Profitable Real Estate Website creation tutorial via infographic

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I have seen face to face internet world for last 15 years but over the past 20 years, the internet has become the most important stream of information that exists for real estate professionals. Honestly, I have created 100+ well established Real Estate Websites in last 15 years. 

How to Build A Real Estate Website

This is where we:
  1. Find our deals
  2. Do our research
  3. Get properties sold
  4. Network with other investors
  5. Find the best service providers
  6. Learn how to improve our businesses
and a lot more…
Considering everything the internet has done for us over the past couple of decades, there is absolutely no reason why a serious real estate professional shouldn’t have at least ONE solid website representing their business.

A well-built website could easily be the most powerful asset you own. Regardless of what your real estate business does. A website is a tool that can:
  1. Build Your Credibility
  2. Position You As An Expert
  3. Represent Your Company Image
  4. Advertise Your Listings
  5. Advertise Your Services
  6. Generate Leads Around The Clock
  7. Reach A Global Audience
  8. Offer Your Business Info To The Public 24/7
  9. Automate Your Communication

Make You Instantly Accessible To Prospects & Customers (without consuming any of your time)
Any single one of these things can have an enormous impact on your business…   and the real kicker is – it’s not expensive. You can literally have any of these things TODAY for less than a couple hundred bucks.

Do You Need A Real Estate Website?

I’ll be honest with you…  do you absolutely need a website for your real estate business?

No – you don’t absolutely need it.

A website won’t solve all your problems BUT, if you want to automate your business, build credibility, provide information to your customers around the clock and make more money in the long run, a great real estate website is an awesome way to do it – and I’m not sure why any serious real estate investors wouldn’t have a website at work in their business (especially considering how easy and inexpensive they are to set up).

I know of a few investors who have never gone through the motions of creating one – but I do think it has things significantly more difficult than they needed to be. It’s really less a question of “Can I live without it?” and more a question of, “What is my business missing out on without it?“

Trust me – a good real estate website is an extremely helpful tool to have at your disposal. That’s why I’m promoting these resources here on the blog, because I know how powerful a good online representation can be for your business (all of my websites have been HUGELY helpful for my buying and selling efforts).

Just one step to your target orientation

Building a website in this industry has been more like participating in an episode of “Fear Factor.” If you’re not careful, your site can become a financial drain and set your online marketing up for imminent failure. But crafty real estate professionals are starting to learn from the rest of the startup world, using clever ways and new technology to spin up and market their websites without breaking the bank. They’re taking advantage of low-cost and free tools combined with creative marketing strategies to dominate online. Take a look at the infographic below and see where you can step up your website game. Let me know what’s working for you in the comments below.

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