viruses, spyware, Trojans and any other form of malicious code from your site.How you popular or not that is not matter but your site may become a sample of their works or testing object(s)."
It is known to all that WordPress is very much secure by itself, but there is never too much ascertainable as uncountable ‘numero uno’ priority for any blogger or web developer should be security. Due to the lack of security, any site can be hacked and altered, private information can be stolen, and countless hours of hard work can be messed up with in few minutes of such culprits.Why my site is compromised or hacked today ?

As per my analysis says a few points-

A. I have failed to take backup regularly is well known secret among online community.
B.I have shown WordPress version in publicly .
C.I have used default user name in Admin panel
D. My WordPress-related cookies were not encrypted.
E.My password was so weak.
F. My WordPress database table was in default settings.
G. Robot txt file was out dated .
H. Admin connection was not secured (https://).
I. I thought that no one hack my site.
J. I was in over confidence as I can handle any situation.
So after this compromise situation I have researched on this matter once again and collected 25 nos of most essential security plugin for bloggers those are in self hosted WordPress platform.If you too interested in learning more about WordPress security then must check all the 25 security plugin for WordPress blog.Just check out Unauthorized compromising a site or blog and WP security plugin.

4. Chap Secure Login

5. Admin SSL

6. WP-DB-Backup

7. Remote Database Backup

8. WP-DB Manager

9. BackUpWordPress

10. WordPress 1 Click EZ Backup

11. myEASYbackup

12. Blackhole

13. Invisible Defender

14. Secure WordPress

15. AskApache Password Protect

16. WordPress Firewall

17. Secure Files

18. Replace WP-Version

19. Login Lock Down

20. WordPress File Monitor

21. WordPress Login Security

22. WP-DBManager

23. WordPress Firewall 2

24. Defensio Anti-Spam

25.WP Security Scan

This plugin list will not safe your blog or site from those culprits if the webmaster or blogger is not conscious about their blog security alert.So must check the security measure daily basis.

Conclusion :-

Unauthorized compromising a site or blog with the unidenfied bloody researchers can destroy you hard works with in few seconds.Special thanks to Syed Balkhi ,Atish Ranjan and Purbita Ditecha for their real time assistance in recovery process.

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Top 130 searches in Google and trending process

What are the top searches in Google ? It is a million dollars query for each and every bloggers ,webmasters , marketers and entrepreneurs but why all are running behind the top searches in Google Search Engine ? The reply is very simple and any one can understand it with out any puzzle because search queries give the data/information to prepare future action plan and it will help to improve any website or blog's audience strategies. Google Incorporation has 2 official channels for the tracking of their top searches during a particular period .Those are Google Trends and Google Zeitgeist and both are working as supplements of each other . Google trends gives daily or monthly search trends around the world or any particular region and Google Zeitgeist gives full years treading in Google either around globe or any region or country or any city.

[caption id="attachment_2871" align="aligncenter" width="640"]What are the top searches in Google ? What are the top searches in Google ?[/caption]

Check out all time highest searches in Google from zeitgeist and trends.

Top 130 searches in Google and trending process

How Google trends works :-

Google trends collects the data from their server around the globe and an automated analysis system classifies those data and publish as cache in their official site.It is open source data center and there is no guarantee of the serving information. As recently posted Google official blog says like so.

[caption id="attachment_2873" align="aligncenter" width="640"]What are the top searches in Google ? What are the top searches in Google ?[/caption]

Hence before using such information must give disclaimer of Google trends. As for example you can check the today's trends -

Google Trends data for Today (03/02/2013)

Facebook :-Highest visited social media networking site
Youtube : Highest visited video sharing website
Free : Highest discussed word in internet
Google : Most searched website in world
Download : Highest search word for digital products
You : Most used hidden words in English language
Yahoo : Pioneer internet website for information search
Hotmail : Free mailing service from Microsoft corporation
Tv : Most popular entertainment media in the world
Games : Another entertainment media for young generation

Google Zeitgeist working methods :-

Google collects the data from their server cache around the world as daily basis and finally they publish the quarterly half yearly and yearly zeitgeist list.They consider Google trends as their main source of data but other sources also brings in consideration for final list of trending queries or searches.They filter the repeat queries and spam queries manually .So you can accept it more reliable than Google trends.Normally they categorize the queries or searches in various sections.

[caption id="attachment_2875" align="aligncenter" width="640"]What are the top searches in Google ? What are the top searches in Google ?[/caption]

Keep in mind that Google has declared in their privacy policy that all the searches they have studied are anonymous and no personal information is used in Zeitgiest listing.There are 12 categories are mostly shown in Google Zeitgeist.As for example - Zeitgiest list for the 2012.

Category no 1 :- Top 10 Searches in Google

Whitney Houston : Whitney Elizabeth Houston was passed away on February 11, 2012.
Gangnam Style :- Korean neologism fashion and lavish lifestyle.
Hurricane Sandy : Natural climatic disaster in USA.
iPad 3 : Apple's new product
Diablo 3 : An action role playing video game from Blizzard.
Kate Middleton :- Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor is the wife of prince William.
Olympics 2012 :- Acient fashion of Game was held in United Kingdom
Amanda Todd :- Canadian teenager who killed herself for cyber harassment .
Michael Clarke Duncan :- Michael Clarke Duncan was an American actor , died on 3rd September-2012
BBB12 :- Big Brother Brasil-12

Category no 2 :- Top 10 Images searches

One Direction :- English-Irish band practicing pop boy
Selena Gomez : American teenager girl singer
iPhone 5 : Apple's product
Megan Fox : American actress and model
Rihanna : American Singer
Justin Bieber : British American teenager singer
Harry Styles :- Hollywood actor
Minecraft :- Popular Game
Nicki Minaj : American singer
Katy Perry : American singer

Category no 3 :- Top 10 searches Athletes

Jeremy Lin : American basketball player
Michael Phelps : Michael Fred Phelps is an American swimmer
Peyton Manning :- Peyton Williams Manning is an American football player.
McKayla Maroney : American artistic gymnast was born in 1995.
Junior Seau : American football player
Sarah Burke : Canadian freestyle skier was died in 2012
Tom Daley : British diver and television anchor
Lance Armstrong : American road racing cyclist
Mario Balotelli : Italian football player
Ryan Lochte : American swimmer

Category no 4 :- Top 10 searches on Events

Hurricane SandyKate Middleton Pictures ReleasedOlympics 2012SOPA DebateCosta Concordia crashPresidential DebateStratosphere JumpPenn State ScandalTrayvon Martin shootingPussy Riots

Category no 5 :- Top 10 searches on People

Whitney HoustonKate MiddletonAmanda ToddMichael Clarke DuncanOne DirectionFelix BaumgartnerJeremy LinMorgan FreemanJoseph KonyDonna Summer

Category no 6 :- Top 10 searches on Feature Films

The Hunger GamesSkyfallPrometheusThe AvengersMagic MikeJohn CarterEk Tha TigerParanormal Activity 4Taken 2Dark Shadows

Category no 7 :- Top 10 searches on TV Shows

BBB12Avenida BrasilHere Comes Honey Boo BooThe Voice , American IdolGame of ThronesHomelandRevengeCheias de CharmeCarrossel

Category no 8 :- Top 10 searches on Performing Artists

Whitney HoustonMichael Clarke DuncanOne DirectionDonna SummerLana Del ReyCarolina DieckmannDirk BachCarly Rae JepsenMichel TeloLMFAO

Category no 9 :- Top 10 searches on Consumer Electronics

iPad 3Samsung Galaxy S3iPad MiniNexus 7Galaxy Note 2Play StationiPad 4Microsoft SurfaceKindle FireNokia Lumia 920

Category no 10 :- Top 10 searches on Airlines

Southwest AirlinesUnited AirlinesAmerican AirlinesDelta AirlinesAir FranceLufthansaBritish AirwaysJetBlueAir CanadaUS Airways

Category no 11 :- Top 10 Google+ Hashtags


Category no 12 :- Top search on Videos

Gangnam StyleSomebody That I Used to Know by Walk off the EarthKONY 2012 Call Me Maybe  featuring Justin Bieber,  Obama vs. Romney Epic Rap Battles of HistoryA Dramatic Suprise on a Quiet SquareWhy You Asking All Them Questions?Crystallize by Lindsey StirlingFacebook Parenting: For the Troubled TeenFelix Baumgartner's Supersonic Free Fall

Conclusion of the author :-

These data are not directly taken from Google but surely the sources are Google's affiliated blogs and websites.So mu humble request to readers , they have to re check the information once again to confirm them.If I have missed in thing else then don't miss to type a few words for future update.

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