Impartial Legit Review Seoclerks,the micro job start-up

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There are thousands of freelancing job sites available online now these days. Honestly, a few of them are working scam free and legit way for buyers and sellers. We have already reviewed top freelancing job sites in our previous articles. Top freelancing job site review series are continuing and our day’s target is another top reliable freelancing micro job site is Seoclerks.

Impartial Legit Review Seoclerks, the micro job start-up 

This site is really more promising comparing any other similar micro job sites.

What is Seoclerks?

Seoclerks is a micro job web portal for freelancing workers and small business owners. Seoclerks runs by an experienced team of IT professional from the USA in association with Indian counterparts. Available information says that maximum team members have excellent track records as entrepreneurship.

How does Seoclerks work?

Seoclerks is a free market place for buyers and sellers and any one can join the portal from anywhere around the globe. A single account can operate as buyer and seller. Buy and Sale can track by a single click on balance button.It allows buyers and sellers to get start from $1 to $999, so any user can buy or sell any legal product or service between $1 to $999 in Seoclerks.
Payment Method:
There are 2 types of payment methods have been installed – Paypal and Payoneer. Seoclerks allows users to load any amount but minimum withdrawal amount is $15. User level-2 can withdraw $10 and user level-3 can withdraw $5. More interesting feature in the payment system is that users can transfer account balance one account to another account.

Advantages of Seoclerks:

There are some major advantages are found in this site, which is given below-
1. It allows users instant listing and publishing facilities.
2. Buyer and seller can cancel any order mutually.
3. Life time affiliate program which pays 10% of any sale and installing $5 for each referral 
4. Very least little amount based services comparing others.
5. Real Time support team reply.


There is nothing fully perfect in this world. So Seoclerks have a few disadvantages such as payment withdrawal is manual. Auto approval of listing can inspire spammers and cheaters. Account termination method is very strict as per their Terms of Service.

Offer: New Signup /Register users can Avail $5 Free coupon after Contact Purbita Ditecha with own seoclerks user name via seoclerks account.

My affair with Seoclerks:

I have joined the site a few month back but their services have influenced me to write this review. There is no doubt that Seoclerks is a legit micro job portal which pays value to buyers and sellers.
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Advanced IT Talent Problems in Digital World for Business Success

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The IT wave has changed the business and marketing theory of present world. There are thousands of business-savvy IT executives can be seen that they have not got problem with technology related issues due to lack of experience or it may be started to face fresh to fresher daily basis which is growing day by day.
English: Graphic on DOT Digital Transportation...
It was way back in 2003, just after the dot-com bust, I used to write a few articles on weekly for premier corporate magazine in IT column, and I had spent months to covering the technology work-force crisis in corporate world. There after, it along came the dot-com bust with over night waves, and the news was all about the layoffs and identifying the real goats of entrepreneurship in the Internet debacle for struggling factors. As time is passing and the economy is recovered from the bust, it is taken more balanced view of technology hiring either domestic or abroad. Maximum companies are needed good technology people for needs of time and they are willing to recruit them pretty easily or augment their teams offshore with favour of recruiters.

Advanced IT Talent Problems in Digital World for Business

After passing the 2010s, internet become household name around the globe and business and marketing almost become digital with cloud availability, mobility friendly, big data processing and consumers customization. So, it assumes that companies are in need of technology talents than they were in the late 1990s or ago, and those talents are in even shorter supply or long term. It has no doubt that the computer science enrollments are at an all-time low factor till date as baby boomer workers are retiring from their daily jobs and they are taking all of that legacy-systems knowledge with their long experience in Silicon Valley.  Recent survey says that the young, brilliant developers are willing to join more experimental upgrade payroll system or start their new venture with ultra modern technology system.

1. Lack of Willingness:

I have met a large number of bosses from corporate world along with top IT executives during my last 10 years and trying to understand the IT talent problems in corporate world. Just I have seen that there was no magic to solve these IT talent problems in corporate world except WILLINGNESS from both sides. Willingness is the main hanger in this pathway because normally non IT bosses never wants deep root of IT in their business, on the other hand expert IT talent never wants to become the toy of any non IT boss. Challenges come from both sides as IT expert wants to become an entrepreneur and non IT bosses don’t want fully IT depended business where he/she has very little things to do. They do not understand or don’t try to understand the business context of their technology works, even they don’t take it with meaningful discussion in the areas of their technology supports.

2. Lack of rotational program:

It needs to encourage the boss or the head of human resources to work with CIO (Chief Information Officer) and a few other business leaders to build a program that rotates IT people into different functions of the business with willingness of minds. This type program is not easy task because CIO needs to survive a long period with a trusted IT expert who design whole program with successful monitoring feedback. I am sure that It will well be worth the investment in success matters.

3. Lack of business leaders’ Involvement:

A large number of business leaders don’t want to enter in IT sector due to their lack of IT knowledge and never want a deep root of IT in their business. Building a leadership development program for IT is not big deal but it is important factor that how many business leaders earn IT expertness/ willingness for their business executives. It is better to using their interactions for IT necessity to chip away at the long-standing wall for business strategies.

4. Lack of Embedment of IT people:

It may be needed a restructure of the IT organization so that each major business or functional areas have dedicated IT leaders for smooth functioning. These positions and leaders are called Business Relationship Executives as they can handle any department with out puzzle and hardship. It has to know the right track when it walks into a business unit meeting and from the dialogue taking place on there, which cannot easily distinguish the IT person from everyone else.

5. Lack of buddy system users:

It has been mentioned above that an embedded structure may be more useful and helpful to shortlist the IT talent problems. This buddy system can connect all the IT leaders and non IT leaders in one place virtually. Such the head of IT operations can buddy up with the head of business operations and such others operation heads too. They sit in on each other’s meetings with out delay of time and place, get to know each other’s organizations, and learn the major drivers and challenges of each other’s areas of responsibility which can give successful monitoring and feedback. It is said that the buddy system can be used to form an aligned structure of successful business.
Reception Area, Technology Centre, SETsquared,...Inner view of Reception Area, Technology Centre, SETsquared, University of Surrey 

Final Words of the author:

I have never claimed as an IT talent but 10+ years’ experience of IT and corporate world have been taught lots of things and sensitive thoughts of entrepreneurship. In thus ways, it is getting technologists to be better at business and marketing where is computational minds every where and every moments.  Many technologists are drawn to the bits and bytes for new ventures rather than doing jobs with non IT bosses.
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