Benefits for becoming a blogger including make money online strategies

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I don't want to describe any imaginary story but based on my blogging experience for more than 7 years, there are at least 10 ways you can use to make money from blog Indonesia. Here's a description of the ten ways.

Benefits for becoming a blogger:make money online strategies 

1. Installing PPC Ads

Pay per click (PPC) is a money-generating model based on visitors clicks on the ads you post on your blog. The two most popular PPC providers for Indonesian blogs are Google AdSense and KlikSaya.

If you use this way, you do not have to bother looking for advertisers because the PPC providers will provide it for you. What you need after being approved as a PPC provider partner is to increase your visitors and / or optimize the appearance and position of those ads for more money.

The earnings you will receive depend on clicks that are considered valid by PCC providers. The time of payment depends on the provisions of each PCC provider. For example, Google AdSense pays your earnings after 21 days.

The main disadvantage of this method is you have to wait for the minimum amount and or time of payment. While waiting for the payment, you may lose your earnings because your account is disabled. The reasons vary, ranging from invalid clicks to ad positions that do not meet the terms and conditions of PCC providers.

Regardless, a friend of mine (blogger Sumedang) generated over $ 2,000 from Google AdSense. Visitors blog daily above 25,000 unique visitors.
Here are some benefits you can get if you become a blogger:

1. Become a great writer
Honestly, the first time I knew my blog including people who are not so able to write. Just to write one sentence is so difficult.

It is reasonable considering my background was not a bependidikan, only junior high school graduates who are not very clever, still pinteran very neighbor next door.

But since becoming a blogger, Alhamdulillah little by little I started to write smoothly. Although not exactly good, but in my opinion it's been very unusual.

Well if my friend is a person who like to write, then I am sure if my buddy blogging ability to write bud will increase and not impossible can become a great writer.

2. Helping others
Benefits of blogging is also not just for ourselves, because of our blog can also help others with knowledge or knowledge we have.

Nothing else is more fun than blogging in addition to helping others.

3. Building trust on the internet
When we can help others through the blog then we will be given the trust by our blog readers because it has provided useful information for them.

What is the importance of trust?

I'm sure my friend knows if the online world is growing. Everyday internet users are growing and more and more people are starting to expand their business into the online world.

One of the keys to online business success is trust. Well, blogs are a great place to build that trust.

4. Building Network
Another benefit is that we can easily build networks through blogs. If our blog is consistently filled with useful writings in accordance with our expertise, then more and more loyal readers who diligently visit our blog.

If we already have trust and also a vast network on the internet, it will be very easy to grow business on the internet.

5. Make Money
The last of course that blogs can also be a source of income. How to? I will explain in more detail below.

Starting blogging is actually very easy, but most people are confused by themselves.

1. Set goals
Is the purpose of blogging important? Very important. If we do not have a goal then certainly our blog will be unclear where the destination will go, and we also become inconsistent in taking care of our blog.

Blogging takes time, energy, and mind. Do not let everything wasted because it has no clear purpose.

2. Determine the topic
Choose a topic that really buddy interested in accordance with your hobby or expertise buddy. If my friend chose a topic that my friend is not so fond, then my blog will not last long.

3. Choose the blogging service
Lots of services that we can use for blogging, such as , , , and so on. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. But I think is the right choice for my friend. In addition to being free, is very easy to use for beginners.

6. Much more ...
4. Start writing
If my friend already has a blog then the most important is to fill your blog with writing. Begin to write anything you want to write in accordance with the topics you have set.

5. Beautify blog
Things that actually not so important to be done by beginner bloggers but there is no harm if done origin not excessive.

You can change the template or view your blog with a better, install widgets for the more beautiful look, and others. But remember! Do not overdo it as most novice bloggers hooked mutually template or display that ultimately just a waste of time.
2. Follow the Affiliate Program

Affiliates are a money-making model of promoting the products (as well as services) of others. Generally , you do not need to buy the product to become an affiliate . The money you will earn depends on the number of visitors who buy the products you offer on your blog or on your blog subscriber list.

Some examples of affiliates are

Affiliate hosting (eg Hostgator hosting )
Affiliate book or ebook
Affiliate software (eg Long Tail Pro )
Affiliate services
Affiliate goods (eg Lazada )
The main advantages of affiliate is you do not have to bother making products that you want to offer to your blog visitors. You just make a review or display banner products or services. Of course these reviews and banners contain affiliate links that you get from affiliate providers.

As with PPC, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that you do not get the commissions you earn directly. You must wait within the timeframe or the minimum payout threshold specified by each affiliate provider. Your earnings may also be lost because you are considered to be in violation of the terms and conditions of the affiliate provider.

3. Provide Ad Places Mandiri

Self-ad is a way to earn money by providing advertising spots on your blog. Generally, this standalone ad bebentuk banner with a variety of sizes, such as 125 × 125, 300 × 250, 160 × 600, and 780 × 90.

Compared to PCC and affiliates, this is relatively "savory" in terms of payments because money will come in your pocket when your ad is purchased by advertisers. In other words, you do not have to wait and share commissions with PCC or affiliate providers.

It's just that, to earn money from standalone ads, your blog should have many visitors every day. The simple formula, the more visitors, your blog (for example 20 thousand unique visitors a day) is getting "sexy" in the eyes of advertisers because they assume that their ads will be widely seen.

If you're new to standalone ads, the following two articles can help you find advertisers and determine the price of your ad.

4 Smart Tips to Hook Advertisers for Your Blog
How To Determine The Cost Of Banner Advertising On Your Blog
Just for information alone, a friend of mine (blogger Makassar) can generate more than Rp10 million per month from standalone ads. Daily blog visitors reach 100,000 visitors.

4. Sell Your Own Book

You can make money from your blog by selling your books, both printed and digital (eBook) books. Your printed book may be published by a local or national publisher, or published by yourself ( self-publishing ).

On the other hand, if you sell eBooks, you do not have to wait for others to publish your book or spend money to publish it yourself. All you do is convert your book from MS Word to PDF format. The method of payment for the eBook can be by transferring money to your bank account or transferring dollars to your Paypal account.

Whatever the format of the book and its payment methods, the book you want to sell should be of quality so that it helps your readers solve the problem. Of course, you should spend a lot of time researching, writing and editing such helpful books.

Personally, I will use this way to make money from my 3 Indonesian blogs. For Blogodolar, I plan to sell an ebook in early December 2014. Release the book for two other blogs after that month.

5. Provide Services

Illustration of earning money from blogsDo you have any special skills? If yes, you can earn money by offering such expertise on your blog. For example, if you are adept at designing a logo, you can offer logo creation services to your blog visitors.

In addition to logo creation services, services commonly offered by bloggers include:

Blog designing services
Blog creation services
SEO services
Hindi or English article-making services
Translation services
Service typing thesis, thesis, or dissertation
Translation services
Purchase of goods
If your client is without an intermediary, you will earn 100% money from your services. If instead, you must share commissions with your clients' intermediaries.

Regardless of the source of the client, you should show your skills if you want many clients. The trick can be to make posts about your skills or create a platform. If you offer an article-writing service in English, the platform is a list of clients and a collection of your writing in English.

6. Selling Theme or Plugin

To earn money, you can also sell themes or plugins on your blog. You can make your own or pay someone else. The theme models and plugins that bloggers often sell are:

Theme for AdSense, online store, or Amazon affiliate
Plugins for creating responsive tables
The advantage of this way is money directly into your pocket. The downside is you have to invest a lot of money if you use the services of programmers to create your theme or plugin.

7. Doing Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a business model to sell other people's products. Unlike affiliates, the buyer buys other people's products in you. Next, you send the money to the product owner and ask them to deliver the item to the buyer's address.

The money you will earn is the difference between the selling price of the product owner and the selling price you are offering to the buyer. For example, the product price of the voter is Rp 100,000 and you sell it to your blog visitors for Rp 150.000, then your profit is Rp 50 thousand.

Products commonly sold by drop shipping are beauty products, children's toys, pregnancy drugs, weight-loss drugs, and household appliances.

If you find a professional drop shipping company and a good product, you will earn a lot of money and do not disappoint buyers from your blog. In addition, if you integrate it with Facebook and BlackBerry messenger , you will have loyal customers for your drop shipping products .

8. Giving Private Guidance

Guidance private ( private coaching ) is another method of earning money that you can do on your blog Indonesia. If you take this way, you must have certain skills to guide your clients. Expertise will berbading straight with the amount of money you will receive.

As an illustration, I have guided a civil servant in Makassar to create an English blog monetized with Amazon affiliates. For this guidance, the tariff I use is Rp 2.5 million for eight meetings.

9. Provide Membership

Membership is a paid membership program within a certain period of time. The material of the program is not on the blog so it is exclusive to paid members.

The money you will get from this program will enter your pocket every month for a certain period of time (eg 6 months), without waiting or commission sharing (if you do not create an affiliate program).

Unfortunately, if you are a beginner blogger, membership is not the right way for you because you need to have extra expertise . Generally those using this method are successful bloggers, such as those who make $ 5,000 a month from Google AdSense or affiliates.

10. Being a Seminar Speaker

If you are an authority blogger on a particular topic, you can get invited as a speaker at a seminar related to the topic you are discussing on your blog. For example, if you are an authority blogger in the field of self-development, you will be invited as a speaker at seminars around self-development.

The honor you will receive from this way depends on how famous you are. From my experience as a novice speaker, the honor I received was Rp 1 million for an article writing technique quality seminar.

If English becomes your obstacle, you do not hesitate to create an Indonesian blog. There are at least 10 ways you can use to make money from your Indonesian blog.

However, if you are a beginner, you should focus on trying one way first to get the most out of it. After that, you continue by trying other ways so that your source of income more and more.

Regardless, what way has or will you do to make money from your Indonesian blog? Please share your experience in the comments section below.And believe it or not, in addition to what I have written above, there are many other ways that can be done, from a straightforward way to a way that is not true. For buddy who just learned blogging, I'm sure the information I've given above even make confused because too much to choose.

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