Deep Research Topic ! Bing search is more user friendly than Google

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Bing search is more user friendly than Google but why ? Microsoft is one of the pioneer performers of the virtual world along with computer world. Bing was previously known as MSN Search, Live Search and Windows Live Search, the search engine from Microsoft Corporation. It was come online as MNS live search in 1998 with a few features. Microsoft purchased the semantic technology from Powerset in 2008 and renamed live search to Bing on May 28, 2009 with a better design and usability from user interface. Microsoft and Yahoo came under a deal to power each other search on July 29, 2009 and major redesign and algorithm changes were taken place in 2012 with sidebar and social indicator induction. Bing search is more user friendly than Google
Recently, one of my newbie blogger friend has asked a question on Bingo search “Is Bing search more user friendly than Google?” Honestly, I have no instant reply of her question. So, I have done a deep digging on this issue with an experiment on it. Today’s article is carrying the result of my findings of the experiment. You may not be agreed with my experiment results but really awesome findings.

Pro & Cons of Google and Bing Features:-

i. Bing changes background images daily and Google changes Doodle occasionally.
ii. Bing carries HTML-5 enabled video home page and Google prefer to show Youtube Video
iii. Bing shows main image with four other similar and Google shows single image.
iv. Bing’s left side navigation pane with social meter but Google shows advertisement
v. Bing’s right side extended preview is bigger but Google occasionally shows it.
vi. Bing shows sub links from same domain and Google also shows site links
vii. Bing allows third party site information on Bing but Google never allows except cache copy.
viii. Bing allows particular website search and Google also allows particular site search.
ix. Bing allows customer service phone numbers in main search but Google allows phone in local search only.
x. Bing allows media hovering and Google also allows media hovering (both image and video).
xi. Bing allows advanced filtering features with perfect ness but Google has the same with no effective functionality.
xii. Bing is beta version instant search but Google already has activated instant search.
xiii. Bing allows local search with particular topic with full coverage and Google also shows related all data available on their cache.
xiv. Bing is available in 100+ world languages and Google also available 100+ World languages.
xv. Bing search is integrated with Facebook but Google has no role in Facebook.
xvi. Bing allows mobile users with toll free helpline (Bing411) and Google allows mobile users but have no helpline for users.
xvii. Bing follows strict censorship in SERP but Google has a little censorship on adult or illegal contents.
xviii. Bing index websites slowly with quality but Google index quickly but has a little quality contents.
xix. Bing allows user encryption and Google also allows encryption on searches.
xx. Bing has 147 products along with search and Google has 136 products along with search.

Experiment Issues on Bing and Google Search:-

a. Person or name search effect:-

I have done searches in Google and Bing with same keywords – My own name was first search in Google and Bing for starting of this! Bing search is more user friendly than Google
This search is clearly indicated the websites where I really interact and my information are available on those. More interestingly there is no such malicious or ir-related or little engaged websites. So, it is more user friendly than any other search engines. On the other hand same keyword in Google shows -Bing search is more user friendly than Google
The research shows the social media profiles those are hosted in Google in top ranked but no contributing websites. It is cleared that Google always gives important on their own products either quality or quantity which are not factor. Simply, we can say that Google’s SERP is influenced via their product policies.

b. Product search issue:-

Bingo prefers to show the products as search term related but Google shows the authors.
Bing search is more user friendly than Google
As for example, I have searched “Free blogging software” and here Bing shows the result related to blogging software either CMS or any. But Google for the same keywords – check imageBing search is more user friendly than Google
Top ranked result goes to favour of author’s content which is will optimized for Google algorithm either it is user friendly or informative which are not factor for Google.

c. Local search effect:-

I have done local search for particular keywords in various places around the globe. As for example check the images.
Bing search is more user friendly than Google
Bing shows only 1 ad in search for particular keywords and lots of related keywords but Google shows more than 10 ads for a single search.
Bing search is more user friendly than Google
It is clear indication that Google prefer their business. As we know that ads clicks will bring more revenue to them, where it is sure user will not find accurate information for the search term.

d. Rest of Experiment

In thus way, I have done 100 searches with various keywords for various products on both search engines. Every search gives me more effective and informative for Bing. Another important factor is that Google prefer to show the result from Google plus profile for any search but Bing also has social media wing named as SO.CL but never give importance on it if there is nothing informative. Similarly Google Image search is influenced by Picasa web album where better image hosting sites are available but ranked low.  We know that Facebook has millions of users but there is no contribution of Google in Facebook as Facebook allows bing search automatically with in site or with in web. Recently Bing starts conversation search (beta version) which is more effective than Google’s activated conversional search.

SEO Experts talks on Bing:-

These comments are taken from Bing official forum and, so I am not responsible for any comments or view.
1. There is no doubt that Google is a globally famous search engine but Bing is going to more compatible and user friendly in many features in day by day with unique algorithm and technique. By Sara Smith
2. I have witnessed in this online search business from starting point which clearly depends on make more money than users’ satisfaction. Google has already taken the market but Bing is developing it’s features to over take Google. I am not sure they can over take in near future. Innovation is the only equal topic for both search engines. By Main Uddin
3. In my view, Bing homepage layout is more user friendly an aesthetically pleasing than Google search homepage. Site box and appearing is always smarter than Google. In near future Bing will be a strong rival of Google and if Google doesn’t take further advanced up. By Paul Werner
4. Bing carries AltaVista CSS files which are not updated in last 7 years but recently they have done some improvement on those files. Another good point on bingo is that they accept AJAX image search functioning to competitive market with others like Google. So, it is clear indication for search market that Bing will be a future rival of mighty Google search. ByHarleena Smith
5.  It is the big question for any search expert that Bing can really beat Google? But in my view, it is not possible for at this moment but recent updates from Bing are clearly show the message for future war between Bing and Google to gain top position. by Neil Meads
6. In my personal view, Bing is better than Google for any result either image or any. Normally, Google images never popping up fast but Bing always does it very fast. By ZhanToO
7. There are large number of indication have expressed that Bing is better than Google in search result such Bing’s results are exactly what  a user is looking for but Google shows bunch of links with similar results only. I don’t have to search for the results like I did on Google for years before switching to Bing. As Bing search convince my computer faster than Google. By Chris Crum.
8. I have raised this matter in an online community whether Bing is better than Google, most interestingly, I have found that maximum people hate Bing due to they never use Bing as their search engine. I am sure search result of Bing is more effective than Google. By John Tomeny

Conclusion of the author:-

This experiment says that Bing is not going to overtake Google in one day or 2 days but in near future, it will be a strong rival of Google search. I am sure their present changes have been caught the eyes of search engine experts. I can not count Bing is superior to Google search but their effective and user friendly result will make such situation in coming days. Don’t miss to put a few words about this experiment in comment box.

Article is contributed by Purbita Ditecha

Purbita is a trusted marketing and advertising professional who is also a well known freelancer. She is blogging about marketing, advertising, fashion and technology in Connect to World. Catch her on Twitter
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10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs

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Creating a website or blog is not a big deal for now these days because it can be make free of cost or very little paid. But critical success factors are known by a few bloggers and website owners. It is true that every person’s visual tastes are different with their own various target orientation such as geo region, occupation etc. There is large number of evergreen principles; those have to follow to get success of a website or blog. I have told these factors in various articles previously but this post is specially written for deep concern about success secrets of blog or website which are really universal and evergreen.
10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs 10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs
Normally, we can say that traffic is the fuel of any successful blog or website. So, visitors are already become more matured and customized and they want full satisfaction on their target orientation or exception of information. Falling of the reputation on the base of satisfaction can dramatically increase the effectiveness of targeted website or blog. I have listed some critical success factors here-

10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs

10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs 10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs

1. Real Time Quality Content:-

Content is always played great roles in success paths of any website either blog or portal. Normally people visit only targeted website to get proper information as their needs. Real time and quality content brings targeted traffic because vital role of search engine surely impact on worth reading. Good content creation is really time consuming but it adequate all the pains by bringing lost of traffic and it gives top ranking in SERPs.

2. Normal Usability:-

There are lots of failed websites , those had good contents along with other facilities but those site has no clear usability as user were in puzzle when they were wanted to use those sites. So, it needs to clarify the process, how to use the targeted website and where from it needs to start. Successful blogs or websites carry some tests (beta version) to get feedback from targeted audiences such it can be lunched with full satisfaction of audiences.

3. Easy Accessibility:-

There several ways are used by the people to access internet and the number of connections, browsers, devices are increasing day by day. So, it is need to confirm that the targeted website must comply with multi connections, multi browsers and multi devices any time and any where with out interruption. Successful websites always follow this secret rule.

4. Well Furnished Strategy:-

There are several strategies have taken under consideration for success of any website such content strategy, seo strategy, marketing strategy and many more. Successful website have pre planned all strategies before launching the website or blog. These strategies give full satisfaction of ROI (Return of investment).

5. Attractive Design:-

User Interface (UI) always affects on users because first impression is the best impression, so bloggers or website owners want to have the best looking site. If targeted owner is not designing expert then must hire some one who can do it with desirable manners. But it must keep in mind that successful website really looks fine easy and simple with the preference of target orientation on the basis of geo location, age bar, gender bar etc.

6. Pure Publicize and Marketing Strategy:-

Publicity and marketing are two pillars of successful websites. Expert says that simply having a website is no longer enough for success in online world such it needs to reach towards the targeted audience. There are only two simple ways to reach targeted audience such publicity and marketing. Social media websites are hot bed of publicity on the other various book marking and directories are the places of marketing (article).

 7. Loyalty to Readers Wishes:-

Loyalty factor plays vital roles in returning visitors but how it possible? Online community formation is the main tool to get returning visitors. Normally, website offers commenting system along with social media profiles, so visitors can submit their wishes or views on the spot or social media. Website owner or blogger has to give importance on their view or reply their queries and question regarding to the niche or any topic.

8. Continuous Updates:-

Regular update is another most important factor to get success with any website. Normally users want fresh and real time data about their search or asking. So, regular updates on targeted website make more efficient presence on the continuing trend towards social media and other publicizing platforms. It is also a proof of fresh and real time contents.

9. About us and Contact us pages:-

Reliability and trust worthy ness have great impact on visitors, so maximum successful website owners and bloggers provide ABOU US or Profile page and CONTACT US page. Such visitors can easily determine about the owner(s) and can contact them with out any puzzle for any issue or advice.

10. Monitoring with Proper Analytics:-

Monitoring is the measuring tool for any business either successful or failed. Successful blogs or websites have been installed various monitoring software for analysis the complete strategies. There are large number of free and premium tools are available online, such those give useful feedback for future plans or strategies. My recommendations are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing-Yahoo Webmaster Tools etc. These Tools will say specific factors with particular period.

Final view of the Author:-

My 12 years of online longevity has given lots of up down along with success and failure. These are observed on my manual execution and dedication. If I have missed a secret points on success of website then don’t miss to write a few lines for future updates.
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Wild and Crazy Self Made Billionaires with Infographic of Entrepreneurs

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Wild and Crazy Self Made Billionaires with Infographic of Entrepreneurs. Only a few people do not know the name of  Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson who was born on 18th July 1950 in Blackheath, London, England, United Kingdom. Yes, friends I am going to say about the emperor of the Virgin Empire founder Richard Branson. He blongs to a aristocrat English family and his forefathers are related to law. But he was started his career as a Christmas tree seller. Similarly Mark Cuban was born 31st July, 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America, the owner of NBA Dallas Mavericks. He was started his career as seller of garbage bags. Sheldon Adelson was born on 4th August 1933 in Boston, Massachusetts ,Indiana, USA. The owner cum CEOof was started career as Las Vegas Sands Corporation as a newspaper seller. Another gem of corporate world Eric Lefkofsky was born on 13th September 1969 in Detroit, Michigan. The Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkofsky was started his career as a door to door carpet seller. Another top self earned corporate personality is Elon Musk who was born on 18th June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa but now USA citizen. The founder of Paypal and Telsa Motors was started his career as proof reader and life writing video games for clients with cheap rates.

Wild and Crazy Self Made Billionaires

These five self-made billionaires have changed the conception of corporate world and theories of course around the globe. This is because of their humble beginnings scores of time tables and dedication on works.
Wild and Crazy Self Made Billionaires with Infographic of EntrepreneursWild and Crazy Self Made Billionaires with Infographic of Entrepreneurs
Here is a infographaic of these five humble beginningers which is curated by San Francisco-based startup organization Funders and Founders with their most attractive nature. This infographic has described the starts and stable ness of different businesses these legendary entrepreneurs launched on their pickup time and sincerity.
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Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic

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Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic, Branding for any business is not new idea but the digital media and World Wide Web has changed the whole scenario of branding, So maximum entrepreneurs have started to Rethinking for Rebranding. Why it is time to rethink about rebrading and how of evolving own brand. Just I want to say about it that really needs changing of brand? Specifically, what are the part of the users experiences are broken? It is known to all the entrepreneurs that every company or entrepreneurs live on users trust and believe. So when any brand fails to provide user’s need then it needs to rebranding.
Social media networking sites are the main source of rebranding along with digital media(TV) which gives new dimension of a brand. If any brand does n’t stand for something, it will fall for anything or everything in competitive market. As for example, we can say about such brands which are standing in the market for some thing special.
  1. Apple – cool digital device experience
  2. Starbucks – gourmet coffee experience
  3. Volvo – safety
  4. Coke – cola
  5. Geico – insurance
  6. Bose – sound
  7. Sunkist – oranges
Some virtual world’s brand stand with their own activities , those have worked extremely hard to stand  in the market. Just check the list -
  1. Facebook – friends
  2. LinkedIn – business
  3. Google – search
  4. Instagram – photos
  5. Twitter – tweet
  6. Evernote – notes
  7. Dropbox – file storage
  8. Salesforce – CRM
  9. ebay – online auction
  10. Craig’s List – classifieds
  11. Yahoo! – every thing
I had taken a step back and talked about what is brand in my previous articles. Such as Brand is the relationship users have with the targeted company or firm and its products and services offers. Any one can easily imagine that it is the aggregate of every experience users have ever had with targeted company. There is no different than the relationship with relatives or family members.  These relationships are mutually beneficial, pleasurable, and consistent for success stories. So, expert says that relationships with brands are exactly the same to a family and their relatives and friends. Consistency is key of success of any business which carries the brand touchpoints and over time of goal. There is infographic from Zuza which describes the whole strategies of branding and rebranding.

Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic

Infographic: Brand Touchpoints, Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic
This infographic is really touches the all points of marketing and brading with success strategies in online and offline business. So, we can say it about champion of branding and rebranding.
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Boost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro Review

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Social media profiles are become fashion for corporate houses along with common people. Facebook may be the highest popular social media website, now these days. This is clearly indicated that Facebook is the biggest and most effective marketing field for entrepreneurs, marketers, politicians, bloggers and many more professionals. It is known to all that Facebook allows to create Fan Page, Groups, Events, application hosting and many more services.

Boost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro Review

Introduction Facebook Branding:-

Creating a Facebook profile or fan page is not big deal but it needs some thing more professional and attractive such people/ fans/ friends will become more interactive with the profile or fan page. Only a few people have the availability to create their own professional looks of page or profile. So, there are thousands of machines and tools to create advanced professional time line cover photo along with personalized time line wall such as Timeline Slicer Pro.
Boost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro ReviewBoost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro Review
Large numbers of professionals are enjoying the benefits of Timeline Slicer Pro which is assisting their readers for selecting the right decision on Facebook right conversation.

About Timeline Slicer Pro:-

The Timeline Slicer Pro is an ultimate electronic digital item which is developed by a group of highly proficient IT professionals. It provides particular and personalized Facebook profile or fan page cover along with stylized status wall. Official website [] of the Timeline Slicer Pro is handling and operated by old famous marketer Carol Foster.

Pros and Cons of Timeline Slicer Pro:-

1. Quite easy to comprehend. It saves money and saves your time and effort.
2. Limitless 24hr web mail guidance with Timeline Slicer Pro inventor.
3. Its sales is great and is raising day by day
4. It gives the complete overview and beneficial demonstration.
5. The system comes with 3 rewards.
6. Numerous testimonials that might be seen and heard.
7. The guide contains 8 Weeks money-back guarantee to ensure that if you’re not pleased, you can acquire a 100 % refund.
8. This is not available in any local shops as it is only offered on the net and from it’s authorized web-site.

Get a the full page look of Timeline Slicer Pro

Boost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro ReviewBoost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro Review

Timeline Slicer Pro Never be a Scam:-

We have cross examined the product and offering company and which has revealed that the Timeline Slicer Pro is not a scam. It offers all purchases via clickbank with effortless 60 days money back guarantee. It is needless to say that this is an ultimate time period and any dissatisfied customer can get back his/her money.
Boost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro ReviewBoost Your Brand on Facebook with Timeline Slicer Pro Review
The Timeline Slicer Pro is a fantastic deal for the marketers with economical price and it essentially performs duty completely buyer’s assistance in real time. The Timeline Slicer Pro team head author Carol Foster gives 100% Cash Back Guarantee to any buyer around the globe. Normally it allows some discount occasionally.

My view on Timeline Slicer:-

In my own view that these persons who are really serious about Facebook marketing success and want definite result with ROI, must give a try with Timeline Slicer pro.  It is incredibly offers confident to their connection rebuilding method might be genuinely liked by their shoppers and match their desires completely can supply this kind of revenue back assure for a lot of days for real marketing enjoyment. 100% money-back guarantees may be the best policy to use this product with RSK FREE mode.
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10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning

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10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warnings, which is not new thing for bloggers, webmasters and website owners but recent algorithm of unnatural links must hits a large numbers of well established websites and blogs. Penalty Warning is come from directly from Big G’s spam head. Search engine optimization (seo) is one of the highly researched topic for webmasters and bloggers because it will give excellent performance on the way of targeted traffic where traffic is the fuel of any website.
10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning
We have already discussed various time in so algorithms of Google and Bing. Backlinks or pointing links is one of the most reliable seo tactics for webmasters and bloggers.  This article is trying to collect information about unnatural links. Just check out- don’t miss to watch all.

10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning

1. Google’s Matt Cutts and Alex have explained about unnatural links to any site and effective result -

This video is posted on Webmasters tool official channel on 8th August-2013
2. Matt Cutts has replied to a question of dbizzle, Los Angeles who has asked about unnatural bad links on website.

This video has been posted on 11 Feb/2013
3. Matt Cutts has replied to Chris Trynkiewicz, Cracow, Poland, when it was asked How does Google consider site-wide backlinks.
This video has been posted on 13 Nov/12
4. Matt Cutts Replied to Linda from Lakewood, NJ , who has asked about cross-linking websites considers unnatural

5. BlindFive Yearold, SF, CA has asked that does Google still recommend 100 links or fewer per page ! Matt Cutts replies here with politely.

6.Bad links Negative SEO: Myths, Realities, and Precautions from Moz

7.Must watch : Google’s Unnatural links penalty and recovery solutions Instantly

8. Newest Algorithm of unnatural links of website as RapidSEOexpert has described – Penguin Penalty And Unnatural Links Notice.

9. Triple bonanza impact Unnatural Links to site for future target orientaion

10. Unnatural Links: The Complete Guide by Sandy and Matt Cutts

This video has been posted on most recently 8th August-2013


I have tried my best to collect best videos on unnatural links and related matters. If I have missed some special video on unnatural links then must share the link in comment box. I will surely update the post with your advice.
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3+ Ways Smartphones Can Boost Productivity of Entrepreneurs

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3+ Ways Smartphones Can Boost Productivity of Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are extremely particular about their time. They have to be, or else the clock would gradually tick down on their businesses, for, there is no bigger lesson in firm management than managing time. Experts tell us that smartphones are one of the primary sources of time profligacy. Aspiring entrepreneurs are seen texting their chums, playing games they are addicted to or keeping track of the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, among other such examples of sheer time wastage, as both their individual potential and that of the firm as a whole is dutifully sacrificed for the noble cause of beating their best friend’s high score in Angry Birds.
Image via CrunchBase
However, while we might have portrayed a smartphone as the mother of all procrastinating evil, if one uses the right tools and apps, the phone can be quite the contrary just as easily as well. The biggest reason behind entrepreneurs wasting their firm’s precious time can end up helping them out in managing their time better and being more productive. Here are three ways the devil in your back pocket can end up being a blessing, with not much of a disguise.
1. Task Management
There is many a mobile friendly service that would help you manage exactly what needs to be done. The best services are accessed through the Internet on the device and they can be accesses through various smartphone apps as well. One noteworthy example is Toodledo.
The service can be used to track anything that needs to be done, like for instance sorting out the tasks according to the folders, which can be further sub-categorized according to the names of the clients or even other general categories like banking. Toodledo is also helpful with regards to setting due dates, deadlines and fixing reminders accordingly. And it also helps you prioritize the tasks that need to be done in a day, week or a month.
Toodledo’s free version can be quite handy in a multitude of ways, but it’s the pro version – costing $19.95 per annum – that adds extremely useful functions for entrepreneurs in particular. For example there is this facility that allows the user to further break down the tasks into smaller sub-tasks, which makes the list look less daunting and can easily be delegated to seniors and subordinates alike. And most importantly, Toodledo provides a safe internet connection, which is pivotal if one factors in cell phone monitoring software into the equation as well.
Another popular app is Remember the Milk, a service which provides simple task lists and suitable for individuals and does not cater to firms as such. And then there is OmniFocus as well, which costs $80 and constructs a complex task review mechanism that might be too much to handle for someone who is eying smaller operations.
2. Scanning Business Cards, Receipts
Collecting tiny little fragments of paper can destroy any entrepreneur and reduce their existence to virtual nothingness. Take for instance an entrepreneur who jots notes quickly on receipts or business cards so that they can recall why either was saved in the first place. However, when the said entrepreneur reaches home, he’d put off the task if actually entering the data into a computer or using the scanner to process the receipts. This is where two apps would certainly help this entrepreneur’s cause.
The first one is ScanBizCards, which is free for Android and Windows Phones and iOS. It allows the user to scan both business card sides at the very moment and save the desired info. Optical character recognition is used to enter data into the required address book, which can later on be exported to the main address book. And for merely $12 per annum the option of web sync allows the user to manage all stored cards through a web interface.
Another apposite app is an iPhone app called JotNot Scanner. It allows the user to scan any documents, optimize file sizes and organize the scans into a document that is secure owing to password protection.
3. Regulating Email Responses
Receiving emails on your phone is convenient, typing on it is not. The latter can be both incredibly tedious, cumbersome, time consuming and owing to auto correct it can result in a plethora of errors. What can be done to overcome this mini predicament is reading the email on the phone and marking the emails that need responses and then replying to them whenever one’s on a computer.
If you believe that an email must be immediately answered, the more prudent thing to do would be to make a quick call. Or of course one can become the ‘writing brief answers’ connoisseur and dig themselves out of that hole. Logically, what should be done is that one should add the email phone of their phone that should say something like: “This message has been send from my phone, so pardon any mistakes any terseness, and I shall get back to you with a longer reply if needed”
TED Email Charter is one such service that can help you regulate the email responses and in turn save a lot of time that would’ve had been wasted in an email labyrinth that entrepreneurs often find difficult to come out of.
So yes, you never gave it much thought but your smartphone can help you ease out your nerves and manage time, which would save time and eventually enhance your productivity. If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with time management, stop playing Angry Birds and use that device in your hand to manage your time, your career and your life in a much better way.
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