Common Factors of Bandwidth are explained by Experts

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Bandwidth is one of the advanced factor for webmasters, bloggers, entrepreneurs and website owners which is directly related with web hosting service. So, we have to understand web hosting before understanding bandwidth. Web hosting is the store of World Wide Web. Web hosting services are providing by data centers those are directly connected with World Wide Web via satellite. Normally, data center are kept under supervision of local administration of their physical status or land law of their location. Data centers are setup by individual(s) or Government undertaking and they offer lease or rental to other customers their spaces (hard drive). Common website owner takes spaces rental from any such space providers as his/her desire and need. There are various type of web hosting services are available in world wide web but most popular type is share hosting service for common/normal users. Other web hosting types are dedicated server, cloud server, VPN server, and many more with a little differ terms and conditions but maximum terms and conditions are similar to each other hosting service providers.

Common Factors of Bandwidth are explained by Experts

Multiple racks of serversMultiple racks of servers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Now we come to the main point of discussion about bandwidth of web hosting service as maximum hosting service providers offer a variety of bandwidth options with their hosting plans. If we want to say about bandwidth in short description, then it will be said that bandwidth is the amount of web traffic (audience) which is allowed to occur between hosted web site and the rest of the internet using amount. As the amount of bandwidth a hosting providing company can provide with their network connections ability and allocated space transmission from authority. Bandwidth allocation also depends on provider’s internal data center and external allocation to public internet service.

World Wide Web Network Connectivity:-

Normally the internet says that a group of millions of computers connected by networks around the globe or else where in the universe. This connection is done by cabling and wi-fi system via modern invention of satellites.  However, cabling and other related equipments determine the availability of bandwidth of any hosting providers. Such as we can say the availability of services 2G, 3G, 4G etc which means the data transferring capability. Here one thing is clear that hosting provider’s have multiple connections and their heavy load aggregate with their dedicated connection to the internet. Normally, they have enough bandwidth to serve their clients and customers.

Web Traffic and Bandwidth:-

Web traffic and bandwidth can be understood with simple analogical term highways and cars. So, it can be said that number of lanes of highways can reduce traffic jam of the road or less cars can travel speedy with out any trouble. Similarly rush hours get more cars on road and automatically traffic jam occurs. Hence, we can say that data transferring bits depends on users load and availability of connection provider’s allocation of aggregate bits.

Web Hosting Server Bandwidth:-

We have already mentioned that Web hosting is store house of data which is connected with World Wide Web. These data are locate with particular URL (universal resource locator), when any internet user inputs that URL on browser query then it will comes to the user’s location computer screen. Number of browser side query and server side response addition (average) is the grand bandwidth of any particular website or web hosting service. Normally, a web page may be very small or large on depending upon the continuing files, text, image videos etc and the amount of total spaces and loading queries control by the bandwidth.

Depending Factors of Bandwidth:-

Bandwidth depends on the amount of stored data and the amount of queries from browsers side. Honestly, bandwidth originally determines by the hosting provider and hosting provider allocates a significant amount of bandwidth for a particular hosting plan.  However, maximum hosting plans have bandwidth requirements and it is measured in each month via stored data and browser side queries along with server responses.

Easy Bandwidth calculation Methods:-

In my view, it is better to calculate bandwidth monthly basis but calculating methods are not straightforward but I can try them short for our readers. Just check out -
1. Daily Visitors (average.) x Page Views (average.) x Page Size (average) x 31 x Fudge Factor (instant)
But this calculation will be wrong if there is file download services available for audience. So it needs bellow method to calculate bandwidth.
2. {Daily Visitors (average.) x Page Views (average.) x Page Size (average) x 31 x Fudge Factor (instant)} + {Daily File Downloads (average) x File Size (average) x 31 x Fudge Factor (instant)}
Normally, these 2 methods cover all the websites and blogs which are running on World Wide Web. However, Hosting service providers offer bandwidth with the measurement of Gigabytes (GB) per month for each and every website or hosting account.

Finally worthless words from author:-

My 12 years of online presence says that normal business (small or middle) business website doesn’t need more than 2 GB bandwidth per month. But heavy websites and blogs need huge amounts of bandwidth to control them.  I had seen this type heavy traffic load on server when I was working in Tata Motors Limited. It is better to calculate business target orientation and then buy any hosting plan with the consideration of allowed bandwidth.
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