Content Monetization and doubling Google Adsense Revenue in 5 minutes

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Each and every online content publisher hopes to have Google adsense ads on their website or blog and maximum place the same on their website but very few get success with Google Adsense revenue. The first thing most first-time web publishers do once their website goes live is get their AdSense approval and slap on some ads. Then they wait and wait and wait… once the traffic starts rolling in, they see the AdSense revenue dollars reflect in the account, but usually, it’s more drizzle than rain shower.

The simple fact is that AdSense needs a lot of experimentation and optimisation to get the most out of it—in terms of ad size, colour, content, and placement. If you really want to see a big jump in your revenue instead of incremental gains, you have to get hands-on with your AdSense account and make some changes.

By spending as little as 5 minutes a day optimising your account, you can significantly increase your earnings from your existing traffic. Here’s a helpful infographic that contains all the information you need to get started.
Double AdSense revenue

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