Lady Ecommerce Seo expert Helen M. Overland and Your Business Success

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Lady Ecommerce Seo expert Helen M. Overland and Your Business Success. Helen M. Overland is one of the pioneer lady webmaster cum seo expert in the world who had started her career with Search Engine People Inc as a reporting assistant. Latter she become the head of reporting team and finally Search Engine People Inc. has placed her (Helen M. Overland) as a Director of Marketing and Training of the company. She has been involved with Search Engine Optimization since 2000 and her mission is still going on. Her assistance is valuable and remarkable as she assists a team of account directors and managers to help their organizations on growing field via virtual world of Internet.
Lady Ecommerce Seo expert Helen M. Overland Lady Ecommerce Seo expert Helen M. Overland
She combines her skills of technology with an association of business management experience for real time and profitable search engine strategies. She has sharpened her skills in the trenches of e-commerce and grew revenues steadily through the World Wide Web burst in proper manner. It is known to her blogosphere as semlady which is seen in her where she has successfully completed tons of campaigns returning through identifying fresh opportunities and careful analysis of the results. She is also a well known speaker of business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Ecommerce source hangout:-

Recently I had have a Google+  hangout with her on the topic of ecommerce seo strategies and I have got some extra points in this field but the hangout was fully private, so only summarized parts are re presenting here for our readers.

Ecommerce Seo strategies:-

As it is known to all that business has already take it’s pathway in virtual world and business owners wonder why their sites are not ranking top in Google search. The Big G Google has millions of pages for a particular search but what are the pages will come in top SERP and why they come to first page, which is a million dollars question for business owners along with webmasters and seo experts. Google follows some secret algorithm to select those pages automatically and instantly for a particular search, but those secret algorithm has never revealed in web. Some important factors are partially revealed by some Google employees to guide webmasters in Google webmaster tool. So I have re mention those once again here-
1. Unique and Informative content
2. Real Time relevancy
3. Well formatted
4. Well designed
5. User friendly
6. Natural outbound and inbound links
7. Unique Image and Video
8. Unique length of article/page
9. Online interactive
10. Reliability and trust worthy
And many more factors are involved in SERP top ranking as Overland has revealed to me in that hangout. She had made a video on ecommerce seo strategies. Don’t miss to check this video from Helen M. Overland where she tries to find out these qustion’s replies-
i. Why is your store not on Google?
ii. What is SEO marketing?
iii. How does Google rank your ecommerce store?
iv. Doing your SEO research, what search phrases should your rank for?
v. The importance of content and SEO
vi. Misconceptions on SEO
vii. Real time upgradtion stategies with seo content
We know that Google has been very kin on their customer as every user of Google search engine. They have been very consistent about this user friendly experience. They make it clear that their searchers find what they are searching for as quickly as possible on the hope to return visit via satisfaction. This is their main marketing strategies of search ads and which makes them highest popular search engine today. Google is focusing to make it sure that the customer get the most valuable and useful page that they can serve to them.

Shortcut way of Ecommerce seo:-

Google had been faced some trouble in measuring the most useful page for search results, but now, they are getting better as time goes on via changing their algorithm every single year such Panda, Penguin EMD and many more. All the changes are made only aiming to improve the way they measure quality results in SERP which is fully user friendly. She has suggested that constant striving can improve SERP ranking for ecommerce sites on effectively in this competitive environment that Google has set up for their users.

 Brainless author’s view lines:-

Helen M. Overland is one of my icon SEO expert whom I follow from my starting days in the virtual world because she immerses in the online world for over a decade with her unique skills of trenches in e-commerce industry. She is better known online as semlady who touches thousands of companies with her creative insights at marketing conferences and events in various parts of the world. A few of her successful events are Search Engine Strategies(USA), SMX Social Media(USA & Aus), SMX Analytics(USA &UK), PodCamp(India), Social Media for Government(USA & India), SustainabilityCamp (Canada & USA), webinars and various other events around the globe. Quick connection of   Helen M Overland on Twitter and Linkedin
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