Top 10 Universal Secret Of Real Time Blogging Success

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Thousands of blogs are already created and this strategies increasing day by day with out any limitation .Internet experts have expressed that this blog creating trend will continue more 10+ years and there after it will be stabled due to the increasing number of failure in blogging career.It has seen that everyone knows how to create a blog now this days and it is also seen that the range of topics is vast and virtually limitless in the world of internet .But here ,the question rises ” Why should people starts up a blog ?”Our only son Sadf Sadiquie at age of 13 months who tries to know real time blogging factors
After a deep digging on that question ,it is found 2 replies such as blogging is a easiest way to express own thoughts and it shows easiest way to earn a lots of money as success stories showing ( actually it is not so easy to earn from blogging ) .

Top 10 Universal Secret Of Real Time Blogging Success

My article tries to describe the factors behind the successful blogs and bloggers as why they become successful in both creating successful blogs and earning a handsome money from their blogs.It tries to reply, how to make a successful blog stand out of the crowd and offer something different from the many other blogs already online world .Directly it is said that how saturated on a particular niche may be even there is always room for another fresh outlook or fresh thinking matters, another novel approach, or a bold new voice or something extra ordinary.
All most all the successful bloggers keep attention the factors at the time of blogging those are given bellow :-
1. Blog that stands out of crowd
2. Writing angle for extra ordinary
3. Own voice with different mode
4. Interactive elements and multimedia procedure
5. Article/post command attention of readers/audience
6. Keeping fresh mind’s thoughts
7. Branding on social media
8. Unique power point of real time content
9. Successful Imagination of Blogging
There are a lots of imagination in blogging as per my own experience says like so . I have listed a few of them bellow for our readers.-
i. Commit on start
ii. Learn from the Best
iii. Serve the best each time
iv. Seize guest posting (accepting and delivering)
v. Concentrate on personal development daily basis
vi. Target orientation bigger than making money
vii. Wait end point to monetize blog
viii. Lets do posts marinate (analysis)
10. Extra expertise on content marketing via SEO :
Search engine optimization campaign can gain a good web presence through quality content which would be marketed with real time jerking manner. Such as strategies have informed that SEO takes care of the traffic in extra ordinary manner, rankings, and the other long term effects of any web site or blog.There are various factors which have stated the main differences between content and SEO but the SEO and the content marketing are the two sides of the same coin as marketing expert says like so. Directly we can say that high quality content is what boosts the SEO on the web. These two points carry the bellow factors-
A. Content Related SEO Works :-
i. Must keep attention to the URLs are simialar on the XML sitemap and the robots.
ii. Website must look user friendly, and should be easy in navigation for any user
iii. Website ranking comes up and it gets displayed in the top search results every where
iv. Bing webmaster tools.Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics should be used
v. Must use the Facebook Open Graph and the Twitter Cards for contents
vi. Must update the XML sitemaps regularly
B. Content Marketing Works :-
i. Must create content on a regular basis.
ii. Keep a content strategy in mind every time.
ii. Real time share Planning

Conclusion :-

I am sure if any one keep in mind on these 10 points of blogging then she /he must gets success in blogging career .Success means , it will bring name ,fame and money regularly . But my suggestion never paying enough attention to the SEO because real time unique content may be the great source of target orientation. Here keep in mind that SEO would not create content for the site,on the other hand creating content would not optimize the website or blog.
Now, it is your turn to become a successful blogger !
Article is Contributed by Shazida Khatun 
Shazida Khatun is one of the pioneer Lady webmaster from North East Indian state of Assam who loves to develop website and contents but professionally she is a teacher. Catch her on Twitter 
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