Stop Wasting Time in Blogging to Make Money Online Now These days

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It was 2004 when we had started blogging to make money online. There were only very few people were working in that blogging industry from India to make money online. As per available information says that the countable figures from that very had got success in make money online via blogging. I think that the pioneer names are known to all those are still working in blogging industry to make money online. 

Stop Wasting Time in Blogging to Make Money Online Now These days

You heard somewhere that you can make money blogging. It’s something magic: someone said that you can work 4-hour daily, from everywhere in the world, and make lots of money…much more than you could do with a full-time regular job! You dreamed about passive income, and finally you had an easy chance to get it, so you got on the boat: you started your own blog. You worked on it and took information about blogging.

To tell the truth you worked hard on it, and you read everything you could read about it. But, since the beginning, you haven’t earned a lot of money from your blog. You tried everything, but you just get few cents (and maybe not even them).Some time, it is seen that some bloggers earn very few pennies after working 15 to 20 hours daily.

What’s missing?

Traffic? Comments? Tweets or likes? Email subscribers?

No, it’s something more important. Blogging (Alone) to Make Money Online is a Waste of Time. Many people think that they can monetize their blog with ads. Yes, you can do it, and you can even have a decent income with that approach…but do you really want that? To live by blogging ads you need to have a HUGE traffic direct to your blog. You can bring that amount of traffic to your blog, but how much work will it require?
A lot.
Is your hard work worth the prize?
I don’t think.

Life is one and time is extremely precious. Every second you waste will not come back. You want a passive income to enjoy the most of the time you have. It’s a non-sense to waste an enormous amount of time for few cents. Other people think that they can monetize their blog with ebooks.

This a better approach. Much better!

You’ll need a smaller traffic to have a decent income. But, again, your way on a decent income is quite long. Ebooks and ads are 2 of the most used ways to monetize blogs online. Both of them will require a lot of work and maybe you’ll never reach the full-time income with them. You are working hard to get a small amount of money.

Now let’s consider a different approach.

Stop Blogging, You Want an Online Business. Stop thinking to you blog as a blog and start thinking about it as the way to start your business. This is the only way with which you can make a good quantity of money without working like a slave. And it’s the best way to reach the success you desire.
Considering your blog as part of your business will give to your strategies a radical shift:

1. You Work Seriously on Your Business

If you consider your blog just a blog, you will not push yourself to bring it to the next level. You will not write your posts if you don’t want. You will not promote your blog if you don’t want. When you think to your blog as the base of your business, you will force yourself to write posts, promote your blog, write guest posts, reach other bloggers and many more… You take it seriously because you know that you are working on the source of your income.

When I started my first blog in 2004 on platform, I wrote posts and then I published them after a quick review. Now, I write a post (not regular) but take care :
  • I read it carefully
  • I change many elements
  • I try to improve it as much as possible
  • I edit it
  • I publish the ultimate post
I do these because my posts are windows to my business.  If I don’t do the best for you with my posts how could you trust my business? I want to give you my best, so I do my best to my News Portal Indilens and SEO company website Focusa2zThis approach is a key for your online business success.

2. You Invest in Your Online Business

Would someone with a healthy mind invest in blogging?
No way. No one will invest in something that will not give a reasonable return of investment. Instead, if you consider your blog as part of your business, you will invest in it. You know that to start a business you have to afford some costs. It’s ok, because you know that once you get on the right track, you’ll get money from it. To build a solid business with to your blog, you need to invest. Anyway the costs of your blog will be smaller than the ones for an offline business. Do you know that starting an offline business takes from 7000$ to several thousands of dollars?

Well, with a blog you can start your business with less than 1000$ dollars: Web hosting is about 90-120$ dollars per year (with BlueHost). An email software like Aweber (the best one) only costs 194$ per year. A formidable WordPress theme (like Genesis) will only cost 50-100$. Trainings to speed up your blog have various costs…for example, the best guest posting training is only 100$. 

An offline business may take years to cover the initial investment, with an online business, in 6-12 months you start enjoying your work. If you want to make money online, be serious about your business: investments are an essential part. Try to avoid them when it’s possible, but some of them are indispensable.

3. You Work on Different Sources of Income

At the beginning of this post, we talked about ads and ebooks as sources of income.

I’m not contrary to them, but it’s crucial to be smart. Are your ads a support to your income or are they the main source of your income? In the first case, I think it’s ok (even thought it’s not the best strategy). In the second case, you may want to review your priorities. The same applies to your ebooks. Ebooks are great because they are easy to make and easy to sell, but they should be a side strategy. You can get experience and build authority with your ebooks (they are perfect fits as first products), but then pass to “heavy things”.

You have many ways to build the core of your online business income:

  • Courses (live or video)
  • Consulting (1-on-1 or companies consulting)
  • Membership sites
  • Physical products
  • Softwares
  • Seminars or Webinars
  • Audio products

With my first ebook, I made some money from it…but the average earning for first few months was less than 100$. When I launched my first video course, I made 300$ in 10 days!
Do you see the power of these sources of income?  Why should you limit to ebooks and ads? Notice that all the suggestions listed above have a bigger price than ebooks.

4. You Stop Making Silly Things

I did lots of silly things; it’s normal when you don’t understand. When I started my first blog, I published 5 posts per week in the first few months. I saw that “strategy” from other bloggers, so I thought it was the way it had to be. I wish I published half of those posts. I wish I spent the time saved in that way bringing my posts to more people. It was a wrong strategy to publish 5 posts per week. When you think to your blog as a blog you don’t ask yourself key questions.

When you think to your blog as an online business you start asking yourself:
Is this task going to help my business?
Is it worth my time?
Can I do it better?
Is there anyone that can teach it to me?

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Decouvertes 

These questions will help you to find the best strategies to succeed.

5. You Aren’t Afraid to Sell

It’s fun: many people use content marketing to make money with their blogs, but they forget to sell.
The marketing part in content marketing is equally important as the content part.

Some bloggers feel shame to sell their stuff. They think it’s awkward to sell their products explicitly. When you have a business, you know that you have to sell. It’s normal: you have a business to sell something.  If you have something phenomenal to offer, you even feel proud to sell: you know that you are doing a kindness to offer your great services/products.

The best businessmen know that

They think: “My services are so awesome that you should be silly for not buying them”. People perceive that and think: “Wow! Look at him: he’s so proud of his services that they should be phenomenal. I should be silly for not buying them”.

Final views from author: 

The choice between blogging and online business depends on your goals. Are you blogging or are you running an online business with your blog? Let me hear your opinion . Also, if you have any question, I’m here to answer to you.

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