Deep Research Topic ! Bing search is more user friendly than Google

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Bing search is more user friendly than Google but why ? Microsoft is one of the pioneer performers of the virtual world along with computer world. Bing was previously known as MSN Search, Live Search and Windows Live Search, the search engine from Microsoft Corporation. It was come online as MNS live search in 1998 with a few features. Microsoft purchased the semantic technology from Powerset in 2008 and renamed live search to Bing on May 28, 2009 with a better design and usability from user interface. Microsoft and Yahoo came under a deal to power each other search on July 29, 2009 and major redesign and algorithm changes were taken place in 2012 with sidebar and social indicator induction. Bing search is more user friendly than Google
Recently, one of my newbie blogger friend has asked a question on Bingo search “Is Bing search more user friendly than Google?” Honestly, I have no instant reply of her question. So, I have done a deep digging on this issue with an experiment on it. Today’s article is carrying the result of my findings of the experiment. You may not be agreed with my experiment results but really awesome findings.

Pro & Cons of Google and Bing Features:-

i. Bing changes background images daily and Google changes Doodle occasionally.
ii. Bing carries HTML-5 enabled video home page and Google prefer to show Youtube Video
iii. Bing shows main image with four other similar and Google shows single image.
iv. Bing’s left side navigation pane with social meter but Google shows advertisement
v. Bing’s right side extended preview is bigger but Google occasionally shows it.
vi. Bing shows sub links from same domain and Google also shows site links
vii. Bing allows third party site information on Bing but Google never allows except cache copy.
viii. Bing allows particular website search and Google also allows particular site search.
ix. Bing allows customer service phone numbers in main search but Google allows phone in local search only.
x. Bing allows media hovering and Google also allows media hovering (both image and video).
xi. Bing allows advanced filtering features with perfect ness but Google has the same with no effective functionality.
xii. Bing is beta version instant search but Google already has activated instant search.
xiii. Bing allows local search with particular topic with full coverage and Google also shows related all data available on their cache.
xiv. Bing is available in 100+ world languages and Google also available 100+ World languages.
xv. Bing search is integrated with Facebook but Google has no role in Facebook.
xvi. Bing allows mobile users with toll free helpline (Bing411) and Google allows mobile users but have no helpline for users.
xvii. Bing follows strict censorship in SERP but Google has a little censorship on adult or illegal contents.
xviii. Bing index websites slowly with quality but Google index quickly but has a little quality contents.
xix. Bing allows user encryption and Google also allows encryption on searches.
xx. Bing has 147 products along with search and Google has 136 products along with search.

Experiment Issues on Bing and Google Search:-

a. Person or name search effect:-

I have done searches in Google and Bing with same keywords – My own name was first search in Google and Bing for starting of this! Bing search is more user friendly than Google
This search is clearly indicated the websites where I really interact and my information are available on those. More interestingly there is no such malicious or ir-related or little engaged websites. So, it is more user friendly than any other search engines. On the other hand same keyword in Google shows -Bing search is more user friendly than Google
The research shows the social media profiles those are hosted in Google in top ranked but no contributing websites. It is cleared that Google always gives important on their own products either quality or quantity which are not factor. Simply, we can say that Google’s SERP is influenced via their product policies.

b. Product search issue:-

Bingo prefers to show the products as search term related but Google shows the authors.
Bing search is more user friendly than Google
As for example, I have searched “Free blogging software” and here Bing shows the result related to blogging software either CMS or any. But Google for the same keywords – check imageBing search is more user friendly than Google
Top ranked result goes to favour of author’s content which is will optimized for Google algorithm either it is user friendly or informative which are not factor for Google.

c. Local search effect:-

I have done local search for particular keywords in various places around the globe. As for example check the images.
Bing search is more user friendly than Google
Bing shows only 1 ad in search for particular keywords and lots of related keywords but Google shows more than 10 ads for a single search.
Bing search is more user friendly than Google
It is clear indication that Google prefer their business. As we know that ads clicks will bring more revenue to them, where it is sure user will not find accurate information for the search term.

d. Rest of Experiment

In thus way, I have done 100 searches with various keywords for various products on both search engines. Every search gives me more effective and informative for Bing. Another important factor is that Google prefer to show the result from Google plus profile for any search but Bing also has social media wing named as SO.CL but never give importance on it if there is nothing informative. Similarly Google Image search is influenced by Picasa web album where better image hosting sites are available but ranked low.  We know that Facebook has millions of users but there is no contribution of Google in Facebook as Facebook allows bing search automatically with in site or with in web. Recently Bing starts conversation search (beta version) which is more effective than Google’s activated conversional search.

SEO Experts talks on Bing:-

These comments are taken from Bing official forum and, so I am not responsible for any comments or view.
1. There is no doubt that Google is a globally famous search engine but Bing is going to more compatible and user friendly in many features in day by day with unique algorithm and technique. By Sara Smith
2. I have witnessed in this online search business from starting point which clearly depends on make more money than users’ satisfaction. Google has already taken the market but Bing is developing it’s features to over take Google. I am not sure they can over take in near future. Innovation is the only equal topic for both search engines. By Main Uddin
3. In my view, Bing homepage layout is more user friendly an aesthetically pleasing than Google search homepage. Site box and appearing is always smarter than Google. In near future Bing will be a strong rival of Google and if Google doesn’t take further advanced up. By Paul Werner
4. Bing carries AltaVista CSS files which are not updated in last 7 years but recently they have done some improvement on those files. Another good point on bingo is that they accept AJAX image search functioning to competitive market with others like Google. So, it is clear indication for search market that Bing will be a future rival of mighty Google search. ByHarleena Smith
5.  It is the big question for any search expert that Bing can really beat Google? But in my view, it is not possible for at this moment but recent updates from Bing are clearly show the message for future war between Bing and Google to gain top position. by Neil Meads
6. In my personal view, Bing is better than Google for any result either image or any. Normally, Google images never popping up fast but Bing always does it very fast. By ZhanToO
7. There are large number of indication have expressed that Bing is better than Google in search result such Bing’s results are exactly what  a user is looking for but Google shows bunch of links with similar results only. I don’t have to search for the results like I did on Google for years before switching to Bing. As Bing search convince my computer faster than Google. By Chris Crum.
8. I have raised this matter in an online community whether Bing is better than Google, most interestingly, I have found that maximum people hate Bing due to they never use Bing as their search engine. I am sure search result of Bing is more effective than Google. By John Tomeny

Conclusion of the author:-

This experiment says that Bing is not going to overtake Google in one day or 2 days but in near future, it will be a strong rival of Google search. I am sure their present changes have been caught the eyes of search engine experts. I can not count Bing is superior to Google search but their effective and user friendly result will make such situation in coming days. Don’t miss to put a few words about this experiment in comment box.

Article is contributed by Purbita Ditecha

Purbita is a trusted marketing and advertising professional who is also a well known freelancer. She is blogging about marketing, advertising, fashion and technology in Connect to World. Catch her on Twitter
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