Internet Companies target Orientation and Green Movement

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Internet giants’ brands are much more vulnerable to attack from the environmental movement than other industries. That explains in part why many of them pursue green technologies.
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Internet Companies target Orientation and Green Movement

The internet giants may be on the forefront of green innovation compared to behemoths in other industries like manufacturing. But what’s their motivation? GigaOM’s Katie Fehrenbacher put that question to execs from Facebook and Switch on Thursday at Structure: Europe in London.

Switch EVP of data center technology Mark Thiele said that while public perception isn’t the internet giants’ entire motivation, protecting their brands is a big factor, especially because they’re so vulnerable to criticisms from Greenpeace and other environmental groups.
“The perception is that the work that Yahoo, Google and Facebook do on a daily basis isn’t work that keeps airplanes in the air or keeps your car running or keeps food on the table,” Thiele said. “By attacking any one of them they get noticed by a billion people. It’s not necessarily a negative thing but that’s just the reality.”
Facebook European data center operations manager Niall McEntegart also pointed out that internet companies have also cultivated those green expectations because of the way their businesses scale. Like most small businesses, internet startups aren’t focused on sustainability and energy efficiency when they launch. But as they grow larger they naturally gravitate toward cloud computing and data centers, which are not only economically more efficient, but more power efficient, McEntegart said.
Data source: Gigaom
The global green movement places very little value on the modern industrial society that has produced huge improvements in economic prosperity, health care, human rights, education and standards of living. In fact, the green movement hates and fears western-style capitalism. To them, the loss of industrial civilisation is of no great consequence. In fact, it is one of the top priorities of the Global Green Agenda.
The green movement has been obsessed with capitalism, especially evil multi-national corporations, since its birth in the 1960s. Long before the advent of ‘global warming’, the primary objective of the movement was, and always has been, simply the destruction of energy production. They know that the life blood of the industrial society is energy, especially fossil fuels, and a significant reduction in energy availability will deal a fatal blow to Gaia’s greatest threat – modern human society. Primitive societies are admired for being sustainable and living in harmony with Gaia. Western capitalist nations are reviled as “destroyers of the earth” which must be subdued. They make no attempt to conceal this agenda
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