Reality Of Guest Posting and Google Policy Violation

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Google Search engine is the main target for each and every blogger , webmaster as well as entrepreneur. But why every one is running behind Google? The reply is very simple as Google is the only highest rating source of organic traffic. It is known to all that traffic is the fuel of any blogs or website as without traffic no website can carry it’s journey of success. Every on behind to get love from Google search engine by hook and crook. In this process of Google love, maximum bloggers and webmasters follow the link building tactic by commenting on higher authority websites or blogs. Some over smart bloggers carry link building procedure via guest blogging which works double ways such it gives higher authority website pointing along with tones of traffic. Google never allows manual link exchange and link selling and they accepts both tactics as the violation of their webmaster terms policy. Bloggers, webmasters and marketers have gone through the long engagement with third party content creation service in exchange of giving backlink to the creator(s). This content creation strategies called guest posting, now these days. It is seen that some have taken higher advantage via these content either in Page Rank or Domain Authority.

Reality Of Guest Posting and Google Policy Violation

Reality Of Guest Posting and Google Policy Violation
Google officially has uttered warning about guest posting but Matt Cutts has recently says about guest posting , if it provides good link juice to authority page or site then they have no problem other wise provider may be go under spam scanner. Just check recent conversation of Google’s Spam head Matt Cutts with Eric Enge. Previously he said in a video that high quality guest post also become a banning case of wbsite for passing link juice. But this time his tunes have a little changed.

First Video On Guest Posting:-

Sometimes it is seen that a few of webmasters take more advantage by going extremes such as offering same topic by simply spinning it and re issue the same in various platform. Another bad thing is happened that irrelevant backlink in profile section or content body section. High quality content always gets advantage from search engine as well as from audience too.

Second Video on Guest Posting:-

Next spot a Google webmaster central hangout has stated on the query Haynes when he has asked about submiting articles to the Huffington Post or such like bigger content creators sites, what they think about those guest posts. Then Google’s employee John Mueller has replied that nofollow links have nothing to do with spam as Google check only natural links. When some one has asked about Wikipedia links then simply by pass the question as previously Matt Cutts did.

Third Video On Guest Posting:-

Finally, Haynes has pointed to another Webmaster Central hangout where Mueller says that guest posting tactic is not legal way to get backlinks but if it is done with Google’s Webmaster term policy then there will be no harm for guest author as well as hosting blogger or website. Authority sites’ links can bear more interactive from audience as well as search engine either those links are nofollow or dofollow which has no effect on guest posting. But un natural links must be kept in under spam scanner.
So we can easily say that guest posting is not a safe way for link building , while guest posting or writing is a great way to expose on higher authority website or blogs. Some times this guest posting heavily is abused by putting company site or irrelated links on the posts or articles which clearly violet the rules of Google Webmaster tools. Another thing has been seen that webmasters and bloggers intentionally passing link juice for money and which carries penalty to those webmasters’ websites or blogs.
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