Modern methods to Use Social Media Sites in Countries that Block Them?

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Thanks to the Internet we now live in a global village. We can order a pair of American sneakers on eBay and get them delivered to any corner of the world. We have a chance to go live on Facebook and show our friends across the ocean a bungalow on the Maldives where we are having a honeymoon or marvel at Angelina Jolie’s photos on Instagram while being on a trip to Malaysia. Can you imagine your life without Facebook, Instagram, Skype, YouTube and Twitter? Probably not. 

What you might not know is that in some countries the most popular social networking services and video-sharing platforms are banned. For example, you cannot use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in China, Skype is banned in China,Turkey, Oman and even Malaysia. So if you go to work to a Middle East country, enter Chinese language course in China or take a vacation in Turkey, there is a risk to end up without your favourite social media. And that sounds disturbing.

Do not worry. A VPN will save you, no matter where you go and how long you stay there. For one, you can use Overplay.You can find in-depth information about the service by reading an Overplay review. This reliable VPN service will disguise your IP address in such a way that your computer or gadget will be connected with the USA, Japan or any other of the 48 countries of the world where Overplay has their servers. This way you can cheat on the firewall and get access to the desired content online. Our advice is to install Overplay VPN before travelling to a country with limited access to social media platforms. It is easy to use and is highly efficient, fast, reliable and stable. Unlike some other VPN services Overplay will hardly ever lose connection with the Internet. In case something goes wrong, the company offers excellent customer support. It does not cost much and you can order one of the 2 available plans: Smart DNS to access any web-site in the world and Smart DNS + VPN plan which provides the fastest connection an additional security. Overplay is one of highest- rated VPN providers and is really affordable. You can buy a plan for as cheap as $4.95 per month. Do not worry whether or not your device is compatible with the software developed by Overplay as there are solutions for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, OSX and routers. Installing the software is as easy as one two three as there are user-friendly tutorials available.

So choose the tariff plan you need, register your client account, make a payment and check how the service works. In case you dislike something about it, you have two days to make a refund request. But we can assure you – there will be no need for that as you will definitely become one of Overplay’s thousands of happy clients.
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