MicroSoft Provides WebMatrix SEO Report to Improve Your Website

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WebMatrix is a free, easy way to customize and built Websites from popular open source apps like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, as well as a powerful tool to built sites from the ground up using ASP, NET, PHP, HTML, and other leading Web technologies. Run a WebMatrix SEO report and find out how to make your Website more visible to search engines like Bing and Google. WebMatrix takes the secrets out of search engine optimization and provides clear guidance on how to make your sites better.

WebMatrix and SEO

The WebMatrix SEO Report helps you:
1. Find Webpage violations and recommended actions for correcting them
2. Review inbound and outbound links
3. Check keyword counts on each page
4. Optimize your web pages for better search rankings

Watch How-To Video

This tutorial picks up where the Get Started with SEO Using WebMatrix tutorial left off. In this tutorial, we will dig into the More Details dialog of the SEO Report and explore some advanced areas of the report like keyword counts and incoming links.
In this tutorial, we will walk through the following steps:
Step 1: Create an SEO Report
Step 2: Access the More Details Dialog in the SEO Report
Step 3: Explore tabs in the More Details Dialog
Beyond the Basics
Let’s get started!

Step One: Create an SEO report

If you haven’t already done so, install WebMatrix.
In order to run an SEO report, run WebMatrix and select Site from Template.
WebMatrix allows you to run an SEO report both for Websites built using WebMatrix, and for Websites that were not built using the tool. To run an SEO Report for an existing website that was not created in WebMatrix, choose the Empty Site Template and give it a name in the Site Name entry field.
This will take you to the dashboard. Select Run a Report.
Run a Report
Click on Run an SEO Report for your site.
Run an SEO Report
Enter in a name for the report (ie: Website Name), the URL of the website you would like WebMatrix to analyze, and click OK.
New Report

Step 2: SEO report – Accessing the More Details dialog

WebMatrix will analyze the web page and create a report that identifies violations based on a set of rules that the search engines pay attention to. It also makes recommendations for fixing them.
After clicking on one of the violations in this list, more information and recommendations will appear in the right-hand side of your screen.
Click on View More Details underneath the recommendations to bring up the More Details dialog.

Step 3 – View More Details dialog

By clicking on View More Details, you can access specific information on violations and how to correct them. WebMatrix will even take you to the exact place in your code where the violation occurs.
Click the Content tab on the More Details dialog to see where the violation occurs within the Web page code.
You can also see specific details about the page, and can preview the page in the browser from here too. For example, the Details tab shows you elements of this page that are important for search engine optimization such as the Title tag, Meta Description, Server Status code and even how long it takes the page to load.
Click the Details tab on the More Details dialog to see more details about the page where the violation occurs.
WebMatrix helps you analyze the text content on your page for keyword density and counts. Click the Word Analysis tab to view the word list for the page, as well as link text used to reference the page.
The Word List on this dialog can be used to determine the density of keywords on the page. If you are optimizing the page for certain keyword phrases, this report will help you understand how many times the phrase is included on the page, and what link anchor text is used to reference this page in from other pages.
Click the tab to view both inbound and outbound links for this page. Having links to your page from other pages on your website and related websites coming will help you make your Website more useful to visitors and improve your search engine rankings. This report allows you to analyze the inbound links to the page (top), as well as the outbound links (bottom.)
The WebMatrix SEO Report is a powerful tool for analyzing your website and making improvements that can lead to better rankings in the search engines. Take some time to explore the reports and implement some of the recommendations on your Website.

Beyond the basics

To learn more about SEO violations, keywords, links and recommended best practices for optimizing your site, go to the IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit forums.
IIS Forums
Update: This tool will work on Windows7 and Windows8 operating system. [September/2013]
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Internet Companies target Orientation and Green Movement

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Internet giants’ brands are much more vulnerable to attack from the environmental movement than other industries. That explains in part why many of them pursue green technologies.
English: Diagram showing overview of cloud com...English: Diagram showing overview of cloud computing including Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Zoho, Longjump and WorkXpress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Internet Companies target Orientation and Green Movement

The internet giants may be on the forefront of green innovation compared to behemoths in other industries like manufacturing. But what’s their motivation? GigaOM’s Katie Fehrenbacher put that question to execs from Facebook and Switch on Thursday at Structure: Europe in London.

Switch EVP of data center technology Mark Thiele said that while public perception isn’t the internet giants’ entire motivation, protecting their brands is a big factor, especially because they’re so vulnerable to criticisms from Greenpeace and other environmental groups.
“The perception is that the work that Yahoo, Google and Facebook do on a daily basis isn’t work that keeps airplanes in the air or keeps your car running or keeps food on the table,” Thiele said. “By attacking any one of them they get noticed by a billion people. It’s not necessarily a negative thing but that’s just the reality.”
Facebook European data center operations manager Niall McEntegart also pointed out that internet companies have also cultivated those green expectations because of the way their businesses scale. Like most small businesses, internet startups aren’t focused on sustainability and energy efficiency when they launch. But as they grow larger they naturally gravitate toward cloud computing and data centers, which are not only economically more efficient, but more power efficient, McEntegart said.
Data source: Gigaom
The global green movement places very little value on the modern industrial society that has produced huge improvements in economic prosperity, health care, human rights, education and standards of living. In fact, the green movement hates and fears western-style capitalism. To them, the loss of industrial civilisation is of no great consequence. In fact, it is one of the top priorities of the Global Green Agenda.
The green movement has been obsessed with capitalism, especially evil multi-national corporations, since its birth in the 1960s. Long before the advent of ‘global warming’, the primary objective of the movement was, and always has been, simply the destruction of energy production. They know that the life blood of the industrial society is energy, especially fossil fuels, and a significant reduction in energy availability will deal a fatal blow to Gaia’s greatest threat – modern human society. Primitive societies are admired for being sustainable and living in harmony with Gaia. Western capitalist nations are reviled as “destroyers of the earth” which must be subdued. They make no attempt to conceal this agenda
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15+ Steps To Creating Perfect Website With WordPress Instantly

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Creating a website has become passion and fashion for new generation around the globe but only a few know the methods to creating a website. I have already written 500+ tutorials on blogging and online marketing. There are tones of services provide those allow to create website on complying their terms and conditions. My today’s article tries to the core factors to creating website via most popular blogging software WordPress.
English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Maximum internet savvy users have said that WordPress is the most popular Content Management system (CMS).  I am sure, countless CMS’ are available online, ranging from open-source to paid version and you’ll hear evangelists on all sides swearing that their choice is the best for newbie to internet savvy. More interestingly, Drupal, Joomla or any other CMS doesn’t hold a candle to WordPress for its ease of use, security and reliability for users. Here is the full check out list of 15+ Steps to Creating Perfect Website with WordPress Instantly.

15+ Steps To Creating Perfect Website With WordPress

1. Select and buy a Domain:-

Domain is the indication mark pattern of any website or blog as without a domain, no body will find your website. So, you have to register a domain from any registrant. Normally TLD (top level domain such .com, .org, .net, .info etc) is better for any business or target orientation. There are other domains are country level (.in,, .ca, .my .us etc). Normally domains are worked either naked [] or with WWW [] but both version are valid. There are four key elements to a domain: top-level domain, root domain, subdomain and subfolder.

2. Select and Buy Hosting Package:-

It is needed to buy a hosting package from reliable hosting company which will store your files and data on their server. Hosting service expert says that you might be bought hosting service from trust worthy provider because hosting service may empower your creativity via speedy loading and other factors. In the procedure of buying hosting servic , keep in mind that Does the host support WordPress, How many domains can you host, How much bandwidth and storage are you allocated, What up-time percentage are you guaranteed, How long has the company been in business, Does it have positive reviews by users, What kind of support does it offer, How much is the package you need, Are upgrades available if required, Are there any additional costs , Is there a trial period and a few more conditions. If you get reply of these queries yes then obviously you can buy their hosting service.  Hostgator, Bluehost,ipage are a few trust worthy name from the industry.

3. Configure Name servers (DNS):-

After purchasing hosting package you have to add the domain name and they will provide name server for your website. But the domain is come with your hosting package, and then this step is not required. Name server will look like and, now login your registrant account and go to manage domain button and click on change DNS. Now you have to put the name server previously got from hosting provider.  If you failed to locate where to change the name servers, then do not hesitate to contact your domain registrar via ticket system or phone system. They will surely help you in this matter.

4. Instant WordPress Upload:-

Maximum hosting service provider offers instant WordPress upload option, so you have to no worry to upload WordPress from your Control Panel. Simply check Software button and follow with WordPress installation step by step. If there is no such option to upload WordPress then simply download WordPress from WordPress.Org and unzip the latest version of WordPress, and then upload it to your hosting account using FTP. To upload files using FTP, you must first download and install an FTP client program, such as FileZilla (the one I use). FileZilla will ask for your FTP credentials (host name, user name and password).
Logotype of FileZilla, the free FTP solutionLogotype of FileZilla, the free FTP solution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Your host will already have given you these with welcome message. Once you have connected to your server via FTP, you will be presented with a list of folders. Search for one named public_html or the name of your domain.

5. Creating Perfect Database:-

Database is the markup codes where all your WordPress data is stored along with content and customization. Each time a page loads, WordPress queries the database for all of the required information, such as title, content, categories, tags and published date. Using your host’s control panel, create a database and a database user name and password for WordPress to connect with your website. However, if you fail to do so then must contact your hosting provider and they will assist in the process.

6. Customize wp-config-sample.php

After completing setup the data base with its user name and password, it’s time to use the FTP client to edit the wp-config-sample.php file.
First, rename the file to wp-config.php (i.e. remove sample). Then, using a text editor, open the file.
/** The name of the database for WordPress */

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’);

/** MySQL database username */

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’);

/** MySQL database password */

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’);
Find these lines, and replace the placeholders with your credentials. Then save your edited file to the server.

7. Installation of WordPress:-

When you tries to install WordPress in your database then WordPress will request some basic information to complete the installation and create your account. The process is short and self-explanatory. Once you have submitted this information, you will be able to log into the admin panel at You will also receive a confirmation email in your registered mail inbox.

8. Select Perfect Theme or Skin:-

WordPress theme or skin is the design foundation for your website.  There are thousands of free and paid themes are available in Word Wide Web but you can create custom theme via yourself or outsource some one for this customization. Keep in mind some factors in theme selection process such as Great design, Valid HTML and CSS, Rock-solid code, Strong readability, Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, Compatibility with the most popular plugins, Extensive support and documentation. So with the space being so competitive, all reputable theme providers will offer these features as standard.

9. Customize Basics With Plugins:-

After the installation of updated version of WordPress, it needs to poickup some essential customization on theme which can give more professional look of your website. A few major customizations on theme and basic of WordPress are Activate Akismet with  generated API key. If you don’t plan to allow comments on your articles, this step isn’t required. If you don’t want to allow comments, navigate to Settings → Discussion, and uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles, configure permalinks (Settings → Permalinks), Add Gravatar, add a few needed plugins and etc.

10. Secure WordPress

WordPress is relatively more secure than any other software but honestly no website is 100% secure as long as it is online. So, simply keep your WordPress updated and install trusted security plugin from Admin panel.  Many WordPress users leave the database table’s prefix as the default, wp_, allowing malicious hackers to search for that specifically in their exploits. By changing the prefix to something unique, you make the database less vulnerable.The WP Security Scan plugin does some of these things automatically and can assist you with completing the others. It is better, don’t allow any user to enter your Admin Panel.

11. Create needed Pages:-

There is a default page (sample page) where you can create pages as much as you need. Normally Home page is created default but other pages have to create as needed. But keep in mind that About Us page, Privacy policy page and Contact Us page are most essential for any website. Other pages are optional as your choice.

12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-

The SEO (Search engine optimization) is essential to ensuring that your copy draws as much targeted traffic as possible. Some WordPress themes have in-built seo functionality if there no such functionality then you can install a plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast which is labeled as best in the industry. Main things in seo you have to do are Generation of XML site map, Site-wide and post-level control of meta data, Control of noindex and nofollow, verification of Webmaster Tools such Google, Bing and Alexa.

13. Setup Monitoring Analytics:-

Monitoring your website via analytics will give insight data of visitors and track them. It will help to get information on the factors such as how they landed on your website, how long they stayed, how many pages they viewed and which pages they viewed. There are lots of such tools available online but Google Analytics may be the best. Simply signup Google Analytics account and verify your site by putting meta data providing by Google

14. Keep Updated Back Up:-

Backing up is undoubtedly the most important thing have to do for website owner.  Your contents and other data will be missed handled or crashed for any reason, so it needs to take backup for your data. There are a lot of free and paid services available for backup such as Google Drive, MNS skydrive, VaultPress, BackupBuddy, WP-DB-Backup and many more. Just choose any one of them and take backup of your site.

15. Set Up Caching Tactic:-

When browser site request comes then every time a page is loaded by a user, WordPress processes that page on your server which is so long process and covers large amount of space, so you can cache your data via plugin such as W3 Total Cache plugin like many more but keep in mind you can use only one cache at a time.

Author’s View:-

This is the basic points to setup a WordPress website. I think, it has been listed all major factors related to WordPress website, even I hav missed some thing then must comment bellow for future updates. If you get any problem in setup process then contact me via Contact Us page.
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Scam or Legit Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

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I had joined a Freelancing website 3 years ago but never tested the site, how the site works? The site was launched on 6th October, 2011 and my account may be among first 100 users. After 3 years one of my Virtual Assistant has asked me to register myself to the site and has ask me to write a review about the freelancer’s market place. So, today I have started to collect some deep digging data about the freelancing website. I have started to use the website as a buyer. The freelancing website is SEOclerks, market place for buyers and sellers. My article tries to cover all the features, advantage and disadvantages about SEOclerk.

Scam or Legit Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

 Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerksReview of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

What Is SEOClerks?

SEOclerk was started in 20111 but the ownership went Ionicware Inc where Dillon Brooks is the man behind this project. As they officially announces that is providing a secure and safe online environment for internet freelancers to earn a stable income from their hard work. As per record is available in World Wide Web says that we became the largest dedicated SEO Marketplace on the planet.  It is confirmed by the Ionicware Inc. So, it can easily say that SEOClerks is a giant SEO Marketplace for freelancer where any one can openly buys and/or sells own services or product related to SEO or website or Internet.
Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

How does a buyer think about SEOclerk:-

I have already said that I am starting to use the site as a buyer, so what are the things a buyer can get from the site.
1. Category wise market place
2. Search features with customization
3. Energetic and real time help forum
4. Instant support from administrator(s)
5. Easy pay button (Paypal, Payza,etc) along –wallet facilities
6. 80% instant refund policy
7. Rating system for buyer for service provider
8. Allows sending mails to all followers
9. Direct contact with seller
10. Reject any delivered and get refund with in 10 days.
There are many more facilities available for buyers in seoclerk which can give more success for marketers and entrepreneurs as it is cheaper than any other similar service provider. Another great feature is the safety of rejection of orders and mutually gets refund automatically without hampering both parties reputation.

 How a seller thinks about SEOclerk:-

I have talked with 20+ freelancers, those are working with seoclerk since last 2 years and they have earned lots of money from the site. What is their finding as seller in seoclerk-
1. Easy to list any service (no need to approve from moderator)
2. Gigs are indexed in search engine with in 5 minutes
3. Small to smaller gigs can list (minimum $5 for level 1 but other levels can post less than $1)
4. Instant notification (email) for order booking
5. Direct delivery option to the buyers
6. Rating system from buyers
7. Buyers recommendation from buyers
8. Minimum payout $10 via Paypal (level1) and $5(level2 and above) with out charge single penny.
9. Affiliate program for sellers (own or others gig can promote out side of the site)
10. Free offers for buyers and seller [Free money or coupon code)
 Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerksReview of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks
There are many other great features also available and I am sure any one can earn huge income from this site with out any bondage. There support team is really real time and helpful. They also allow to list gigs like download and subscription.

Impartial mention of Disadvantage:-

Every thing is not perfect in this world, so there are a few disadvantages also seen on seoclerk. Normally, maximum listed services are low quality, no moderation system allows spammers to post, Fake account detection facility, deduction in refunding of 20% on cancellation  merely high, it takes 10 days to validate to withdrawal of earning money and a few more such disadvantages.

Final thoughts of reviewer:-

Before buying any thing from any seller must check his / her reputation on the site or recommendation from others. You will get bad result or experience if you select bad services or people for your works. On the other hand seller must list only real and possible gigs which really attract more buyers with out any hard promotion. Level system and rating system are really helpful to buyers and sellers too. Honestly offers and free coupon system can safe a few bucks and getting more users, eg: Get $2 for Free, Free $5 coupon etc . Over all, I am satisfied with their services. They never suspend or ban any member without prior notices for violation of their term condition, so SEOclerks is not a scam or fraud site for freelancers.
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