Google Plus and personal privacy for bloggers and marketers

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Google plus one of the hot product from Google incorporation . It is seen that maximum bloggers and marketers are rushed in Google plus but why this rushing ? Building a blog is easy but building a successful blog is difficult. The success of the blog begins by knowing the place of the audiences which are appropriate to the blog and quality time should be spent over there by a blogger. For these, social media activities are the best choice for the bloggers to grow a community around it.
Google Plus and personal privacy for bloggers and marketers

Google Plus and personal privacy for bloggers and marketers

The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are available for the bloggers to develop a community for their blog. But blogging on Google+ has become popular among the leading bloggers on the internet. Google plus is a social networking service functioning by Google which was launched in the year 2011. Lakhs of users joined to it immediately while starting this service and now it may contain millions of user as its popularity is accelerated by its usage.
Google Plus and personal privacy for bloggers and marketers - Main Uddin Google+  for the bloggers
Bloggers can build a brand name for their blog with Google plus as it is a product of Google. Creating a G+ page for a blog with the details which fully describes about the blog is the initial process and the bloggers should start to connect with people who are related to the blog. While reading and commenting on the blogs of same niche, it would be fine to look for the links to connect with the fascinating people on G+. The bloggers can create circles in G+ to share their blog posts. It is possible to send targeted message to the member of the circles and the bloggers could continue to publish interesting content. These would make the targeted audience to find the value of the shared posts which would let them to give “+1” for the posts shared. Spark, hangout and Huddles are some of the features of G+ which can be used by the bloggers for promotion.
Google+ for blogers and marketers - Main Uddin
Benefits of using G+ by bloggers :
Using Google+ benefits a blog, as it has thousands of plus points -
Google+ for blogers and marketers - Main Uddin
  1. Search engine benefits by giving instant connectivity for the users who are searching for information in the blog.
  2. The authorization advancement with ‘+1’ like the Facebook likes and twitter retweets.
  3. Enhanced privacy for the content shared in the circles.
A quick guide to set the circles and privacy information in G+ :
Privacy for circles:
The bloggers can set the privacy controls for both blog posts and profile information with the customized group. The G+ circles are private by default and the bloggers can follow any minded people without their approval. Vice versa anyone can add the bloggers to their circles, but the privacy of the posts can be set by the G+ users.

Google+ for blogers and marketers - Main Uddin Editing profile to control the people:

  1. After setting up the profile page and social groups in circles, the bloggers can edit the profile page to control the Google + privacy. Default settings of each sections of the profile page can be changed by the bloggers to allow viewing for the extended circles, custom grouping or to them alone. Every privacy group setting has an icon to express which parts are public to which groups.
  2. It is possible for the bloggers to edit the search visibility by unchecking the option “Help other to find my profile in search result” which is at the bottom of the About page.
  3. Visibility of the people in the social network can also be changed by the bloggers by editing the option “change who is visible here” which is under the circles list.
  4. The other sections of the profile pages like profile pictures, videos, email and link are customizable as everyone can see these information by default.

Sharing in the circles:

  1. After finishing the profile editing and groups for sharing, the next privacy concern of the bloggers is to control who can see and share the contents of the blog posts.
  2. While sharing, if the option ‘Public’ is chosen by the blogger, then the post is visible to everyone in the circle he/she added and as well as on the profile page.
  3. If the option ‘Extended circle’ is chosen then the post will be visible to all in the Public and to everyone in their circles. Also the post can be sent as a direct message to the individuals by entering the names. Both options seem little spam, so it is better to choose the option ‘public’.

Controlling the posts and information streams

Google+ for blogers and marketers - Main Uddin (3)
  1. There are post administration tools available for the bloggers to remove the sprites on the posts shared, to disable comments and resharing by others.
  2. Posts from the people in the circles will appear in the stream and posts from the people who have not included in the circle, but if they are following the blogger then their posts will be shared under the ‘Incoming’ link. The bloggers can mute these types of posts, if they are not interested in that.
  3. If the bloggers are continuing to get aggressive or irresistible posts, then they use ‘Block’ in the circle settings to mute the over shares

Checking other conceal privacy options and settings.

  1. The blogger can use the gear icon on Google+ to enter the full settings. G+ let the bloggers to use the ‘Links’ feature to associate with the aspects of other social networks and it is possible to control who sees the links through circles.
  2. The bloggers can add their blog to the Google+ account and should verify it by including rel=publisher like  <link rel=”publisher” href=“[plusPageUrl]” />

Factors of Google+ via infographics :

Google+ for blogers and marketers - Main Uddin
The Google+ social network have mounted to millions of users with billions of daily share. By setting up the circles here, it is safe to share the information privately. By Lockdown the profile, the bloggers can prevent the share visible to unwanted people. By restricting the search visibility, the profile of the blogger cannot be indexed by search engines. By locking down the variety of other privacy settings, the blogger can block the user and limit the people who are sending and seeing the messages. By streaming to the appropriate, the bloggers can select the circles with they want to share the information.
Hope you have gained some knowledge about Google+ and its privacy information.
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