Logo & Graphic Design Matters for Bloggers and Marketers in 2019

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Gathering graphic design ideas for your business might seem overwhelming. There’s so much good design out there but there’s also a lot of bad design.

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How do you sift through it all and find graphic design ideas that will work for your business’s logo, website, social media accounts and email marketing campaigns?
We’re about to give you some insider tips and tricks that will make your life much easier when it comes to graphic design ideas for your brand!

Logo Graphic Design Ideas

You may have neglected creating a logo for your business or maybe you have one but you’re looking for an upgrade.
Whatever the reason, you are in need of some graphic design help. We’re here to give you some graphic design ideas and inspiration from the pros.
Before we get started with graphic design ideas for your logo, let’s go through some basic tips for designing your logo.
  • Start with a black and white design. This will allow you to focus on the details. If you can grab someone’s attention with black and white, then imagine what adding color will do!
  • You will want to create your logo so that there are several different versions of it. If you are using full color that’s great, but you will also need your logo on a grayscale.
For example, if you put your dark logo in the footer of your website which happens to be black, you will need a completely white version of your logo.
  • Think about what your brand stands for and what you want to communicate with your audience. This should come through in your logo. If it doesn’t, it’s back to square one.
  • Choose your font wisely. A serif font gives a professional and sophisticated feel whereas a sans-serif font is more playful. Mixing fonts can be fun too, but we recommend using a maximum of two fonts.
  • Make your logo memorable! Brand recognition is key when marketing your products or services and it all starts with your logo. Brands put their logos on websites, social media pages, and promotional products.
Since your logo will literally go everywhere, make sure that people remember it.
  • Sometimes the best logo is simple. If you are trying to incorporate color, graphics, fonts and objects, take a step back and reevaluate. Decide what is most important to your brand. You don’t want your logo to be too busy or distract from your purpose.

Letter Based Logos

There are more than 26 variations to a single letter logo design. You can experiment with different fonts, adding color and shapes, shadows, lines and more!
Logos that only have a single letter as their main component can be easily recognized and become famous over time. Take the McDonald’s M for example.
It’s more than just a letter. It stands for the iconic golden arches that were modeled after the restaurant architecture. If you were to show someone today a golden letter M they would more than likely associate it with the McDonald’s brand.
If you’d like to associate your business with a single letter, ensure that it makes sense for your brand. Your letter doesn’t have to be plain, you can add other elements to make it more appealing.
Take this logo for example. Its main letter is a B but includes an arrow that shows movement and makes the logo more interesting.
graphic design ideas
Pro Tip: When creating a letter based logo think about the goals of your business and what feelings you want to evoke from your customers when they think about your company.

Wordmarks – Text Based Logos

Logos that just include text are incredibly popular. Did you know Coca-Cola’s logo is just a fancy font that was hand drawn?
By now it has turned into a famous script that has had a few tweaks over the years but has stayed true to the classic font that people recognize worldwide.
For this type of logo you can create your own text or use one of the millions of possibilities that other people have created. If you think that there isn’t much you can do to make your text logo stand out, think again.
You can vary the colors, fonts and sizes of your letters or use different font sizes to make certain words stand out. Add in color to separate your text or make a color block.
If all else fails keep it simple. Take Google for example.
Their logo is simply text with various iconic colors. One thing you can learn from this logo design is that it’s okay to make updates as design trends change.

If Google was still using their logo from 1997, you can bet the company wouldn’t be as popular as it is today.  Google logo graphic design Distorting Text

You do not have to have a separate graphic to have a logo, you can insert it right into your text. Even adding the smallest shape to your text can create a new shape or graphic.
Look at the logo below. Without the addition of a small triangle below the i and l in pencil, it’s just text. But adding this small element of a triangle creates the shape of a pencil within the word.
logo graphic design
This logo is simple and colorless, but you can bet your customers will remember it! The slightest change to a letter can add a graphic element to your otherwise plain text.
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