Pros and cons of using presentations for common professionals

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Pros and cons of using presentations
The Powerpoint presentations are used for public speeches. It occurs so often that you may think that you should start using something else to make your performance look great. Most of the people think that they can really prepare a presentation within a few minutes and it will look great. These people are wrong. If you spend a little time on the preparation, your listeners will become angry with you. Because they have spent money and time on you and what you give them back is a boring set of tables and texts.
Reasons not to use presentations
Many office workers use presentations for all kinds of reports and meetings with their clients. And usually, they have to do this so often that they don’t have time for normal preparation. Can it be the reason for not using this kind of visualization? No. There’s a way out. Start using Power Point templates to save time. You can use one template for one type of speech.
How to find out you don’t use the presentation properly? It’s easy. Look into the eyes of the people. Are they looking at you? Are they staring at their gadgets screens? What do you see in their eyes? If you can’t do this because you’re busy with the speech, your presentation will fail. You should always be in touch with the visitors. So the only reason not to use PowerPoint is your personal desire and nothing more.

Reasons to use presentations
Here we will make a list to tell you why you should use this type of software:
  • Indicate the key idea of the speech. It means you don’t have to write a huge text on the screen and show it to people. It means you show only a few words that describe the whole speech. You can use any kind of visuals here, but you should make it easy to understand.
  • Show the plan of your performance. You can make an ordinary list with items or make it look more fun and interesting. You can add more colors, shapes, but do not overdo this.
  • Show connections, reasons, and conclusions. Just imagine the teacher explaining what a triangle is without any visuals. It will be a nonsense.
  • Evoke feelings and emotions. If your presentation cannot evoke anything, you fail. You should use this powerful tool not for manipulation, but for making people trust you and believe in your words.
The bottom line

If you want to make your public speech look and sound great, you should use PowerPoint presentations. You will need to spend enough time on preparing it, testing on different listeners and find the right templates to save your time and money.

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