Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic

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Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic, Branding for any business is not new idea but the digital media and World Wide Web has changed the whole scenario of branding, So maximum entrepreneurs have started to Rethinking for Rebranding. Why it is time to rethink about rebrading and how of evolving own brand. Just I want to say about it that really needs changing of brand? Specifically, what are the part of the users experiences are broken? It is known to all the entrepreneurs that every company or entrepreneurs live on users trust and believe. So when any brand fails to provide user’s need then it needs to rebranding.
Social media networking sites are the main source of rebranding along with digital media(TV) which gives new dimension of a brand. If any brand does n’t stand for something, it will fall for anything or everything in competitive market. As for example, we can say about such brands which are standing in the market for some thing special.
  1. Apple – cool digital device experience
  2. Starbucks – gourmet coffee experience
  3. Volvo – safety
  4. Coke – cola
  5. Geico – insurance
  6. Bose – sound
  7. Sunkist – oranges
Some virtual world’s brand stand with their own activities , those have worked extremely hard to stand  in the market. Just check the list -
  1. Facebook – friends
  2. LinkedIn – business
  3. Google – search
  4. Instagram – photos
  5. Twitter – tweet
  6. Evernote – notes
  7. Dropbox – file storage
  8. Salesforce – CRM
  9. ebay – online auction
  10. Craig’s List – classifieds
  11. Yahoo! – every thing
I had taken a step back and talked about what is brand in my previous articles. Such as Brand is the relationship users have with the targeted company or firm and its products and services offers. Any one can easily imagine that it is the aggregate of every experience users have ever had with targeted company. There is no different than the relationship with relatives or family members.  These relationships are mutually beneficial, pleasurable, and consistent for success stories. So, expert says that relationships with brands are exactly the same to a family and their relatives and friends. Consistency is key of success of any business which carries the brand touchpoints and over time of goal. There is infographic from Zuza which describes the whole strategies of branding and rebranding.

Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic

Infographic: Brand Touchpoints, Rethinking of Rebranding with Brand Touchpoints Infographic
This infographic is really touches the all points of marketing and brading with success strategies in online and offline business. So, we can say it about champion of branding and rebranding.
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