10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs

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Creating a website or blog is not a big deal for now these days because it can be make free of cost or very little paid. But critical success factors are known by a few bloggers and website owners. It is true that every person’s visual tastes are different with their own various target orientation such as geo region, occupation etc. There is large number of evergreen principles; those have to follow to get success of a website or blog. I have told these factors in various articles previously but this post is specially written for deep concern about success secrets of blog or website which are really universal and evergreen.
10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs 10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs
Normally, we can say that traffic is the fuel of any successful blog or website. So, visitors are already become more matured and customized and they want full satisfaction on their target orientation or exception of information. Falling of the reputation on the base of satisfaction can dramatically increase the effectiveness of targeted website or blog. I have listed some critical success factors here-

10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs

10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs 10+ Evergreen Secrets of Popular Websites and Blogs

1. Real Time Quality Content:-

Content is always played great roles in success paths of any website either blog or portal. Normally people visit only targeted website to get proper information as their needs. Real time and quality content brings targeted traffic because vital role of search engine surely impact on worth reading. Good content creation is really time consuming but it adequate all the pains by bringing lost of traffic and it gives top ranking in SERPs.

2. Normal Usability:-

There are lots of failed websites , those had good contents along with other facilities but those site has no clear usability as user were in puzzle when they were wanted to use those sites. So, it needs to clarify the process, how to use the targeted website and where from it needs to start. Successful blogs or websites carry some tests (beta version) to get feedback from targeted audiences such it can be lunched with full satisfaction of audiences.

3. Easy Accessibility:-

There several ways are used by the people to access internet and the number of connections, browsers, devices are increasing day by day. So, it is need to confirm that the targeted website must comply with multi connections, multi browsers and multi devices any time and any where with out interruption. Successful websites always follow this secret rule.

4. Well Furnished Strategy:-

There are several strategies have taken under consideration for success of any website such content strategy, seo strategy, marketing strategy and many more. Successful website have pre planned all strategies before launching the website or blog. These strategies give full satisfaction of ROI (Return of investment).

5. Attractive Design:-

User Interface (UI) always affects on users because first impression is the best impression, so bloggers or website owners want to have the best looking site. If targeted owner is not designing expert then must hire some one who can do it with desirable manners. But it must keep in mind that successful website really looks fine easy and simple with the preference of target orientation on the basis of geo location, age bar, gender bar etc.

6. Pure Publicize and Marketing Strategy:-

Publicity and marketing are two pillars of successful websites. Expert says that simply having a website is no longer enough for success in online world such it needs to reach towards the targeted audience. There are only two simple ways to reach targeted audience such publicity and marketing. Social media websites are hot bed of publicity on the other various book marking and directories are the places of marketing (article).

 7. Loyalty to Readers Wishes:-

Loyalty factor plays vital roles in returning visitors but how it possible? Online community formation is the main tool to get returning visitors. Normally, website offers commenting system along with social media profiles, so visitors can submit their wishes or views on the spot or social media. Website owner or blogger has to give importance on their view or reply their queries and question regarding to the niche or any topic.

8. Continuous Updates:-

Regular update is another most important factor to get success with any website. Normally users want fresh and real time data about their search or asking. So, regular updates on targeted website make more efficient presence on the continuing trend towards social media and other publicizing platforms. It is also a proof of fresh and real time contents.

9. About us and Contact us pages:-

Reliability and trust worthy ness have great impact on visitors, so maximum successful website owners and bloggers provide ABOU US or Profile page and CONTACT US page. Such visitors can easily determine about the owner(s) and can contact them with out any puzzle for any issue or advice.

10. Monitoring with Proper Analytics:-

Monitoring is the measuring tool for any business either successful or failed. Successful blogs or websites have been installed various monitoring software for analysis the complete strategies. There are large number of free and premium tools are available online, such those give useful feedback for future plans or strategies. My recommendations are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing-Yahoo Webmaster Tools etc. These Tools will say specific factors with particular period.

Final view of the Author:-

My 12 years of online longevity has given lots of up down along with success and failure. These are observed on my manual execution and dedication. If I have missed a secret points on success of website then don’t miss to write a few lines for future updates.
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