10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google

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Business and marketing approximately 80% is controlled by virtual world via digital lead generation strategist and online community buyers. It is clear that there is no option to control all the things manually in lead generation. It needs, some excellent tools to mange customers/clients activities which will be the power points of the business development, and own social media marketing growth. Recently one of my American friends from Ilion has asked me to prepare a tool list which can help her business strategies and quick growth. More interestingly she has asked me to exclude Google from those tools. As per my e-marketing knowledge of last 12 years says that Google Adwords Tools and Google Analytics Tools are the two top free products from Google Inc,  those are used by millions of marketers instantly. So, I have asked her about the exclusion of Google products and she replied that she knows both products and their uses too. She wants to use other tools along with Google’s tools to get more exposure on her business. After a deep digging in the searching of online business and marketing tools, I have prepared a list of most essential tools for successful online marketing strategies.

Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google

1. Acquisiomanagement dashboard:- 

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
The Acquisio is a PPC (pay-per-click) management dashboard which allows users to manage Google Adwords,Bing and Facebook ads from one place with 30 day free trail period. It has robust automated bid management tools which checks Google Analytics, Trade Desk and Doubleclick for clients.

2. Doubleclick Management:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
Doubleclick is an ad management system which is indirectly connected with Google. This platform allows users to plan campaigns, research demographics target, Instant upload banner ads, banners to websites categories, relevant networks, and ads exchanges along with click measurements.

3. TradeDesk Display:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
The Trade Desk is an ads display platform that buys sites’ space or exchange in real time basis with measuring attribution. Normally clients use it as supplementary of doublecick.

4. AdReadyTargeting:-  

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
The Ad Ready is another display platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs as it has no minimal spend limit. Local geo target contextual specialist.

5. MillenialMedia Mobile:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
The Millenial Media is the specialist for mobile advertising, it allows users to geo , gender and age target orientation with Retargeting.

6. AdRollNetwork:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
The Adroll is one of the most popular platform of ads target orientation as it allows clients very small minimal spend and retargeting for localized ads along with Google Display Network, Right Media Network and Facbook social ads exchange.

7. Power Editor management:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
Social ads management system from Facebook named as Power Editor which allows clients to manage multiple ad campaigns on Facebook instantly.

8.  Twitter Advertising platform:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
Twitter is the highest popular micro blogging platform which allows small to smaller businessmen to advertise their tweets with no minimal budget. It also allows geo target orientation on the basis of interests.

9. SEMRushResearch:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
The SEMRush is one of the best keywords research tools which allows users to choose multiple keywords at one time.

10. Open Site Explorer:-

10+ Popular Inbound Marketing Tools In Digital Media except Google
The Open Site Explorer is a robust backlink tracker belongs to MOZ(formerly seomoz). It allows to check all the backlinks, those are pointing to targeted website.

Author’s thoughts:-

Online marketing depends on website’s audience but other factors are not negligible such as website design, website loading speed, seo contents, and many more. However getting success in online marketing, it needs to free publicize along with paid management.
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Overnight Internet Marketing and Business Success Mantras

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Online Business or Internet marketing has already made its strong position among the entrepreneurs. It is coming into it’s own as a recognized practice for quick success. Many experts have said that this is a haven for early-adopters, such it’s not quite as easy to convince your mind to spend money on it until it is not seen a return for early investment. It has seen that approximately all the corporate bodies tries their business and marketing via internet. An internet marketer has to justify lots of thing before spending lots of money on the shiniest new marketing strategies along with SEO tool. There are many hardships, I have crossed and till I am passing through some of them but fully under my control.

Overnight Internet Marketing and Business Success Mantras

Online advertising panelOnline advertising panel (Photo credit: Association of Online Publishers)
The most important strategies in online marketing success are categorized such as given bellow-

1. Website creation and design:-

Choosing a domain and Hosting service are the first steps in your online marketing success. Your domain must be related to your business such your audience can get an idea of your business from your domain name. Next step is to choose a reliable and cheapest hosting service where you have to keep you data and information on World Wide Web. Experts have said that it is better to consult with experienced person on domain and hosting choosing process. Design is another important parts of starting steps, If you have a little knowledge about programming and designing then must hire some expert to design your website which must be user friendly such easy navigation, less advertisement, speedy loading etc.

2. Targeted Content Selection:-

Content is always the body of any online business but what type content should be in your dream website for online business success? Experts have said that your content must be related to your business. Another important matter in content creation, it must be informative which never bore your readers as well as audience. There are 3 types of content must fruitful for getting more expose such as text content, image content and video content but keep in mind that all these content must be unique.

3. Advanced Seo Strategies:-

Search engine optimization is the most important factor for any website or online business. Search engine optimization carries lots of things such as choosing keywords, seo content strategies, backlink building, social media profiles,meta tag,meta description, content marketing strategies and a few more factors. If you have a little knowledge about seo strategies then must contact with experienced seo consultant(s) for better performance of your website. Seo is the main option to get high ranked in SERP which produce organic visitors for your website. Competitors’ comparison is also done by advanced seo strategies.

4. Real Time Publicity:-

Your website is prepared for audience but how they reach to your site as well as your products or services? The only way to get publicity on virtual world. You can publicize your website either paying or free. Maximum marketers have expressed that your first step should be free services to test your campaign such as creating attractive social media profiles on major social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin etc).Online community interactive is another good free service to get publicize your website in community such as commenting on various websites and blogs and asking and giving replies on forums. There are a few popular paid services are also available to get publicize your websites such as PPC (Pay Per Click),PPI(Pay Per Impression),PTC(Paid To Click) and many others. Normally these services are offered by advertising networks such as Google, Chitika, Yahoo, reddiff, MNS and many more.

5. ROI (Return Of Investment):-

Return of investment is the main factor of any business; if you don’t care about ROI then it will be not a business like something charity works. So you must take measurements on your investments and returning after concluded circle of business. It is seen that maximum e-marketers and entrepreneurs get successful ROI due to their real time planning of ROI.

6. Real Time Monitoring and Analysis:-

Monitoring your business can give a real time success and failure measurement and it should be done freely via using tools such as Google Analytics, Google webmaster Tools, Keyword tracker and many more. Your analysis will provide future plan and success mantras instantly.

website ideaswebsite ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Conclusion of the author:-

I have mentioned only a few major factors of online business success but it is fully concentrated factors. I am sure if you follow the topics then your business never fails. However, if I have missed any important factors then must comment for future update with your reference.
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Reality Of Guest Posting and Google Policy Violation

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Google Search engine is the main target for each and every blogger , webmaster as well as entrepreneur. But why every one is running behind Google? The reply is very simple as Google is the only highest rating source of organic traffic. It is known to all that traffic is the fuel of any blogs or website as without traffic no website can carry it’s journey of success. Every on behind to get love from Google search engine by hook and crook. In this process of Google love, maximum bloggers and webmasters follow the link building tactic by commenting on higher authority websites or blogs. Some over smart bloggers carry link building procedure via guest blogging which works double ways such it gives higher authority website pointing along with tones of traffic. Google never allows manual link exchange and link selling and they accepts both tactics as the violation of their webmaster terms policy. Bloggers, webmasters and marketers have gone through the long engagement with third party content creation service in exchange of giving backlink to the creator(s). This content creation strategies called guest posting, now these days. It is seen that some have taken higher advantage via these content either in Page Rank or Domain Authority.

Reality Of Guest Posting and Google Policy Violation

Reality Of Guest Posting and Google Policy Violation
Google officially has uttered warning about guest posting but Matt Cutts has recently says about guest posting , if it provides good link juice to authority page or site then they have no problem other wise provider may be go under spam scanner. Just check recent conversation of Google’s Spam head Matt Cutts with Eric Enge. Previously he said in a video that high quality guest post also become a banning case of wbsite for passing link juice. But this time his tunes have a little changed.

First Video On Guest Posting:-

Sometimes it is seen that a few of webmasters take more advantage by going extremes such as offering same topic by simply spinning it and re issue the same in various platform. Another bad thing is happened that irrelevant backlink in profile section or content body section. High quality content always gets advantage from search engine as well as from audience too.

Second Video on Guest Posting:-

Next spot a Google webmaster central hangout has stated on the query Haynes when he has asked about submiting articles to the Huffington Post or such like bigger content creators sites, what they think about those guest posts. Then Google’s employee John Mueller has replied that nofollow links have nothing to do with spam as Google check only natural links. When some one has asked about Wikipedia links then simply by pass the question as previously Matt Cutts did.

Third Video On Guest Posting:-

Finally, Haynes has pointed to another Webmaster Central hangout where Mueller says that guest posting tactic is not legal way to get backlinks but if it is done with Google’s Webmaster term policy then there will be no harm for guest author as well as hosting blogger or website. Authority sites’ links can bear more interactive from audience as well as search engine either those links are nofollow or dofollow which has no effect on guest posting. But un natural links must be kept in under spam scanner.
So we can easily say that guest posting is not a safe way for link building , while guest posting or writing is a great way to expose on higher authority website or blogs. Some times this guest posting heavily is abused by putting company site or irrelated links on the posts or articles which clearly violet the rules of Google Webmaster tools. Another thing has been seen that webmasters and bloggers intentionally passing link juice for money and which carries penalty to those webmasters’ websites or blogs.
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SEO Experts Success Mantras and Monthly Reporting Satisfaction

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One of highly skilled profession on virtual world is Search engine optimization. SEO Experts Success Mantras and Monthly Reporting Satisfaction on based with a large number of IT professional who have entered in this profession and most of them have got success excluding a few copycat optimizer. It is known to all that you have to produce or submit your so report at the beginning of each month of SEO progress made last month. So it should be justified your SEO strategy for clients which may be effected your efforts and dedication on works!
SEO Experts Success Mantras and Monthly Reporting SatisfactionEnsure Website Visibility With Search Engine Optimization Slide12 (Photo credit: hongxing128)
As per present scenario of seo with the challenging landscape of works and SEO reporting has become more difficult job in reporting to clients than working on seo factors. I am not only talking about merging SEO data sources into one Excel file but also adding a logo to try to make it look more professional, more presentable, and more easy understandable. My notion in the fact about how to make all the data points and metrics indicate real progress for targeted sites, and more importantly meet your clients’ or boss’ expectations in real time needs. The time has brought the new way we report on seo must change to new format and formulated dimensions. In my view the effective setting up the reporting metrics to prove progress may make the difference on spot between meeting the clients’ expectations or not for business success.
Actual modern SEO reporting wants what? The reply should a long story of seo but I am trying to simplify the answer in this article.

1.  Efforts helping clients to reach organic search goal.

2. SEO tasks completion in last month to reach goal.

3. Real Time Impact on web presence for organic search.

4. Identified new opportunities to optimize for organic search.

5. Competitors threats come from existing and new.

Hence these points are the base to set up client’s SEO data, metrics and reporting for a stage of the subsequent month which can indicates the seo success of your team or individual efforts.
SEO Experts Success Mantras and Monthly Reporting SatisfactionWhat really is Search Engine Optimization? (Photo credit: Go Local Search)
Here I have listed 4 immediate success points of seo out for the month-end reporting which can bring smile to your face as well as your client’s too. Just check out the points -

1. Planned Expectations on SEO:-

Planning is the main base of any business or work, so seo task has the same rout. Before we start a seo project, it needs a strong planning to reach the target oriented goal. Most of seo experts know that SEO is not just about ranking first in Google serp for the preferred set of keywords or phrase, but it is the documents which you have to submit to the people pay you large sum to reach their business goal. So , it needs to set the expectation early in the relationship with the clients that SEO is more than just rank in serp, and that SEO ranking data isn’t the be all and end all of SEO reporting which can easily measures the setting with expectation key. My experience says that the SEO is an on-going process of discovering and uncovering keyword phrases those are driving organic search traffic and conversion to the targeted website and on the other hand it impacts and increases the organic search traffic and conversions of the targeted website or business. So the real metrics demonstrate the impact of the SEO efforts including Organic traffic/visits, Organic position, Conversions by keyword and On-site and off-site indexed pages.

2. Setting Goals with Benchmarks:-

Real quantifying the starting point helps to clarify the final outcomes of seo report as setting goals for the seo project is obviously key to maintain the focusing factors. Inclusion of the goals in the monthly SEO report will remind targeted client of what the overall reason for the investment is after the project gets going on for the success way. Major important criteria to prove impact on setting goals and bench-marking with in the current web presence most essential in reporting. It needs to demonstrate the progress, goals and bench-marking in certain metrics in the monthly report. Such as -

i. Organic search traffic percentage.

ii. Overall website traffic and the number of unique visitors.

iii. Backlink diversity.

iv. Keywords in anchor text.

v. Social media signals

vi. Out source traffic

vii. Unbranded conversions traffic.

viii. Total indexed pages/images.

3. Analytics of Goals and Conversions:-

Analysis and monitoring report of goals and conversions can gives clear conception of real time call to action fruits exercise. It is better to include minimum 5 reports such as Google AnalyticsCoremetrics, Omniture, or another trusted analytics system with real time conversation replies. It is better to note the reports each week basis to discover and uncover new highly converting keywords for targeted website. On the other hand identifying all factors in the monthly report which can easily understand able by the client which is an up sell opportunity for SEO services to satisfying the clients.
SEO Experts Success Mantras and Monthly Reporting SatisfactionImage via CrunchBase

4. Call to action on future metrics:-

It is shown that metrics without call to action items are useless in seo reporting. The SEO is an ongoing method and it needs to keep client engaged which is continuing to discover opportunities through the metrics and demonstrating on the featured industry. It will give an idea to set up on content writing which can be done tp keep their investment top of mind and ongoing in feature success and dreaming. So must keep attention on the needed factors such as Keywords by Position Sorted by Highest to Lowest Converter, New Content Being Indexed and Ranked, propose content writing factors, regular social media updates and a few others.

Conclusion of the author:-

My 9 years experience says that SEO reporting should be considered an art of fiction rather than a science on virtual world. As the monthly SEO reporting deserves a conversation with the targeted client to find out the description and the opportunities for successful business metrics which gives ROI (Return Of Investment) highly and real time. So easy setting of expectation can make successful reporting of seo strategies which is beneficial both client and seo firm(individual) to optimize on strong metrics via keyword and successful conversions.
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