111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging

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111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging ! Normally we hear the term IQ among the intellectuals as well as common men too but only a few of us knows the real factor of IQ and measurement strategies of IQ. According to Oxford dictionary, IQ stands for intelligence quotient which is derived from German word Intelligenz-Quotient and coined by philosopher William Stern. There are several method of measuring IQ score available in modern world but normally it is measured by wide variety of methods such viral, visual, mental and many more.
111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging 111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities and Blogging
Normally intellectuals accept IQ’s such a standards and rough of various IQ score ranges. Hence, modern tests give more reliability on IQ scores. But large numbers of experts suggest that other important elements contribute to intelligence, including social and emotional factors for their IQ scores.115 to 129 leads above average; bright, 130 to 144 leads moderately gifted, 145 to 159 leads highly gifted, 160 to 179 leads exceptionally gifted and 180 and up leads profoundly gifted.
IQ provides the intelligent parameter of any person including ability of targeted person. Raymond Cattell theory was most popular IQ measuring tools in past before introducing modern theory likes Raven’s Progressive Matrices,  Wechsler Adult Intelligence ScaleWechsler Intelligence Scale for ChildrenStanford-BinetWoodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities, and Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children. We have done a wide range research on IQ and find out 111 all time top ranked IQ personalities of human civilization.

111 Evergreen Top Ranked IQ Personalities

This list carries the top names in order such way-
Name (First/Last) – Profession- Country- IQ score
1.         Abraham Lincoln-President-USA-128
2.         Adolf Hitler-Nazi leader-Germany-141
3.         Al Gore-Politician-USA-134
4.         Albert Einstein-Physicist-USA-160
5.         Albrecht von Haller-Medical scientist-Switzerland-190
6.         Alexander Pope-Poet & writer-England-180
7.         Sir Andrew J. Wiles-Mathematician-England-170
8.         Andrew Jackson-President-USA-123
9.         Andy Warhol-Pop artist-USA-86
10.       Anthonis van Dyck-Painter-Dutch-155
11.       Antoine Arnauld-Theologian-France-190
12.       Arne Beurling-Mathematician-Sweden-180
13.       Arnold Schwarzenegger-Actor/politician-Austrian-135
14.       Baruch Spinoza-Philosophe-rHolland-175
15.       Benjamin Franklin-Writer, scientist & politician-USA-160
16.       Benjamin Netanyahu-Israeli Prime Minister-Israel-180
17.       Bill Gates-CEO, Microsoft-USA-160
18.       Bill (William) Jefferson Clinton-President-USA-137
19.       Blaise Pascal-Mathematician & religious philosopher-France-195
20.       Bobby Fischer-Chess player-USA-187
21.       Buonarroti Michelangelo-Artist, poet & architectItaly-180
22.       Carl von Linn-Botanist-Sweden-165
23.       Charles Darwin-Naturalist-England-165
24.       Charles Dickens-Writer-England-180
25.       Christopher Michael Langan-Bouncer & scientist & philosopher-USA-195
26.       Sir Clive Sinclair-Inventor-England-159
27.       David Hume-Philosopher & politician-Scotland-180
28.       Dr David Livingstone-Explorer & doctor-Scotland-170
29.       Donald Byrne-Chess Player-Irland-170
30.       Emanuel Swedenb-orgthologian/scientist/philosopher-Sweden-205
31.       Sir Francis Galton-Scientist & doctorBritish-200
32.       Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling-Philosopher-Germany-190
33.       Galileo Galilei-Physicist & astronomer & philosopher-Italy-185
34.       Geena (Virginia) Elizabeth Davis-Actress-USA-140
35.       Georg Friedrich Händel-Composer-Germany-170
36.       George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel-Philosopher-Germany-165
37.       George Berkeley-Philosopher-Ireland-190
38.       George H. Choueiri-A.C.E Leader-Lebanon-195
39.       George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)-Writer-England-160
40.       George Sand (Amantinr Aurore Lucile Dupin)-Writer-France-150
41.       George Walker Bush-President-USA-125
42.       George Washington-President-USA-118
43.       Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz-philospher / scientist / lawyer-Germany-205
44.       Hans Dolph Lundgren-Actor-Sweden-160
45.       Hans Christian Andersen-writer / poet-Denmark-145
46.       Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton-US Politician-USA-140
47.       Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht-President of the Reichsbank / Nazi Officer-Germany-143
48.       Honoré de Balzac (Honore Balzac)-Writer / novelist-France-155
49.       Hugo Grotius (Huig De Groot)-Jurist-Holland-200
50.       Hypatia of Alexandria-Philosopher & mathematician-Alexandria-170
51.       Immanuel Kant-Philosopher-Germany-175
52.       Sir Isaac Newton-Scientist-England-190
53.       Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy-Composer-Germany-165
54.       James Cook-Explorer-England-160
55.       James Watt-Physicist & technician-Scotland-165
56.       James Howard Woods-Actor-USA-180
57.       Jean Marie Auel-Writer-Finland/ America-140
58.       Jodie Foster-Actor-USA-132
59.       Johann Sebastian Bach-Composer-Germany-165
60.       Johann Strauss-Composer-Germany-170
61.       Johannes Kepler-Mathematician, physicist & astronomer-Germany-175
62.       John Adams-President-USA-137
63.       John F. Kennedy-Ex-President-USA-117
64.       John H. Sununu-Chief of Staff for President Bush-USA-180
65.       John Quincy Adams-President-USA-153
66.       John Stuart Mill-Universal Genius-England-200
67.       JohnLocke-Philosopher-England-165
68.       Jola Sigmond-Teacher-Sweden-161
69.       Jonathan Swift-Writer & theologian-England-155
70.       Joseph Haydn-Composer-Austria-160
71.       Joseph Louis Lagrange-Mathematician & astronomer-Italy/France-185
72.       Judith Polgar-Chess player-Hungary-170
73.       Kimovitch Garry Kasparov-Chess player-Russia-190
74.       Leonardo da Vinci-Universal Genius-Italy-220
75.       Lord Byron-Poet & writer-England-180
76.       Louis Napoleon Bonaparte-Emperor-France-145
77.       Ludwig van Beethoven-Composer-Germany-165
78.       Ludwig Wittgenstein-Philosopher-Austria-190
79.       Madame de Stael-Novelist & philosopher-France-180
80.       Madonna-Singer-USA-140
81.       Marilyn vos Savant-Writer-USA-186
82.       Martin Luther-Theorist-Germany-170
83.       Miguel de Cervantes-Writer-Spain-155
84.       Nicolaus Copernicus-Astronomer-Poland-160
85.       Nicole Kidman-Actor-USA-132
86.       Paul Allen-Microsoft cofounder-USA-160
87.       Philip Emeagwali-Mathematician-Nigeria-190
88.       Phillipp Melanchthon-Humanist & theologian-Germany-190
89.       PierreSimon de Laplace-Astronomer & mathematician-France-190
90.       Plato-Philosopher-Greece-170
91.       Ralph Waldo Emerson-Writer-USA-155
92.       Raphael-Artist-Italy-170
93.       Rembrandt van Rijn-Artist-Holland-155
94.       Ren Descartes-Mathematician & philosopher-France-185
95.       Richard Nixon-Ex-President-USA-143
96.       Richard Wagner-Composer-Germany-170
97.       Robert Byrne-Chess Player-Irland-170
98.       Rousseau-Writer-France-150
99.       Sarpi -Councilor & theologian & historian-Italy-195
100.     Shakira-Singer-Colombia-140
101.     Sharon Stone-Actress-USA-154
102.     Sofia Kovalevskaya-Mathematician & writer-Sweden/Russia-170
103.     Stephen W. Hawking-Physicist-England-160
104.     Thomas Chatterton-Poet & writer-England-180
105.     Thomas Jefferson-President-USA-138
106.     Thomas Wolsey-Politician-England-200
107.     Ulysses S. Grant-President-USA-110
108.     Voltaire-Writer-France-190
109.     William Pitt (the Younger)-Politician-England-190
110.     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Composer-Austria-165
111.     APJ Abdul Kalam-Scientist/President-India-147

Bloggers Relation with IQ:-

Normally, millions of bloggers claims that they are more intelligent than common men but when it runs through the various test only a few has the average IQ score. I am not going to say, bloggers have no intelligent factors but they have only g factors which can carry the already stable strategies of mind. Other words we can say that IQ is not a test of knowledge but it is one’s ability to reason and solve complex problems around the universe and humanity. In case of blogging world, it justifies the human needs.
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