10+ Factors of Audience’s Choice To Improve Readability

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Blogs and websites are breathing as long as they have readers. Normally, we can say, traffic or readers is the fuel of any website because all the things are meaningless if people can’t read the website or blog. Recently carried out survey says that readability is an important factor of website usability which influences consumer behavior as well as general subscriptions for normal users to techno savvy. My 10+ years of virtual world has tries to collect some important points in readability of website or blog.

10+ Factors of Audience’s Choice To Improve Readability

10+ Factors of Audience’s Choice To Improve Readability10+ Factors of Audience’s Choice To Improve Readability
You may not be agreed with my points but these are really effective to create user friendly website which gets tones of readers for caring these points.

1. Perfect match of Font Color:-

Normally webmasters and bloggers use default font color in their blogs and websites but right contrast between font color and font background always influence the reader’s readability and perception. Because a large number of readers have eyes sight problem or color blindness. It needs to contrast right font color as website’s content desire along with targeted reader’s orientation.

2. Advanced Background Color:-

Background of any website or blog is essential factor for readability which perfectly matches with font color. It is similar to head and tail of a coin. So, font color and the background go hand in hand and their well blend customization makes more presentable show for audience.
3. Errorless Spacing:-
Right margins on sentences or words or page influence readability among the audience. So, the error less spacing between words, sentences and paragraphs keep well balance on content visibility.

4. Adjusted Fonts:-

It is needed to add adjusted fonts those have universal appeal such “time roman” or “Arial black” and few more similar fonts. Normally, creative fonts work fine for titles but must have appropriate character spacing where body text needs default adjutancy.

5. Using Break-up in Content:-

Topic may needs long tail article but it should need some break up such readers never feel boring when it reads. So, it is an important to have parts and paragraphs in contents.

6. Perfect Bullets in content:-

Perfect bullets in content give new dimension of expert author where it is not simply paragraphs and lengths of work but it should have brief, crisp contents in each and every article.

7. Useful Alignment:-

Normally maximum webmasters/bloggers use Left alignment in their content alignment. But expert says that alignment must be on the basis of content or may be central alignment which is another factor of readability.

8. Attention Drawer Highlights:-

Content parts highlights draw attention from readers but must keep in mind that highlight parts must be informative and self satisfactory.

9. Clear Hyperlinks Markup:-

Hyperlinks may be a good point for readability for content as maximum bloggers/content creators mark hyperlinks with italic or underline. But on thing, keep in mind that the hyperlink(s) must be related to content and it will open with new tab/window such readers can return the previous post with any hardship.

10. Meaningful starting and ending Structure:-

An article has a few sensitive parts such as Title, sub title ,body and ending conclusion and each and every parts has own importance. However, Title is the most powerful part of an article. So, each and every part must be interactive with own identity.

11. Relevant Keywords highlights:-

Highlighting keywords may be a good practice to get attention from readers but present algorithm opposes this system. But it can be solved by giving different color of such keywords.

12. Clean Images lineup:-

Images must be clean and copyrighted by the author. But keep in mind that images must be fit to the site width and length but never give hidden link on images.

13. Perfect Content Length:-

An article or Content length should not a matter of boring due to length. So, expert says that an article contains 500 to 100 words is better to get attention from audience.

14. Distinct and Strategic:-

Content strategies depend on placing strategies because starting, body and ending parts carries different strategies among the readers. Readers can easily understand step by step process of the article with out any puzzle.


I am sure these 14 points will help to write better article which will be loved by the readers as honestly, I am a better reader of well known bloggers and writers than a blogger. If I have missed any points here, then must drop a few words for me.
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