Top Keywords Mantras for Successful Digital Marketing Company

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Digital Marketing is an alternative terms for online marketing. Experts in the virtual world have already expressed that there is no difference between online marketing and digital marketing but a few experts also make a few difference between both type marketing as they have said that digital marketing bears of virtual products but online marketing carries virtual and physical products.
Top Keywords Mantras for Successful Digital Marketing CompanyTop Keywords Mantras for Successful Digital Marketing Company
After all we can say that the digital marketing is form of online marketing which is embracing multiple aspects of an online marketing strategy.

A. Purpose of Digital Marketing Company:-

Business and marketing has been redirected to online presence either physical or digital products because World Wide Web has become common household name around the globe. Normally customers and clients check their needs online either physical products or digital products. More interestingly online marketing depends on website where visibility is the main factor for success story to any business.  There are millions of digital marketing companies are operating their business around the globe but only a few thousands get success with their cost effectiveness for their Brand identity.

B. Products of Digital marketing Company:-

Digital marketing company mainly offers two type products such digital services and digital products (software) and takes care to customers’/ clients’ intension on their products. Intersection of marketing and technology are their fields where researches are done and provide best result on the facets of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Social Media Optimization. Software development and Application development and marketing are other virtual product management services for a digital marketing company as they are using creative and innovative methods that build brand awareness and recognition among their respective filed of operation.

As Internet technology evolved, the digital marketing company focuses the authentic concern of promoting their products to gain clients or customers. Their service and products cover the online reputation of services, utilizing creativity of team, innovation and technology to meet up to date with specific goals either own or any client’s. Target orientation of specific goal for any project either their own or client provided with challenging environment of the market.

C. Working Methods of Digital Marketing Company:-

Content is another important factor of the success for digital marketing company. But how they create the success story of digital marketing? There is no doubt, maximum e-entrepreneurs are over smart and multi talented and they are vital technological resource for any company on any topic or niche either big or small. Expertness of topic gives them success with satisfaction clients. Every thing is done for the end result of traffic or visitors to the targeted website. But getting unique and organic traffic is a big question for a digital company, so they research on some critical factors on traffic gaining methods. The only and reliable targeted traffic gaining method is keyword research and create informative content on the based of researched keywords. There are thousands of tools are available to choose keywords those are related to their company or business. Here is a list of keywords for digital marketing company. Check out –

Top Keywords Mantras for Successful Digital Marketing Company

1. Online marketing
2. Small business marketing
3. Digital marketing help
4. Digital marketing
5. Marketing for small business
6. Small business marketing help
7.Virtual product marketing
8. Small business online marketing
9. Online marketing help
10. Digital marketing help for small business
11. Search marketing
12. Social media marketing
13. Marketing small business online
15. Search engine marketing
16. Using digital marketing for business
17. Using digital marketing
18. Digital marketing small business
19. Marketing online
20. Marketing small business
21. Search engine marketing help
22. Digital marketing for small business
23. Small Business Online Marketing Companies
24. Best online marketing US
25. Top Digital Marketing US
26. Reputation on digital marketing
27. Complete web Management Company
28. Social media profile Management Company
29. Web Traffic and Conversion Summit
30. Instant marketing research company
Top Keywords Mantras for Successful Digital Marketing CompanyTop Keywords Mantras for Successful Digital Marketing Company
And a few more highly searched keywords give them proper expose in search engine as well as social media networks. So, Digital marketing companies’ hidden secrets are only keywords.

Final words from Author:-

I had seen these type strategies when I was studying in Madurai Kamraj University for my MBA final year project on e-marketing and advertising. Previously I have served a well known company [Tata Motors Limited] and leaded their online marketing research and surveys for digital campaigns where traffic, ads and interaction were observed. The survey was echoed the same tactic for Digital marketing company as I have mentioned above. However, if I have missed any points for digital marketing company, then must put few words in comment box.
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Common Factors of Bandwidth are explained by Experts

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Bandwidth is one of the advanced factor for webmasters, bloggers, entrepreneurs and website owners which is directly related with web hosting service. So, we have to understand web hosting before understanding bandwidth. Web hosting is the store of World Wide Web. Web hosting services are providing by data centers those are directly connected with World Wide Web via satellite. Normally, data center are kept under supervision of local administration of their physical status or land law of their location. Data centers are setup by individual(s) or Government undertaking and they offer lease or rental to other customers their spaces (hard drive). Common website owner takes spaces rental from any such space providers as his/her desire and need. There are various type of web hosting services are available in world wide web but most popular type is share hosting service for common/normal users. Other web hosting types are dedicated server, cloud server, VPN server, and many more with a little differ terms and conditions but maximum terms and conditions are similar to each other hosting service providers.

Common Factors of Bandwidth are explained by Experts

Multiple racks of serversMultiple racks of servers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Now we come to the main point of discussion about bandwidth of web hosting service as maximum hosting service providers offer a variety of bandwidth options with their hosting plans. If we want to say about bandwidth in short description, then it will be said that bandwidth is the amount of web traffic (audience) which is allowed to occur between hosted web site and the rest of the internet using amount. As the amount of bandwidth a hosting providing company can provide with their network connections ability and allocated space transmission from authority. Bandwidth allocation also depends on provider’s internal data center and external allocation to public internet service.

World Wide Web Network Connectivity:-

Normally the internet says that a group of millions of computers connected by networks around the globe or else where in the universe. This connection is done by cabling and wi-fi system via modern invention of satellites.  However, cabling and other related equipments determine the availability of bandwidth of any hosting providers. Such as we can say the availability of services 2G, 3G, 4G etc which means the data transferring capability. Here one thing is clear that hosting provider’s have multiple connections and their heavy load aggregate with their dedicated connection to the internet. Normally, they have enough bandwidth to serve their clients and customers.

Web Traffic and Bandwidth:-

Web traffic and bandwidth can be understood with simple analogical term highways and cars. So, it can be said that number of lanes of highways can reduce traffic jam of the road or less cars can travel speedy with out any trouble. Similarly rush hours get more cars on road and automatically traffic jam occurs. Hence, we can say that data transferring bits depends on users load and availability of connection provider’s allocation of aggregate bits.

Web Hosting Server Bandwidth:-

We have already mentioned that Web hosting is store house of data which is connected with World Wide Web. These data are locate with particular URL (universal resource locator), when any internet user inputs that URL on browser query then it will comes to the user’s location computer screen. Number of browser side query and server side response addition (average) is the grand bandwidth of any particular website or web hosting service. Normally, a web page may be very small or large on depending upon the continuing files, text, image videos etc and the amount of total spaces and loading queries control by the bandwidth.

Depending Factors of Bandwidth:-

Bandwidth depends on the amount of stored data and the amount of queries from browsers side. Honestly, bandwidth originally determines by the hosting provider and hosting provider allocates a significant amount of bandwidth for a particular hosting plan.  However, maximum hosting plans have bandwidth requirements and it is measured in each month via stored data and browser side queries along with server responses.

Easy Bandwidth calculation Methods:-

In my view, it is better to calculate bandwidth monthly basis but calculating methods are not straightforward but I can try them short for our readers. Just check out -
1. Daily Visitors (average.) x Page Views (average.) x Page Size (average) x 31 x Fudge Factor (instant)
But this calculation will be wrong if there is file download services available for audience. So it needs bellow method to calculate bandwidth.
2. {Daily Visitors (average.) x Page Views (average.) x Page Size (average) x 31 x Fudge Factor (instant)} + {Daily File Downloads (average) x File Size (average) x 31 x Fudge Factor (instant)}
Normally, these 2 methods cover all the websites and blogs which are running on World Wide Web. However, Hosting service providers offer bandwidth with the measurement of Gigabytes (GB) per month for each and every website or hosting account.

Finally worthless words from author:-

My 12 years of online presence says that normal business (small or middle) business website doesn’t need more than 2 GB bandwidth per month. But heavy websites and blogs need huge amounts of bandwidth to control them.  I had seen this type heavy traffic load on server when I was working in Tata Motors Limited. It is better to calculate business target orientation and then buy any hosting plan with the consideration of allowed bandwidth.
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Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free

Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free, URL submission is one of the most important factor of search engine optimization. SEO experts suggest to add URLs in search engines as it brings organic traffic to any website or blog. As it is known to all that traffic/visitor is the fuel of any website or blog.  With out traffic, no website or blog can continue its journey as how much well designed and informative the website is! That is not a factor. We have done lots of experiments on adding URLs in major search engines and creating backlinks from authority websites. Today, I am going to disclose hidden secret methods of getting 25000 backlinks and URLs submission from authority websites and search engines.

Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for FreeInstant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free
Normally, bloggers, webmasters and entrepreneurs are in a hurry to get start promoting own website or blog but they have very little time to create backlinks. So, here are a few methods can fulfill their dsires of getting instant backlinks from authority websites and search engines.

Automated 12000 Backlink creation:-

I am not in guarantee that these 120000 are quality backlinks but when it comes for free then there will be no problem to gain these.
1.  [5000 backlinks]
2. [500+ backlinks]
3.  Auto backlink Generator:  [2300+ backlinks]
4. IM Talk:  [2500 backlinks]
5. – [300+ backlinks]
6.    [320+ backlinks]
7. –. [100+ backlinks]
8. – [500+ backlinks]
9. – [500+ backlinks]
10. – [1000+ backlinks]

Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free

1. Manually created Backlinks:-

Hand-made Links are really useful and legit which are loved by major search engines. This method is heavily time consuming process. Entrepreneurs and Website owners normally pains in this process. If you are you are one of them who feels pain to create manual links from authority websites, then you can offer your link building strategy to any well reputed firm or individual.

Honestly, I have a team of well trained individuals those can manage your manual link building strategy with high quality backlinks towards your website or blog. [Hire our team at socialhawkars]

2. Commenting Interaction link building:-

Commenting interaction is another form of manual backlinking method which is highly organic process. Normally, it is needed to search some authority website with similar or same niche website or blog those allows to post comments on their articles. In this method, commenting process must be unique and informative other wise posted comment will never approve or deleted for spamming. It consume lots of time as it needs to read full article or webpage before commenting on the article. If you have little time to do commenting on other websites, then my well trained team will do it as your desire number of comments on desire niche websites and blogs.

3. Social Media Profiles links and sharing links:

Social media websites are playing leading role in society around the globe. There are millions of social media networking websites in World Wide Web. It is quite impossible to know all the social media websites by common users, so it needs to find out them and create profiles on them and become a little more active on them. Active ness means that it needs to share your desire links and announcement on those social media websites. This method is also a time consuming, if you have very little time to complete this strategy then our fully professional team will do it for you but charge a few bucks for their manual service.

4. Auto URL submission and link creation:

It is not a surprised move for me by listing huge number of software services available online for free to add URLs in search engines because my 10+ years online presence has been played lots of hide & seek game with search engines and their algorithms. Here is a top search engine submission links of 25000 search engines which may be included your site automatically. Honestly, reliable and trust worthy search engines always seek email verification for each submission.

A. Huge list of automated free search engine submission for websites:

i. Instant 350 Search Engine Submissions – Link
ii. Instant 300 Search Engine and Web Directory Submission – Link
iii. Instant 170 Search Engine and Web Directory Submissions – Link
iv. Instant 150 Search Engine Submissions – Link
v. Instant 140 Search Engine Submissions – Link
vi. Instant 140 Search Engine and Web Directory Submission – Link
vii. Instant 130 Search Engine Submissions – Link
viii. Instant100 Search Engine and Web Directory Submission – Link
ix. Instant 50 Search Engine Submission – Link
x. Instant 40 Search Engine and Web Directory Submission – Link
xi. Instant 21 Search Engines and Web Directory Submission – Link
xii. Instant 20 Search Engine Submissions (at bottom of page) – Link
xiii. Instant 12 Search Engine Submissions – Link

B. Customized Individual free search engine URLs submission:-

i. Burf – Submission Page
ii. Exalead – Submission Page
iii. guruji – Submission Page
iv. Gigablast – Submission Page
v. Entireweb – Submission Page
vi. FyberSearch – Submission Page
vii. MixCat – Submission Page
viii. OneSeek – Submission Page
ix. WhatUseek – Submission Page
x. Scrub The Web – Submission Page
xi. Search Site – Submission Page
xii. Infotiger – Submission Page
xiii. SonicRun – Submission Page
xiv. Abacho – Submission Page
xv. – Submission Page
xvi. Amfibi – Submission Page
xvii. Homerweb – Submission Page
xviii. JGDO – Submission Page
xix. Myahint – Submission Page
xx. Walhello – Submission Page

C. Manually verified URL submission:-

1. Big Finder – Submission Page
2. Search Hippo (requires free registration) – Submission Page
3. Web Squash – Submission Page
4. W8 Search – Submission Page
5. Tower Search (requires registration) – Submission Page
6. Baidu (in Chinese, but pretty easy to figure out) – Submission Page
7. Google – Submission Page
8. Yahoo – (reguires free registration) – Submission Page
9. Search-O-Rama – Submission Page
10. Igwanna – Submission Page
11. Cipinet – Submission Page
12. Navisso – Submission Page
13. AxxaSearch – Submission Page
14. Dino Search (for kids sites only) – Submission Page
15. Boitho – Submission Page
16. Gheto Search – Submission Page
17. Intel Seek – Submission Page
18. Search Ramp – Site Submission
19. Ultimate Web Search – Site Submission
20. Find Once – Submission Page
21. Net Search – Submission Page
22. Susy Search – Submission Page
23. iASK – Submission Page
24. – Submission Page
25. Famhoo (family friendly search) – Submission Page
26. ExactSeek (requires registration) – Submission Page
27. AcrossCan (Canadian sites only) – Submission Page
28. Megaglobe – Submission Page
29. AnooX – Submission Page
30. Alexa – Submission Page
31. Aesop – Submission Page
32. Shoula! Search – Submission Page
33. NetSearch – Submission Page
34. SearchIt – Submission Page
35. Biveroo – (in German) Submission Page
36. Official Search – Submission Page
37. Iconnic – Submission Page
38. Coolfishy – Submission Page
39. CorrectSearch (requires registration) – Submission Page
40. Enter UK (UK sites only) – Submission Page
41. seeknet – Submission Page
42. hakia (requires registration) – Submission Page
43. gogo – (Russian site) – Submission Page
44. 43N39E – Submission Page
45. Antya (click on Submit URL) – Submission Page
46. VROOSH! (requires reciprocal link) – Submission Page
47. Claymont Search – Submission Page
48. Really Big Search (requires registration) – Submission Page
49. Search Engine XXX (not adult – requires registration) – Submission Page
50. shazee (requires registration) – Submission Page

D. Automated manual submission:-

1. amidalla – Submit Page
2. (requires registration) – Submit Page
3. Stopdog – Submission Page
5. eXactBot – Submission Page
6. – Submission Page
7. – Submission Page
8. eBingBong – Submission Page
9. Jungle Spider (German Sites Only) – Submission Page
10. NIGMA.RU (Russian) – Submission Page
11. Swoogle – Submission Page
12. Knoole – Submission Page
13. XavierSeek – Submission Page
14. Lexxe – Submission Page
15. Xoole – Submission Page
16. eTracking (have to click on ‘Add URL’) – Submission Page
17. Zoohoo (Slovakia)- Submission Page
18. Foovey Search (requires registration) – Submission Page
19. Cavarzano (Italian) – Submission Page
20. Yandex (Russian) – Submission Page
21.Yoozila – Submission Page

E. Single Submission carries to all engines: -

Most probably these are from same network, so a single url submission shares data with all of them.
1.Web Portal Guide – Submission Page
2. Search Blast – Submission Page
3. The Seek Portal – Submission Page
4. Find That Website – Submission Page
5. Search It Guide – Submission Page
6. Find Similar Pages – Submission Page
7. Smart Search Guide – Submission Page
8. Klik Point – Submission Page
9. Hi Seek – Submission Page
10. Hot Site Search – Submission Page
11. More Web Search – Submission Page
12. Peak Search – Submission Page
13. Prime Search Results – Submission Page
14. Search Box – Submission Page
15. Ifernatix Solutions – Submission Page
16. The Original Search Engine – Submission Page
17. amele – Submission Page
18. AZ to ZA – Submission Page
18. Dr. Search – Submission Page
19. Help You Search – Submission Page
20. My Search Pilot – Submission Page
21. Therbo Search – Submission Page
22. Search Engine Tool – Submission Page
23. Your Reply – Submission Page
24. Mouse Click – Submission Page
25. Dash Launch – Submission Page
26. All Best Search – Submission Page
27. Better Internet Search – Submission Page
28. I Need Search – Submission Page
29. Local Search Engine – Submission Page
30. Ask the Search Guru – Submission Page
31. Searching Portal – Submission Page
32. Home Business Data Center – Submission Page
33. Go Find Here – Submission Page
34. Webmaster Tools – Submission Page
35. Sitefind – Submission Page
36. Gokoole – Submission Page
37. BruneiFM – Submission Page
38. AcuSearch – Submission Page
39. My Coco Land – Submission Page
40. All Can Seek – Submission Page
41. All U Search – Submission Page
42. All We Seek – Submission Page
43. And Search – Submission Page
44. AskSearch – Submission page
45. Beat Bop – Submission Page
46. Best City Search – Submission Page
47. Best Net Search – Submission Page
48. Big Splash – Submission Page
49. Computer Seek – Submission Page
50. DigiCrawl – Submission Page

F. Auto URL submission but hand-pick inclusion:-

1. Dot Search – Submission Page
2. Easy To Search – Submission Page
3. Final Search – Submission Page
4. Find This – Submission Page
5. Find Path – Submission Page
6. Find Your Search – Submission Page
7. FindZilla – Submission Page
8. Fitter Bitter – Submission Page
9. Search Network – Submission Page
10. Hip Flip – Submission Page
11. Hypno Search – Submission Page
12. Lightning Search – Submission Page
13. Meta Search Live – Submission Page
14. MicroSeek – Submission Page
15. Mota Crawler – Submission Page
16. One Search Nation – Submission Page
17. Querybit – Submission Page
18. Rapid Crawl – Submission Page
19. Refresh Line – Submission Page
20. Remote Search – Submission Page
21. Search Mind – Submission Page
22. Search Quick – Submission Page
23. Search Bell – Submission Page
24. Sly Seek – Submission Page
25. SparkleBerry – Submission Page
26. Surfer Search – Submission Page
27. Sweet Search – Submission Page
28. Teeter Totter – Submission Page
29. Text Billboards – Submission Page
30. Think Seek – Submission Page
31. Thunder Seek – Submission Page
32. World Seek – Submission Page
33. Wow Seek – Submission Page
34. Yuppy Search – Submission Page
35. Maddog’s Profiles – Submission Page
36. WaWiz – Submission Page
37. More Web Search – Submission Page
38. Find Portal – Submission Page
39. exopple – Submission Page
40. – Submission Page
41. DeepIndex (in French, but indexes English pages also) – Submission Page
42. SpongeLink (currently only US and UK sites) – Submission Page
43. ubExact – Submission Page
44. TROPICA (in German, but appears to accept English sites) – Submission Page
45. (Swiss, but offers multiple languages) – Submission Page
46. XOLA (Vietnamese, but appears to accept English sites) – Submission Page
47. Thorseek (UK only sites – URL must end in suffix ‘.uk’) – Submission Page
48. WEBoFANT (Swiss only sites – URL must end in suffix ‘.il’ or ‘.ch’) – Submission Page
49. Oriango – Submission Page
50. Find Once – Submission Page
51. Harmony Search (text mostly in Japanese) – Submission Page
52. WASALive! – Submission Page
53. Anopt (in Russian) – Submission Page
54. Rambler (in Russian) – Submission Page
55. META (Ukranian – requires registration) – Submission Page
56. Seznam (Czech) – Submission Page
57. (German) – Submission Page
58. fastbot (German) – Submission Page
59. Semager (German) – Submission Page
60. KOBALA (Dutch) – Submission Page
61. Super.Info – Submission Page
62. Zatka (only Indian sites) – Submission Page
63. Abraham Search – Submission Page
64. Insitor (German) – Submission Page
65. Pogodak! (Croatian) – Submission Page
66. 4-everY-1 – Submission Page
67. Searchers (UK) – Submission Page

G. Non English Search Engine submission (accept English too):-

1. onkosh (in Arabic) – Submission Page
2. Redzee – Submission Page
3. Majestic-12 – Submission Page
4. SearchWiz – Submission Page
5. Sagoon (requires registration) – Submission Page
6. (Chinese) – Submission Page
7. NetSprint (Polish) – Submission Page
8. Nepal Search (Nepal sites only) – Submission Page
9. YAAL.DE (German) – Submission Page
10. All Xplore – Submission Page
11. Mardox – Submission Page
12. AnazitisiS – Submission Page
13. Yasmos – Submission Page
14. – Submission Page
15. HopHunt – Submission Page
16. STSEEK – Submission Page
18. (French sites only) – Submission Page
19. Thagodz – Submission Page
20. ilse (Israeli) – Submission Page
21. (Canary Islands) – Submission Page
22. hengine – Submission Page
23. Watta Search – Submission Page
24. – Submission Page
25. Jabse (Bulgarian) – Submission Page
26. Liggs – Submission Page
27. IWannaSearch – Submission Page
28. Wirtualna Polska (Polish) – Submission Page
29. Szukacz (Polish Sites Only) – Submission Page
30. Portelo (Israel) – Submission Page
31. Active Search Results – Submission Page
32. (Turkish) – Submission Page
33. – Submission Page
34. Coyote Search – Submission Page
35. Spider Monkey – Submission Page
36. Logical Cities – Submission Page
38. ExploreWWW (requires registration) – Submission Page
39. Bing – Submission Page
40. Geona – Submission Page
41. LookClick – Submission Page
42. Secret Search Engine Labs – Submission Page
43. Gooru – Submission Page
44. Semager – Submission Page
45. Sujada! – Submission Page
46. Duck Duck Go – Submission Page
47. Search Sight – Submission Page
48. Ulysseek – Submission Page
49. Active Search Results(ASR) – Submission Page
50. Feedeep – Submission Page
51. UNAMOO – Submission Page
52. cruiser (Serbian) – Submission Page
53. – Submission Page
54. Secret Search Engine Labs – Submission Page
55. SoSo (China) – Submission Page
56. Information – Submission Page
57. Slider – Submission Page
58. U2Search – Submission Page
59. Uzoekt (Dutch) – Submission Page
60. Gocome – Submission Page
61. Ultimate Web Search – Submission Page
62. Secret Search Engine Labs – Submission Page

Final words from author:

There is no guarantee for quality backlinks for automated system but manually created backlinks and url submission works better than any other. I have already mentioned that our well trained team will look after your url submission and backlink strategy if you have a little time to spare with these process. Our team will look after all your submissions up to 3 months when ever it needs, it will be re created once again. However, it is better to do all the things by yourself but except experts only you have very little knowledge or little time to do.With virtual desktop hosting from CloudDesktopOnline , you can work on any device no matter where you are. For cloud related business software such as SharePoint, Office365, try Apps4Rent .
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111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging

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111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging ! Normally we hear the term IQ among the intellectuals as well as common men too but only a few of us knows the real factor of IQ and measurement strategies of IQ. According to Oxford dictionary, IQ stands for intelligence quotient which is derived from German word Intelligenz-Quotient and coined by philosopher William Stern. There are several method of measuring IQ score available in modern world but normally it is measured by wide variety of methods such viral, visual, mental and many more.
111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging 111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging
Normally intellectuals accept IQ’s such a standards and rough of various IQ score ranges. Hence, modern tests give more reliability on IQ scores. But large numbers of experts suggest that other important elements contribute to intelligence, including social and emotional factors for their IQ scores.115 to 129 leads above average; bright, 130 to 144 leads moderately gifted, 145 to 159 leads highly gifted, 160 to 179 leads exceptionally gifted and 180 and up leads profoundly gifted.
IQ provides the intelligent parameter of any person including ability of targeted person. Raymond Cattell theory was most popular IQ measuring tools in past before introducing modern theory likes Raven’s Progressive Matrices,  Wechsler Adult Intelligence ScaleWechsler Intelligence Scale for ChildrenStanford-BinetWoodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities, and Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children. We have done a wide range research on IQ and find out 111 all time top ranked IQ personalities of human civilization.

111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities

This list carries the top names in order such way-
Name (First/Last) – Profession- Country- IQ score
1.         Abraham Lincoln-President-USA-128
2.         Adolf Hitler-Nazi leader-Germany-141
3.         Al Gore-Politician-USA-134
4.         Albert Einstein-Physicist-USA-160
5.         Albrecht von Haller-Medical scientist-Switzerland-190
6.         Alexander Pope-Poet & writer-England-180
7.         Sir Andrew J. Wiles-Mathematician-England-170
8.         Andrew Jackson-President-USA-123
9.         Andy Warhol-Pop artist-USA-86
10.       Anthonis van Dyck-Painter-Dutch-155
11.       Antoine Arnauld-Theologian-France-190
12.       Arne Beurling-Mathematician-Sweden-180
13.       Arnold Schwarzenegger-Actor/politician-Austrian-135
14.       Baruch Spinoza-Philosophe-rHolland-175
15.       Benjamin Franklin-Writer, scientist & politician-USA-160
16.       Benjamin Netanyahu-Israeli Prime Minister-Israel-180
17.       Bill Gates-CEO, Microsoft-USA-160
18.       Bill (William) Jefferson Clinton-President-USA-137
19.       Blaise Pascal-Mathematician & religious philosopher-France-195
20.       Bobby Fischer-Chess player-USA-187
21.       Buonarroti Michelangelo-Artist, poet & architectItaly-180
22.       Carl von Linn-Botanist-Sweden-165
23.       Charles Darwin-Naturalist-England-165
24.       Charles Dickens-Writer-England-180
25.       Christopher Michael Langan-Bouncer & scientist & philosopher-USA-195
26.       Sir Clive Sinclair-Inventor-England-159
27.       David Hume-Philosopher & politician-Scotland-180
28.       Dr David Livingstone-Explorer & doctor-Scotland-170
29.       Donald Byrne-Chess Player-Irland-170
30.       Emanuel Swedenb-orgthologian/scientist/philosopher-Sweden-205
31.       Sir Francis Galton-Scientist & doctorBritish-200
32.       Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling-Philosopher-Germany-190
33.       Galileo Galilei-Physicist & astronomer & philosopher-Italy-185
34.       Geena (Virginia) Elizabeth Davis-Actress-USA-140
35.       Georg Friedrich Händel-Composer-Germany-170
36.       George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel-Philosopher-Germany-165
37.       George Berkeley-Philosopher-Ireland-190
38.       George H. Choueiri-A.C.E Leader-Lebanon-195
39.       George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)-Writer-England-160
40.       George Sand (Amantinr Aurore Lucile Dupin)-Writer-France-150
41.       George Walker Bush-President-USA-125
42.       George Washington-President-USA-118
43.       Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz-philospher / scientist / lawyer-Germany-205
44.       Hans Dolph Lundgren-Actor-Sweden-160
45.       Hans Christian Andersen-writer / poet-Denmark-145
46.       Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton-US Politician-USA-140
47.       Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht-President of the Reichsbank / Nazi Officer-Germany-143
48.       Honoré de Balzac (Honore Balzac)-Writer / novelist-France-155
49.       Hugo Grotius (Huig De Groot)-Jurist-Holland-200
50.       Hypatia of Alexandria-Philosopher & mathematician-Alexandria-170
51.       Immanuel Kant-Philosopher-Germany-175
52.       Sir Isaac Newton-Scientist-England-190
53.       Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy-Composer-Germany-165
54.       James Cook-Explorer-England-160
55.       James Watt-Physicist & technician-Scotland-165
56.       James Howard Woods-Actor-USA-180
57.       Jean Marie Auel-Writer-Finland/ America-140
58.       Jodie Foster-Actor-USA-132
59.       Johann Sebastian Bach-Composer-Germany-165
60.       Johann Strauss-Composer-Germany-170
61.       Johannes Kepler-Mathematician, physicist & astronomer-Germany-175
62.       John Adams-President-USA-137
63.       John F. Kennedy-Ex-President-USA-117
64.       John H. Sununu-Chief of Staff for President Bush-USA-180
65.       John Quincy Adams-President-USA-153
66.       John Stuart Mill-Universal Genius-England-200
67.       JohnLocke-Philosopher-England-165
68.       Jola Sigmond-Teacher-Sweden-161
69.       Jonathan Swift-Writer & theologian-England-155
70.       Joseph Haydn-Composer-Austria-160
71.       Joseph Louis Lagrange-Mathematician & astronomer-Italy/France-185
72.       Judith Polgar-Chess player-Hungary-170
73.       Kimovitch Garry Kasparov-Chess player-Russia-190
74.       Leonardo da Vinci-Universal Genius-Italy-220
75.       Lord Byron-Poet & writer-England-180
76.       Louis Napoleon Bonaparte-Emperor-France-145
77.       Ludwig van Beethoven-Composer-Germany-165
78.       Ludwig Wittgenstein-Philosopher-Austria-190
79.       Madame de Stael-Novelist & philosopher-France-180
80.       Madonna-Singer-USA-140
81.       Marilyn vos Savant-Writer-USA-186
82.       Martin Luther-Theorist-Germany-170
83.       Miguel de Cervantes-Writer-Spain-155
84.       Nicolaus Copernicus-Astronomer-Poland-160
85.       Nicole Kidman-Actor-USA-132
86.       Paul Allen-Microsoft cofounder-USA-160
87.       Philip Emeagwali-Mathematician-Nigeria-190
88.       Phillipp Melanchthon-Humanist & theologian-Germany-190
89.       PierreSimon de Laplace-Astronomer & mathematician-France-190
90.       Plato-Philosopher-Greece-170
91.       Ralph Waldo Emerson-Writer-USA-155
92.       Raphael-Artist-Italy-170
93.       Rembrandt van Rijn-Artist-Holland-155
94.       Ren Descartes-Mathematician & philosopher-France-185
95.       Richard Nixon-Ex-President-USA-143
96.       Richard Wagner-Composer-Germany-170
97.       Robert Byrne-Chess Player-Irland-170
98.       Rousseau-Writer-France-150
99.       Sarpi -Councilor & theologian & historian-Italy-195
100.     Shakira-Singer-Colombia-140
101.     Sharon Stone-Actress-USA-154
102.     Sofia Kovalevskaya-Mathematician & writer-Sweden/Russia-170
103.     Stephen W. Hawking-Physicist-England-160
104.     Thomas Chatterton-Poet & writer-England-180
105.     Thomas Jefferson-President-USA-138
106.     Thomas Wolsey-Politician-England-200
107.     Ulysses S. Grant-President-USA-110
108.     Voltaire-Writer-France-190
109.     William Pitt (the Younger)-Politician-England-190
110.     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Composer-Austria-165
111.     APJ Abdul Kalam-Scientist/President-India-147

Bloggers Relation with IQ:-

Normally, millions of bloggers claims that they are more intelligent than common men but when it runs through the various test only a few has the average IQ score. I am not going to say, bloggers have no intelligent factors but they have only g factors which can carry the already stable strategies of mind. Other words we can say that IQ is not a test of knowledge but it is one’s ability to reason and solve complex problems around the universe and humanity. In case of blogging world, it justifies the human needs.
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