Top 20+ Off Page SEO activities checklist for bloggers and website owners

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the highest discussed topic for bloggers, website owners and marketers. But it is because it controls the longevity of any website either commercial or non commercial uses. I am clear in one think which is back link as you can say that backlinks are inbound links to a website. In the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the backlink is very important role in the search engine ranking and traffic of your website. Number of backlinks means the popularity or importance of a website is very high. A backlink is process to receive any link from another website. Google PageRank is calculated the backlinks to provide the PageRank for your website or web page. According to PageRank know about the standard of website and also performance of website. Google spam team head Mattcutt is said backlinks is very important for a website ranking and indexing. Search engine calculate website backlink to provide the ranking.

Top 20+ Off Page SEO activities checklist for bloggers and website owners

I am going to share SEO off page activities. It is helpful for the seo work. Create strong one way link for your website to push the ranking in search engine. All are help to push ranking and referral traffic as well as strong back link.

1. Search Engine Submission

Search engine Submission is best process to caching and indexing a website. This process is not use for back link creation. It is apply on fresh and new website. such as google, yahoo

2. Directory Submission

Directory submission is best way to create one way link for website. it is help to improve the ranking in search engine as well as increase the referral traffic. Domz,

3. Classified Submission

Classified submission is important method to publish the ads of product and services. It is help to increase the revenue and referral traffic as well as back link. Basically classified website is not use for back link because time of classified post is maximum 90days.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is great method to index a website in Google. It offers high quality backline instantly with referral visitor.

5. Articles Submission

Article submission is use for create a brand in the market and generate bulk referral traffic. Basicallyarticle submission used for back link generation as well as push ranking in search engine.

6. Press Release submission

Press Release is a type of official news about product or services. It can be help to a make brand in the market. Numbers of users are reading the press release. It can help to push the ranking in search engine via back link.

7. Blog Submission

Blog submission is not official information. It is information about product or service or self. Blog is one of the leading back link generation processes to build one way link via blog submission.

8. Guest Post Submission

Guest post is a type of blog which is offering high PR back link from another website. Guest post is high level work in SEO. First of all to find the blog which is related you’re them and talk to webmaster who is admin of blog.

9. Forum Posting

Forum posting is type of question answer discussion. Forum websites are offering discussion facility of webmaster who is interested to post question and answers. In the process of discussion get one or more than one signature link from forum websites.

10. Comment Posting

Commenting posting is also beneficial work for the seo off page. Blog commenting process is offering no follow back link for website instantly. It is very helpful for ranking purpose.

11. Question & Answers

Question Answers is different type of forum. Question answers websites are not offering the any signature link. It is offering contextual link for help purpose.

12. Social Networking Blog

Social networking is part of social media optimization work. Currently social networking website is offering content posting services for the SEO purpose such as hubepage, linkedin etc.

13. Image Submission

Image submission is part of SMO. It is also offering quality back link for website. currently this process is running in the market for link building and referral traffic.

14. Video Submission

Video submission is the best process to make lead and referral traffic. Google search engine is forcevideo submission work. Such as youtube, dailymotion.

15. PDF Submission

PDF submission is very important part of SEO off page activity list and best one way backlink. PDF submission is used for referral traffic and pushes a ranking in search engine.

16. PPT Submission

PPT submission is very important part of SEO off page activity list and best one way backlink. PPT submission is used for referral traffic and pushes a ranking in search engine.

17. Link Exchanging

Link Exchanging is main part of SEO off page activity. It is more powerful work. Three type of Link Building such as one way, two way and three way link exchange.

18. RSS Submission

RSS submission is very important part of increase direct traffic.

19. Deep Linking

Deep linking is type of directory submission.

20. Pinging

Pinning method is using for website indexing.

21. Business Listing

Business listing is use for create high quality back link.

22. Profile Link Creation

Profile link is very useful process to create easily back link in various high PR websites and blogs.

Final words: If any website owner or blogger has done all the above mentioned steps , his/her website will surely ranked in top of SERPs.
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Avoid load of spam mails by creating unlimited Gmail accounts from a single Google account

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In this fast-paced electronic age most people opt to use multiple email accounts. Whether you need several online identities for the purpose of maintaining privacy while blogging, marketing or you are simply trying to decrease the amount of spam clogging your inbox, the maintenance of multiple accounts is commonplace. While it is easy to set up many, many email accounts, it's not so easy to keep track of them.

Avoid load of spam mails by creating unlimited Gmail accounts from a single Google account

Checking several accounts can take up a lot of time, and if you allow one to remain inactive, receiving hordes of mail only, it will be deactivated. There is an easy way to manage multiple email accounts in a single place, and most people aren't even aware this can be done. You can create unlimited email accounts within your Gmail account.

Here is the video tutorial:

How to create unlimited email addresses using only single Gmail address

Launch Gmail

Launch your browser, then navigate to the Google search page. Click on "Gmail," located on the black menu that stretches across the top of the page.

Create an Account

In the top right-hand corner of the window, click on the red box labeled, "Create an Account."
* a) Enter your name and choose a user name. If you are setting up an account you will be able to use anonymously as well as for personal correspondence, choose a user name that doesn't contain your real name.
* b) Enter a password. For a more secure password, avoid pet and children's names, common dates such as your birthday, anniversary, and never use your social security number. Inserting a special character and a number into a word or phrase is the best way to create a secure password.
* c) Enter your birthday, gender, and phone number. Gmail uses your mobile phone number to provide you with security codes for validation. This is their way of keeping your account more secure when you log in from alternate computers or locations.
* d) Enter an alternate email address. This will provide Gmail a place to send your password in the event that you lose or forget it. It's a good idea to always give a valid alternate email address, even if it's a disposable address you check just occasionally.
* e) Type the verification phrase (if you choose to skip this step you will be required to verify by phone), and your country of origin.
* f) Check the box to agree to terms and conditions. The last check box relates to allowing Google to use your account information for "+1's" as well as ads and content on "non-Google sites." Read about this carefully before checking the box. If you do, Google can track keywords coming in through emails to your account, and other information to target advertising and other information. Click "Next Step."

Creating Your Profile

Depending on the level of privacy you desire, you may want to consider entering limited information in your profile, or skip it altogether. Consider this especially if you will be using the account for multiple email addresses. When you're through, click "Next Step."

Continue to Gmail

On the next window click "Continue to Gmail." You will be taken to your new inbox which already has several emails from Google which contain instructions for using your new mail interface.

Decide Which Emails You Need

It's a good idea to make a list of the additional email personas you will want to use, although you can create more at any time. You may find that writing down your email addresses, linking them to each persona or task, will help you stay organized. For instance, you are a blogger, you love dogs, and you're a wizard in your online game.

Creating Your Alternate Email Addresses

Google Mail has a glitch, whether by accident or design is not clear. Gmail does not recognize full stops in the email address. This means that within the address, before the "@" symbol, you can add dots and plus signs to create additional addresses. For example the Gmail address you just created is umain30@gmail; you can create umain30+indilens@gmail, umain30+blogger@gmail, and Any emails addressed to these additional addresses will be delivered into your umain30@gmail account.
* a) In addition to the use of full stops in the name portion of your email address, Google looks at "Gmail" and "Google mail" as the same thing. So you can use umain30@gmail as well as umain30@googlemail. Both will be delivered into your Inbox, and both can be assigned a label and filtered as described above.

Getting Organized

Gmail has built in filters which will allow you to create a separate label for each email address you create within this account. You can then organize your emails with these labels.
* a) Enter the Settings menu, then click on the "Filters" tab at the top of the page. Click "Create a New Filter" at the bottom of this box.
* b) In the "To" box type one of your alternate email addresses. Skip all the other boxes and click "Create filter with this search."
* c) Check the "Apply the label" box, then click the arrow next to "Choose label." Then click "New label."
* d) Type a label name for this particular email address. For instance, this is for your jsmith+doglover address. Type DogLover. Click "Create." Then click "Create Filter."
* e) Repeat the steps to create a new label and filter for each alternate email address you use.

Although many people find it desirable to maintain several email accounts, the reality of managing all those accounts can be daunting. The problem comes in keeping track of multiple logins, in multiple places, with multiple passwords. Having to log in to each of those accounts on a regular basis is very time consuming. Being able to create unlimited email accounts within a single Gmail account simplifies matters greatly.
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Boom Your Email Marketing with top 10+ Free Services

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We love email marketing here at Perfect BloggersTech and few other popular blogs. It may not be the hippest, hottest method of driving traffic to your business but by gosh it works. However if it’s the early days of your company you may assume that email marketing is something you might do further down the line, once you have grown bigger than a fold up desk in your basement.

Boom Your Email Marketing with top 10+ Free Services

It doesn’t help that social media channels provide immediate gratification and with only a little determination can achieve growth with relative ease and speed. Plus social media channels are hip and hot. Therefore it’s very easy to let email marketing fall by the wayside. However according to Radicati, there are three times more email accounts then there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. 

According to Campaign Monitor open rates for email marketing is generally 20% - 30%. Your marketing message is five times more likely to be seen by email than on Facebook.  Click through rates from email are around 3%, while click through rates on tweets are roughly 0.5%. Therefore you’re six times more likely to get a click through from email than you are from Twitter.

According to our own Bridging the Gap in Email Marketing report email is also the second most trusted channel for customers to share information across. Therefore if you’re collecting data for more accurate targeting, email is the best method other than via your own website. Then again you need something to drive users to your site in the first place.

So there you go, email marketing is the tops. What if you think beautifully designed, responsive email marketing templates are too expensive? Here you go with few features-

1. Campaign Monitor

Mobile ready, with 10 available templates and a super quick template builder.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp offers a free service for sending up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers.

3. Zurb

Zurb has some fantastic and easily adaptable templates, all of which are responsive.

4. Litmus

Litmus is offering seven free email templates, each pre-tested and fully responsive.

5. Email on Acid

Email on Acid provides this free responsive template along with a blog post that explains the process clearly.

6. Pure360

Pure360 has lots of nice, clean looking templates, that are easy to use and includes a Pinterest integrated design.

7. Vertical Response

Offers a free service up to 1,000 contacts and 4,000 emails per month.

8. Active Campaign

An in-house team will design your email with your own branding for free. Although technically this is only available through a paid-plan.

9. Marketing Ship

There are hundreds of templates available here, each one free to adapt on site. You can send them to up to 3,000 contacts.

10. Promothon

Promothon offers more than 30 templates which all work with the major email clients.

11. Benchmark

Easily customisable templates, with decent support and full compatibility with all the major email clients.

For more details on the email marketing get Email Marketing Best Practice Guide, check out 50 epic email marketing blog posts on one handy page and seek out these in your own marketing strategies.
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