Most effective ways to clean up a bad online reputation

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Most effective ways to clean up a bad online reputation bears huge margin of communication. Online community formation is not very simple task as it needs long time to get trust worthy among the community members .In case of business and marketing , it needs more time and smart move to get interactive with community members those would be future clients or customers. It is known to all that criticism is an inevitable part of doing any business and any where . Now a days , all the business goes partially or fully online , so when more and more people search online about your business or service as people/clients are deciding what products to buy and which companies to hire for service . I am sure that any bad press can significantly affect the success of the targeted company or firm , whether the criticism is warranted or not from any source because people trust the bad news first and judge it latter . So online reputation can bring you better business as well as name ,fame and money too. That is why online reputation management tools are known as reverse SEO which may be a lifesaver of your business. Normally Reverse SEO uses black-hat techniques instead of white-hat techniques which is hated by major search engines.So, organic SEO tactics or white-hat SEO methods are the best way to prevent negative reputation and undesirable links or bad press about your business from getting top ranking on Google search results which makes no difference among the customers or clients !
Most effective ways to clean up a bad online reputation
In business it is very important to maintain a good reputation about product(s), service(s) to retain existing customer(s), attract new customer(s) and maintain brand image in the marketing world. But think if someone is saying bad words about you, complain about your product(s), services, company through different social media site(s) and complain forum(s), how you will come to know about bad press ? When this question was asked to the CEO of Sinai Marketing, Inc [ ] Ali Husayni , he has expressed deep concern about it and said that normally they use reverse SEO for businesses that have received unflattering or unfair press in newspapers article(s), blogs or review sites posts to mitigate the damage and diminish the visibility of the links as quickly as possible which can give a little relief .

Why bad press comes :-

It is seen that sometimes the undesirable content is a messy lawsuit from unknown competitor(s) , a disgruntled ex-employee or angry client(s) who either wrote and submitted an article or created a website solely to defame a company or that company’s product or service .There are a lots of company those works on the field of bad press , so Anyone with determination and some online know-how can create content that reflects poorly on a company that begins to rank well for searches related to the business of the competitor(s) . It is not possible to remove completely the content from the Web , it can be pushed onto the second page , third and fourth pages of SERP where they will garner much less attention from the users or audience .

How to Clean up Bad press :-

1. Limit content visibility :-
Analyze the sites that bears the negative content about the business then formulate the best strategy to limit that content’s visibility on the web as well as search result page. If you have direct control over the contents such as personal photos or writings that reflect poorly on the business on web, directly delete the negative information or change privacy settings of the site it came from which ip or url . I am sure , it does not automatically remove the offending item from the search engine’s index but there is always a chance that it was picked up elsewhere and that content much harder to find in search result .
2. Monitor consumer review sites :-
Regular monitor sites like BBB (Better Business Bureau), Yelp, Google+ , Facebook groups,Twitter , Linkedin and address complaints promptly on the web. It is known to all that 72 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.Hence , it is better to reach the customer directly via the complain and ask them details about his/her complain and try to solve it immediately and create an environment to switch their sentiment to positive about your company or business . As it is solved the problem to their satisfaction, then ask them to consider updating their review on those sites as positive attitude.
3. Setup Google Alert :-
Set up Google Alerts for relevant keywords is one of the perfect tools to find out right away when new content hits the Web about you or your business . As per my experience says that Google sends you an email whenever it finds new results that match your search term or keyword(s) , including websites, newspaper articles and blogs or any thing. A unique way for you to use Google search is the “Google Me on The Web” feature which is part of the Google Dashboard and free of cost.

4. Write counteract articles/reviews :-
Counteract is one of the best way to safe your online reputation , such as you have to write content(s) or review on the bad content with a consistent flow of positive information about the company or the products or services. Creating a Google+ profile is very helpful for your business and you can link to helpful and informative videos, self created original photos, unique blog posts with relevant content, or even ask customers for testimonials on those updates because Google+ information is indexed and will show up in organic search engine results very quickly . Experts suggest this important and effective tool to getting more positive recognition on web.
5. Write good content regularly :-
Good and unique writing will keep the positive presence up pushing negative feedback farther down in the search engines result page as per my own experience says like so . It is seen that creating a good presence online will enhance you and your business or product(s) or service(s) which will gain you respect and recognition over the internet .It can also draw business your way when you have a positive reputation online.

Conclusion of the author :-

Search engine optimization is an important part of any online business which may take place either regular or reverse but needs high-quality, relevant content on them as we know that Search engines love original and fresh content on particular niche. Don’t miss to search the name of your company along with “review” or “scam” or fraud or cheater and monitor those links . If you get any negative content then must do as the situation wants to recover your reputation. You can outsource online reputation management which gives you competitive advantage to engage with your customers otherwise your competitor may take the advantage of your company weaknesses from any angle.
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