10+ Key Factors Need to Know Before Becoming a Blogging Consultant

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I had left my regular job in 2008. It was, in retrospect, something I should have seen coming in my future work strategies. I was managing marketing for a highly seasonal company (Tata Motors Limited) where the AGM didn’t really believe in spending a lot of people resources in their offline and online marketing where are thousands of mangers like mine. Although I had learned a lot about sales and marketing from this world known company those I didn’t know about previously. I was coming from a place where there was little new for me to learn and no real potential for advancement of business and marketing. Regardless, we can get comfortable in a handsome paying job with good benefits and where we like the people we work with for a long period those have intention to become independent in entrepreneurship.
10+ Key Factors Need to Know Before Becoming a Blogging Consultant10+ Key Factors Need to Know Before Becoming a Blogging Consultant

Becoming a Blogging Consultant

Therefore, I was out on my own and thinking what was I going to do for future.  But I was not interested to look for another job. Online marketing jobs are may be good idea to go for further ahead but getting success was certainly far to reach. I had already turned down some great offers from reputed firms and companies due to my ego factors. I had done some consulting on requests from my own relatives and near ones which was spreading slowly but picked right direction. So, I decided to dive in to consulting after a brief period of unemployment and enjoying not going to the office every day for works. I have learned random thoughts and tips which may help others to become a successful blogging consultant.

1. Ease into Consulting:-

First think, you it needs to short list expertise skills and make demo lists for them with a few trail version projects.

2. Maintain working regularity:-

It needs to tricks body and mind into thinking as it is still working a day job which is a pathway of mental preparation of a consultant.

3. Never over-promise:-

It needs to be pessimistic about timelines of skills and creativity. It needs to keep limitation on promises as never want to promise everyone the moon and the stars. Just tell the truths which are possible to reach target orientation.

4. Never overestimate productivity:-

Productivity and creativity are the two parts of a coin in business and marketing. So, it needs to be realistic with own self about how much it can be done.

5. Non stop reachable mania:-

It is most important factor for a consultant such any customer or client can reach easily when ever they want. So, it needs to set timing 24X7 reachable modes. Client support system may increase referral clients.

6. Helping Positive Attitude:-

There are thousands of newbie bloggers come daily but a few of them want to spend bucks from pockets in the edge of starting. So, it needs to help them to understand the method as after they are getting fully involvement on blogging business, it can be charge them easily for premium services.

7. Accept a few small clients:-

Big or bigger clients take same time and patience such a small client takes, so it is better to stay away from small client (if possible). I think, it may not seem like this makes good sense, but it’s true in consultancy market because the client that can only pay a few bucks but the small one has all the same questions, the needs, and the difficulties as the bigger client has.

8. Test clients’ mentality before accept project:-

It is better to accept clients who already know something about his/her works because it needs to report the problems and strategies ideas for further investigation on his /her work. Taking mentality test is tough job for a consultant but it can be done very easily with primary discussion period about the proposed project.
10+ Key Factors Need to Know Before Becoming a Blogging Consultant10+ Key Factors Need to Know Before Becoming a Blogging Consultant

9. Pricing softness: -

Consultancy charge may be the main factor where maximum consultants have failed. So, it is better to research similar services and their charges and try to level approximate equality among them.

10. Admit talents via works:-

It needs to admit own talents with out lie! It is seen that a large number of consultants taking help of paid advertising (PPC/CPA etc) for their services.  Such Some one really good at SEO, doesn’t take PPC work and some one really good at content creation, doesn’t take on a link building contract. Reality will come out very shortly from satisfied clients’ referrals.

11. Non profit Blogging publicity:-

It is most essential to having own blog for introduction, tips and tricks along with main (business) website. It is said that the blog must be non profit which make some effective sense among audiences, those will be potential clients.

12. Influential Social media Profiles:-

Social Media websites have become household name now these days, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and a few more major websites. Hence it needs to create social media profiles with well furnished manner such profiles can bring a few potential clients. But keep in mind that regular relevant updates of social media profiles will be an important cause of influence and interactive.

My views on affairs:-

It is said by experienced consultants that don’t get distracted until establishment. A large number of experienced consultants whom personally known to me with a good client base say that feel first target orientation and go forward for the goal which is waiting. But keep in mind that getting establishment is not simple thing which can get with in a short period. Be patience and struggle with skills and works.  However, I don’t claim to be an expert consultant till although have expressed some tips or advise from my own experience which may be helpful for others.
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