10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning

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10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warnings, which is not new thing for bloggers, webmasters and website owners but recent algorithm of unnatural links must hits a large numbers of well established websites and blogs. Penalty Warning is come from directly from Big G’s spam head. Search engine optimization (seo) is one of the highly researched topic for webmasters and bloggers because it will give excellent performance on the way of targeted traffic where traffic is the fuel of any website.
10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning
We have already discussed various time in so algorithms of Google and Bing. Backlinks or pointing links is one of the most reliable seo tactics for webmasters and bloggers.  This article is trying to collect information about unnatural links. Just check out- don’t miss to watch all.

10+ Top Videos On Unnatural Links and Penalty Warning

1. Google’s Matt Cutts and Alex have explained about unnatural links to any site and effective result -

This video is posted on Webmasters tool official channel on 8th August-2013
2. Matt Cutts has replied to a question of dbizzle, Los Angeles who has asked about unnatural bad links on website.

This video has been posted on 11 Feb/2013
3. Matt Cutts has replied to Chris Trynkiewicz, Cracow, Poland, when it was asked How does Google consider site-wide backlinks.
This video has been posted on 13 Nov/12
4. Matt Cutts Replied to Linda from Lakewood, NJ , who has asked about cross-linking websites considers unnatural

5. BlindFive Yearold, SF, CA has asked that does Google still recommend 100 links or fewer per page ! Matt Cutts replies here with politely.

6.Bad links Negative SEO: Myths, Realities, and Precautions from Moz

7.Must watch : Google’s Unnatural links penalty and recovery solutions Instantly

8. Newest Algorithm of unnatural links of website as RapidSEOexpert has described – Penguin Penalty And Unnatural Links Notice.

9. Triple bonanza impact Unnatural Links to site for future target orientaion

10. Unnatural Links: The Complete Guide by Sandy and Matt Cutts

This video has been posted on most recently 8th August-2013


I have tried my best to collect best videos on unnatural links and related matters. If I have missed some special video on unnatural links then must share the link in comment box. I will surely update the post with your advice.
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