Make Money: Write Whatsapp Status and Get Paid via WhatsStatus

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Now these days, social media websites become household name as well as daily life style tasks. It is known to all that instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber,Facebook and Hike messenger are popular among all age group of people globally. 

Normally, we talk about any social networking services in internet which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. then the first thing that fascinates us a lot is a social status or bio description of our friends or family’s social profile are connected to each other. Simply we can says that the Facebook profile description, Instagram’s bio, and WhatsApp status are really becoming a stuff one can brag about and those can make any one a celebrity. 

In my view, My Consideration the craziness of the Facebook and WhatsApp status, there is one website named that adds thousands of Whats App status daily via their expert writers which you can use on your other social profiles too under various categories. 

The has written on their about page that they are the largest collection of best, top rated status, users can find and placed them in any website or any where for free! Any one can use these status on your profiles on Facebook, WhatsApp, Myspace and other social sites, which can will make your profile really stand out and score Likes! 

Apart from that, they are also encouraging people to write the WhatsApp status for them as they are paying a specific sum for every approved status daily basis. 

i. Signup to for Free 

ii. Start writing from any where 

iii. First 200 Status (Only Approved Status) Rs 1/Status After 

iv. 200 Status (Only Approved Status) Rs 2/Status.

I want to give a summery review of the functioning of so that you can extract most out of it. As far as the ‘design’ quotient is concerned, the site is very much designed on the theme of WhatsApp status where you can get a feel of WhatApp as the site consists more of green, gray, black color elements. Though the user-interface is simple like any other website and you can easily get the WhatsApp status of your choice on the basis of different emotions.

I would like to recommend this site to all the folks out there who are still confused about what sort of status they should put on their WhatsApp or any other social profile.

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Access VPS Server and Point A Domain To VPS Server

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Here I am going to explain how you can connect to your VPS server using windows remote desktop connection and how to point a domain to VPS server.
1. On your windows computer, click Start button.
2. Click on the All Programs menu.
3. Click on the Accessories menu.
4. Click on the Remote Desktop Connection program.
5. Type in your IP Address of your server in the Computer field.
6. Click on the Connect button
7. Type in your username as Administrator.
8. Type in your Administrator password.

You will now be logged into your VPS server hosting remotely as long as the user credentials match.
This is one of the final steps for successful account migration between servers.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:
Your VPS IP address
Access to Your domain’s management panel
Step 1 — Creating private nameservers

Firstly you will have to access the administration panel of your domain name registrar. If you want to confirm what your registrar is you can always do that via services like This tutorial will use domain name as an example.

Secondly, once logged in to the registrar panel you should look for sections such as: Custom Nameservers, Nameserver Management, Create Nameservers, etc. Inside you should be able to create subdomains ns1, ns2, ns3, etc. and point them to IP addresses. In this case let’s assume that VPS IP address, to which you are pointing the domain, is

After all is set please confirm the change by clicking on any Save, Update or Close button.

Step 2 — Updating your domain’s nameservers

After you have created the private nameservers and specified the IP addresses, you must update nameservers used by your domain so the domain starts pointing to the VPS. Try to look for section names like Update Nameservers, Change Nameservers, etc. inside your domain’s management panel. Once there, just fill in the private nameservers created previously and click on Save or Update button to save the changes.

If any error comes up, you should contact your domain registrar for the assistance.

IMPORTANT! DNS changes could take up to 24 hours to propagate worldwide.

Alternative method - Using A record to point the domain

If you do not want your VPS to serve as DNS server you can just point the domain through A record. Be aware that in such case this change must be done where your nameservers are pointed at (in the authoritative DNS zone). You can check your current nameservers via service like Fill in the domain name and click Report, your nameservers will be listed.

Once you know where your DNS is hosted, login to the DNS management panel. It should be called like DNS Management, Edit DNS Zone, DNS Zone Editor or something in that nature. If you do not know how to proceed with this at all - please contact your DNS provider’s support team for help.

In the DNS manager, you should be able to add or edit A records. Just try to look for the appropriate section and specify your VPS IP address near the A record. Click any button to save or update the DNS.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that you are changing A record for your main domain, usually in DNS editor it is listed as @.

My final words: 

To conclude, you just gained the knowledge how to point a domain to VPS using two methods. In the first one, you created private nameservers, pointed them to your VPS IP and updated your domain’s actual nameservers. The second method was less complicated, you just changed your DNS A record via current DNS zone.
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Why Bloggers Should read the novel The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha

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As an IT professional bloggers have very little time to read books , specially novels , poem etc but honestly my opinion on this matter- " Bloggers must read one novels each month to realize the physical touch of real world." The novel and poem gives some extra ordinary philosophy to our personal lives. So, I highly recommend to read a few books per year. Recently I have read a novel is named as The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha which is available on Amazon.

A good book is one that is simple to understand. It should always be like one is able to relate and visualize the scenes. Nobody likes to read a book with a dictionary (Pun intended). The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha may in the beginning seem like usual story and quite predictable. However, as one proceeds towards the second half of the book, there is complete flip in the story and it will blew one with surprise. That is surely going to be thrilling for every reader. This book talks about a village girl who is not well read as others because she lacked proper education but still, out of all odds she stood high and got selected for one of India’s prestigious services. She was not respected in her society as she was believed to be born out of wedlock. She used to get furious about it at times but then she knows she has her mother who has brought her up superbly well. Her love for her mother and utmost belief in Maa Durga brought her all that she ever wished for. Her biggest wish was to become the world’s First Trillionaire. Of course, we all have heard about billionaires and millionaires but Trillionaire? It is not easy to be one and such a wish from such a person who has no one else to support than her mother became a subject of laughter in her companions. But she was the one who was never disappointed with anything. She still believed that if Maa Durga has planned this for her then she surely will be the First Trillionaire one day. 

But this book is not that simple and is just about girl’s wishes. It is about her life and the difficulties and hardships that she had to face while in service. She thought getting a job would be the end of her and her mother’s worries. But there were bigger problems waiting ahead of her. She got all that was always hers but she was not aware of it. But anyhow her dreams were fulfilled and how she ultimately becomes the world’s first Trillionaire is worth reading.

Why should read The First Trillionaire by the bloggers:
i. Book carries simple life
ii. Corporate world insight 
iii. Pros and cons of technology
iv. Underworld influence in techno world
v. How to become a Trillionaire by chance

The unfolding of story and the characters made out in the story are so involving that one will feel completely consumed while reading the book. After a very long time, I got the opportunity of reading something unique. This book is a great work done by Sapna Jha. Hard to believe it is her debut book because the clarity of thoughts and the words chosen to demonstrate the same is wonderful. 

I recommend this book to all my friends. I hope the way I enjoyed reading it, they also enjoy in the same manner.

Author’s official website:
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