Scam or Legit Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

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I had joined a Freelancing website 3 years ago but never tested the site, how the site works? The site was launched on 6th October, 2011 and my account may be among first 100 users. After 3 years one of my Virtual Assistant has asked me to register myself to the site and has ask me to write a review about the freelancer’s market place. So, today I have started to collect some deep digging data about the freelancing website. I have started to use the website as a buyer. The freelancing website is SEOclerks, market place for buyers and sellers. My article tries to cover all the features, advantage and disadvantages about SEOclerk.

Scam or Legit Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

 Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerksReview of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

What Is SEOClerks?

SEOclerk was started in 20111 but the ownership went Ionicware Inc where Dillon Brooks is the man behind this project. As they officially announces that is providing a secure and safe online environment for internet freelancers to earn a stable income from their hard work. As per record is available in World Wide Web says that we became the largest dedicated SEO Marketplace on the planet.  It is confirmed by the Ionicware Inc. So, it can easily say that SEOClerks is a giant SEO Marketplace for freelancer where any one can openly buys and/or sells own services or product related to SEO or website or Internet.
Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks

How does a buyer think about SEOclerk:-

I have already said that I am starting to use the site as a buyer, so what are the things a buyer can get from the site.
1. Category wise market place
2. Search features with customization
3. Energetic and real time help forum
4. Instant support from administrator(s)
5. Easy pay button (Paypal, Payza,etc) along –wallet facilities
6. 80% instant refund policy
7. Rating system for buyer for service provider
8. Allows sending mails to all followers
9. Direct contact with seller
10. Reject any delivered and get refund with in 10 days.
There are many more facilities available for buyers in seoclerk which can give more success for marketers and entrepreneurs as it is cheaper than any other similar service provider. Another great feature is the safety of rejection of orders and mutually gets refund automatically without hampering both parties reputation.

 How a seller thinks about SEOclerk:-

I have talked with 20+ freelancers, those are working with seoclerk since last 2 years and they have earned lots of money from the site. What is their finding as seller in seoclerk-
1. Easy to list any service (no need to approve from moderator)
2. Gigs are indexed in search engine with in 5 minutes
3. Small to smaller gigs can list (minimum $5 for level 1 but other levels can post less than $1)
4. Instant notification (email) for order booking
5. Direct delivery option to the buyers
6. Rating system from buyers
7. Buyers recommendation from buyers
8. Minimum payout $10 via Paypal (level1) and $5(level2 and above) with out charge single penny.
9. Affiliate program for sellers (own or others gig can promote out side of the site)
10. Free offers for buyers and seller [Free money or coupon code)
 Review of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerksReview of Freelancers Heaven SEOClerks
There are many other great features also available and I am sure any one can earn huge income from this site with out any bondage. There support team is really real time and helpful. They also allow to list gigs like download and subscription.

Impartial mention of Disadvantage:-

Every thing is not perfect in this world, so there are a few disadvantages also seen on seoclerk. Normally, maximum listed services are low quality, no moderation system allows spammers to post, Fake account detection facility, deduction in refunding of 20% on cancellation  merely high, it takes 10 days to validate to withdrawal of earning money and a few more such disadvantages.

Final thoughts of reviewer:-

Before buying any thing from any seller must check his / her reputation on the site or recommendation from others. You will get bad result or experience if you select bad services or people for your works. On the other hand seller must list only real and possible gigs which really attract more buyers with out any hard promotion. Level system and rating system are really helpful to buyers and sellers too. Honestly offers and free coupon system can safe a few bucks and getting more users, eg: Get $2 for Free, Free $5 coupon etc . Over all, I am satisfied with their services. They never suspend or ban any member without prior notices for violation of their term condition, so SEOclerks is not a scam or fraud site for freelancers.
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